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This is a survey project that is aligned to the 6th and 7th Grade Common Core (6.SP.1 to 6.SP.5 and 7.SP.1 to 7.SP.4). Students survey a random sample and then calculate the mean, median, range, and mode of the data. They also must create different data displays such as histograms and box and whiske
Your entire graphing unit for a year!►► Separate folders featuring both British English and American spellings and terminology included.**********************************************************************Great quality and value for this whopping 575 + page unit on graphing! The unit features inter
If you need to prepare your students for a standardized test based on the Common Core, this “crash course” is exactly what you need! Organized by standard and easy to use, just print and let the reviewing begin! What's Included?This download consists of 10 “crash course” reviews with explanations a
With this data and graphing project, students will formulate a question, conduct a survey, collect and interpret data and present the data on a variety of graphs. Students will also calculate the data landmarks for their data set. Perfect project for 4th, 5th and 6th grade students to collect data
This pack contains maths assessment pages directly linking each of the content descriptions and the achievement standard of the Year 2 Australian Curriculum for Mathematics. There are 2 assessment pages for each content description with matching standard statements for; Number and Algebra Strand M
**Aligns to VA SOL 3.18** **Download preview to see examples from pack** This pack includes the following to supplement your probability unit: -Vocabulary Cards for: Certain, Likely, Equally Likely, Unlikely, Impossible -Study Guide -Interactive notes for: Introduction to Probability Vocabulary, Pr
Statistics and Probability unit for grade 8 includes: interactive notebook pages, enter/exit tickets, task cards, activities, worksheets and assessments to teach the following 8th grade math standards: 8.SP.1 - Scatter plots 8.SP.2 - Trend lines 8.SP.3 - Interpreting linear models 8.SP.4 - Two-way
This Interpreting Line Plots Quiz aligns perfectly to Common Core State Standard 5.MD.2. Students are asked to interpret a line plot including fractional amounts. A line plot is a graph that shows frequency in data along a number line. What's Included? ✔Version A, 10 Multiple Choice Questions✔Vers
This pack contains maths assessment pages directly linking each of the content descriptions and the achievement standard of the Year 1 Australian Curriculum for Mathematics. There are 2 assessment pages for each content description with matching standard statements for; Number and Algebra Strand M
The Correlation vs. Causation Talking Points includes task cards, prompts to incorporate discussion, and an assessment. The task cards and assessment have answer keys attached with brief explanations. There are 15 task cards where students can work individually, pairs, or small groups identifying
This is a great activity for practicing the skills of interpreting bar graphs and calculating Mean, Median, Mode, and Range! Students will pull data from the triple bar graph in order to calculate the central tendencies. Practice sheet and answer key are included. Please respect my copyright. Bar
This probability activity is a fantastic way to get students moving and reviewing. This product offers:* 30 cards that require students to decide if events are certain, likely, as likely as not, unlikely, or impossible. They will find the probability of events, and will express probabilities as frac
This workbook (in pdf format) includes worksheets, activities and assessments that are aligned with common core domain 6.SP and include the following concepts: mean, median and mode inter-quartile range range creating and interpreting box and whisker plots creating and interpreting stem and leaf pl
Your Choice!!! Formal Assessment, Worksheets, or Task Cards Questions are aligned precisely to the common core math standard. Each page contains at least 4 questions for each of the 8 common core math standards in THREE different formats. This assessment is a SUBSET of my Common Core Assessment
Footloose task cards are a great way to get students moving while reviewing! Students solve each of the 30 problems and record their answers in the corresponding boxes on their Footloose grids.16 activities are included in this bundle, with 17 sets of cards (Factors and GCF has 2 sets):Algebraic Exp
In this box and whisker plots color by number, students answer 20 questions using 3 different box and whisker plots. Questions ask students to identify: * first quartile * third quartile * interquartile range * rang
This 25 question quiz assess student's understanding of box and whisker plots. Questions are asked about median, IQR, range, lower extreme, upper extreme, and more. Students are also tasked with finding the median of several data sets as well as determining the five number summary of a data set.
Bring graphing and statistics to life! At the end of this project students will have been involved in the process from the beginning of data collection by designing what data will be collected and how, to the very end with interpreting and displaying the data they collected. I have left this as a
I've combined many documents in this Grade 6 Statistics Bundle.The Bundle Includes over 120 pages of documents and a 29 page Statistics Jeopardy Review Game that can be played on the Smart Board! The bundle includes: 1. Vocabulary List 2. Vocabulary Activities 3. Scope and Sequences 4. Class Worksh
This resource includes a probability unit test and study guide for a compound and conditional probability unit.The editable versions are PowerPoints where you can edit text as needed. Topics covered:Set theory (sample space, union, intersection, complement, Venn diagrams)Outcomes and basic probabili
This fun activity on Combinations, Permutations, and Counting can be used for Algebra or Statistics. It engages your students while reinforcing the concepts of permutations, combinations, and counting principles. The different types of problems are placed randomly in the maze so that students must
This lesson unit is intended to help you assess how well students are able to understand that statistics can be used to gain information about a population by examining a sample of the population; generalizations about a population from a sample are valid only if the sample is representative of that
TEKS and STAAR Aligned Test-Prep Practice: This document includes 2 assessments over Grade 7 Probability TEKS 7.6A 7.6C 7.6D 7.6E 7.6H 7.6I. These 10 question assessments could be used as a Pre-Post Tests, Review, Practice, RTI, Intervention and STAAR Test Practice!*This resource is also available i
Practice makes progress, right? Each of the included Practice Sheet for standards (some broken down into separate parts depending on skill) for Statistics and Probability in 6th Grade are easy to use and implement for extra practice, homework or even a quick assessment.This Download includes:→ 6 Pra

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