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During my first year of teaching, I realized that some very bright kids didn't want to do the work I was assigning. Some of them went out of their way to do exactly the opposite of what I was trying to require. I understood those kids, and I felt
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Here is everything you or your high school jazz band needs to delve into the world of Intermediate to ADVANCED Jazz Theory. Notes from Miami lectures with world renowned musicians, the modes fully transcribed in all keys, exotic scales, scales from
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You will want this product if: 1) You are musician that already has years of training, but would like a challenge 2) You would like to challenge your best high school jazz students with University level Jazz Theory 3) You would like all of the
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Here is a beginner-Intermediate Introduction course in big band arranging - Ideal for a high school unit and/or to co-incide with a high school big band to fullfill the arranging requirements. Help your students understand their instruments with
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Besides the $avings on this 4-pack, these 4 books are a must read for every parent AND adult child that is approaching- or is in the midst of an estrangement arrangement. Coping strategies, getting support, exploring options to life choices, and all
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I was the go-to Creative Writing teacher at my school. When my wife needed an assignment that was a bit more creative, she'd come to me. When other teachers at my school wanted to change things up a bit in their classes, they'd steal one of my
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