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Animal Adaptations, Food Chains and Habitats Vocabulary, Activities, Assessments and Games: fun and engaging resources to build and supplement your Animals Unit!Vocabulary Cards – use as a word wall, matching game, sorting activity, flashcards or a fun "Quiz, Quiz, Trade" game. The cards include 27
With this four seasons resource, students will learn about the seasons through a large variety of engaging activities. Seasons activities included:- 9 Cut and paste sorting activities for practice with identifying seasonal images. - 2 Drawing pages for describing the seasons- 2 Writing pages for de
This package contains a variety of handouts, worksheets, a lesson idea, and an activity to help teach students map skills such as scale, cardinal and intermediate directions, types of maps (planimetric, thematic, topographic), and basic map elements (legend, title etc.) Contents Welcome Teaching Gu
This 44 page bundle has everything you need to teach and assess your students on the three types of rocks and the rock cycle! The activities focus on sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rock - characteristics, how they are formed, where they can be found, and much, much more! Not only are ALL of
This is a 12 page packet on acquired and inherited traits. This packet contains the following: Study Guide A Sort Activity 9 Question Quiz Answer Key for Quiz Foldable *3 Different Versions* This is a great supplement to any science textbook and provides that extra instruction needed to do well
The Scientific Method can be a challenging process for younger students, so why not make it as fun and interesting as possible? With this pack you can do just that! Not only will you be teaching students the steps of the scientific method but you will be doing with materials that are rich with vocab
This is a 14 page freebie to help you teach, review, and assess potential and kinetic energy.This packet contains the following:12 Question Assessment with Answer Key2 page Study GuidePlan Your Own Roller Coaster Activity6 Different PostersThis is a great supplement to any science textbook and provi
This short assessment could be used as a quiz or activity sheet to determine if a student has a good understanding of physical vs. behavioral adaptations. The sort is great for interactive notebooks or just as a formative assessment to see how the students are doing on classifying adaptations. Thi
DIGITAL AND PRINT: Here are two assessments for grading a science experiment. The first science rubric may be used by the teacher to assess the students' skills in identifying the hypothesis, following the procedures, collecting data, using materials, and accuracy of results. The assessment is on
Matter and its properties are investigated through the use of a mystery mixture and its properties. Students must test and decide whether this mixture ( like the famous oobleck) is a solid or a liquid. Detailed instructions for the teacher, scoring rubrics and teacher back ground is included as wel
This is a flexible unit that includes a variety of activities and lessons from which you can pick and choose your favourite parts. It is based on the Ontario Curriculum Expectations in Grade 1 Science. Contents: Day and Night Seasons Adapting to Change Weather Review “My Favourite Season” Writing
This is FREE reviews Earth's internal structure and changes to Earth's surface (mountains, volcanoes, earthquakes) This packet contains the following: 13 Question Assessment with Answer Key 2 page Study Guide Play Doh Earth's Internal Structure Activity (Teacher Directions and Student Handout) Grah
This Animal Adaptations: Physical Vs. Behavioral Presentation is intended to help you explain the difference between physical and behavioral adaptations, and to provide examples of each. There are also review questions at the end that can be done as a class to review what they learned.Presentation
Great for distance learning! This Animal Adaptations: Inherited vs. Acquired (Learned) Presentation is intended to help you explain the difference between inherited and acquired traits and adaptations, and to provide examples of each. There are also review questions at the end that can be done as a
These tests are aligned with the 5th Grade Georgia Standards of Excellence: S5P1S5P2S5P3S5L1S5L2S5L3S5L4S5E1NOTE: With the introduction of the new Georgia Standards of Excellence, these study guides and tests only address the content needed to apply the science standards.There are 6 study guides and
Magnet Unit Mini-book. Small fold and cut book to go along with a magnet unit. Students fill in the answers on each page, and label the book with their name. Talks about how magnets attract, repel, what kinds of objects attract and do not attract magnets, and magnetic poles. Answer key is included.
These are quizzes made for Florida Science Fusion Units 2, 3, 4, and 5. The Science Fusion "work texts" are colorful and more user-friendly for children, but it can be difficult to find ways to assess students' comprehension of the concepts covered. So I created these printables. Unit 2 - Space Uni
This document includes the following:Energy circle map• I use this handout to introduce my lesson on energy. It is a great way to get your students to record their prior knowledge on energy. When I use this handout in my class, I time my students for 1 minute, and during that 1 minute they must writ
Product Description: Day and Night Sky unit for lower elementary that included lesson plans, activities, vocabulary cards, poster, writing prompts, extension activities, and much more. Lesson plans are laid out in an easy to understand format with assignments for each day along with extra activities
Want a fun way for students to practice genotype, phenotype, and Punnett Squares? I have created this super fun and engaging activity where students create alien parents and an offspring. When you purchase this activity, you will receive the following components: *Introduction page *Phase 1 - Pare
PLEASE NOTE: All of my packets are EXPANDING PACKETS which means that any purchaser will receive ALL NEW CHANGES AND ADDITIONS FOR FREE when the file is updated!Various materials needed to support lessons on Animals that support the 1st Grade Next Generation Science Standards LS1 and LS3.Activity sh
Product DescriptionScience Sub Plans for Secondary Science contains 20 Science related articles with comprehension questions. In addition, 22 Coordinate Graphing Pictures for the students to complete after they finish the article! Enough material to cover each science class you may have in your sche
- USA maps were included and blank timelines for the children to fill out as they learn more! :) This is an 80 page packet that centers around three famous inventors; Garrett Morgan (traffic light), Alexander Graham Bell (telephone), and Thomas Edison (light bulb). Each inventor has a comprehen
This is a fill-in-the-blank book about the life cycle of a mealworm or darkling beetle. Teachers can use it as an assessment to test students' knowledge of mealworm vocabulary or use it as a whole class activity. An answer key is included on the last page. I used it with my FOSS: Insects and Plants

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