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If you are teaching economics to first graders, this is the game for you! Relaying Goods and Services will not only help students understand economics in our world but also give them lots of physical activity! This relay game helps students demonstrate the differences between a good and service an
This worksheet will help students practice reading a recipe. It can also be used as a pre-assessment at the start of a unit, or as a post-assessment to gauge understanding. Students will be able to read a recipe, extract important information from the ingredient lists and procedural steps, as well a
This is a quiz on Consumers and Producers. Students are asked to list needs and wants, identify if things are goods or services, and explain the terms producer and consumer. It is presented in an easy to read format for second grade.
Included in this download you will find 7 differentiated activities that you can give your students to choose from as a review of basic child development concepts. I used these in my Personal & Family Development classroom with great success. The students loved choosing their own activity! Ea
Together, this CPR Unit and First Aid Unit includes:*2 Powerpoints (CPR, Choking and First Aid-both in Keynote and Powerpoint formats)*2 Class note packets following along with each Powerpoint presentation*4 class activities (2 situation/role play scenarios & 2 fun group presentations)*2 separat
Complete unit for using the film "Super Size Me" in just about any type of class, though it was developed for a high school English course. Includes study guides, quizzes, and complete handouts and worksheets for a group project done by the students where they create their own marketing campaign mo
Introduction to food and kitchen safety Powerpoint. Vocab and definitions throughout, as well as the 4 steps to "Fight BAC": Clean, Chill, Cook, Separate. Also an article, "School Dance Disasater" about a student who makes many food/kitchen safety mistakes when making food for the school dance and g
This breakaway lesson is designed to test your students' knowledge of accurate kitchen measurement. The lesson includes all necessary printables to set up a breakaway lesson for up to 6 groups. Toolboxes, 4 digit resettable locks, keyed lock, notecard boxes, and mini envelopes are not included. Some
Included in this download you will find 7 differentiated activities that you can give your students to choose from as a review of the content learned while studying 1 to 3 year olds. I used these in my Child Development classroom with great success. The students loved choosing their own activity!
This is another template to collect data / assess and evaluate students' performance in the foods lab. This template is in an Excel format so you can have a master copy for your students' names and change and edit as you go. The categories for assessment are: Prepared Organization Product C
Purpose: Introduce students to the concepts and purpose behind a properly ran meeting using Robert’s Rules of Order. Once students have completed the unit they will be able to properly run a meeting, know their rights as members, and be able to actively participate as a member and make motions. T
A MUST for all FACS teachers! This breakaway lesson covers basic kitchen lab safety. The best part about this breakaway...it can be used as an introduction to safety (you run the lesson before instruction and allow students to use classroom resources), or it can be used as a formative assessment af
Are you teaching middle school and high school financial literacy students about checking accounts, savings account, certificates of deposits and comparing banks? This lesson will let students learn the inside scoop on banking and learn financial literacy at the same time. They will learn the basi
Get Your Students Ready to Cook! There is a lot of content in this purchase! This bundle includes resources of kitchen and food safety, measuring, abbreviations, reducing and doubling a recipe, tools and equivalents, test review, and a test. Resources can be used as print or digital. There is a bon
Let students go shopping and figure grocery prices with these slides sorted by: Breads/Cheeses Fruits Fast Foods Meats Vegetables Desserts Students fill their baskets with foods, plan meals, and figure prices. Uses addition, decimals, and multiplication facts. Includes food pyramid with daily serv
A must have for all FACS teachers who teach prenatal and child development! This lesson is designed to test your students' knowledge of prenatal and postpartum development. Included in this digital download are all the necessary printables and instructions needed to set up an escape/breakout lesson
Along with learning about the different stages of cognitive development created by Jean Piaget, students will have to find a toy that coincides with each stage. They are to create an advertisement that shows parents what stage the toy works for, the age range, the cognitive task that the toy is hel
Use this short matching quiz to check for student's understanding of various pieces of sewing equipment. Answer key included.
This is a great unit/activity for kids! They love this unit and they are so proud of their creations! This bundle consists of sewing guidelines, directions for a hand sewing project, practice sheets, rubric, the history of sewing, tools and notions, and project examples.Resource Information Includes
Sugar Shock! In this eye-opening middle school or high school lesson, you and your students will be stunned by the shocking facts about sugar presented here! This lesson shows students how to convert grams to actual TEASPOONS of sugar- giving them a chance to measure out the sugar in the products t
This set includes a 30 question test (20 photos of equipment to identify, and 10 short answer), and an answer key. ***I would love to hear from you! Please consider rating my resources. Thank you!***
This food truck project could be used in Culinary Arts classes as a final project. Students are asked to review marketing strategies, menu production, food costing, and design skills.
A quick worksheet with scenarios students can use to write out deposit slips. This worksheet DOES NOT come with the deposit slips because I prefer to give students real slip from local banks. If you don't have time to do this, you can google image deposit slips and print them for free.
A must have for all FACS teachers! This lesson is designed to test your students' knowledge of accurate kitchen measurement, recipe conversion, and measurement equivalents, as well as their ability to prepare food while following a recipe. The mystery lab leads them to preparing NO BAKE COOKIES! Inc

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