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4.NF.3 & 4.NF.4 Assessments: Add, Subtract, & Multiply Fractions
This resource includes 2 assessments - one for each standard. (6 pages total) 4.NF.3: Add & Subtract Fractions; Improper Fractions, Mixed Numbers - 1 page review sheet - 2 page assessment 4.NF.4: Multiply Fractions by a whole number, fraction, and mixed number - 1 page review sheet - 2 pa

Get this as part of a bundle: 4.NF.3 & 4.NF.4 Bundle: Add, Subtract, & Multiply Fractions and Mixed Numbers

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30 Common Core ** 4th Grade** Math Timed Tests (assessments or test prep)
30 Math Timed Test designed specifically to meet the 4th grade Common Core Standards. Use daily for the entire school year. Designed to progress through the Common Core Standards. Quick daily timed tests are also great for homework. Build student confidence and math skills easily as students are sel
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Common Core Math Assessments for Second Grade
This Common Core Math Assessment packet for 2nd grade includes at least 2 assessments for every common core math standard. Also included is kid-friendly posters for each standard and a simple black and white standard page description along with a checklist.
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Math Exit Slips 4th Grade BUNDLE
Don't wait for the big test to figure out who doesn't get it! Get this HUGE BUNDLE of math exit slip resources that you can use to quickly assess your students and know immediately who has it and who doesn't. Math exit slips are a MUST in every best practice classroom! This Math Exit Slip 4th Gra
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NWEA MAP Math Cumulative Review (Grades 2-3)
This is a created MAP cumulative review packet that can be utilized to gain insight on student achievement levels. The packet is segmented into five math domains (algebra, number sense, measurement, data analysis, and geometry). The questions in each section start at NWEA's 2nd grade RIT band and
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5th Grade Math Quiz Bundle
Algebra, order of operations, 5th grade, math, quiz, quizzes, Common Core, Georgia Standards of Excellence, GSE, multiplication, division, whole numbers, 5.OA.1, 5.OA.2, 5.NBT.1, 5.NBT.2, 5.NBT.5, 5.NBT.6, decimals, adding, subtracting, addition, subtraction, name tag centers, review, 5.NBT.1, 5.NBT
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28 Math Assessments 3rd Grade CCSS Test Prep - All Standards
This is a set of 28 CCSS aligned math assessments that could be used for test prep or for assessment of each of the 3rd grade math standards. Each 10 question test covers one standard. You may also be interested in our other 3rd grade math products. 3rd Grade Times Tests 3rd Grade Word Problems
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Math Tests 3rd Grade
This set has 12 formative assessments that align perfectly to the common core standards for third grade. There are assessments that cover each math standard in third grade. Test in This Bundle Cover • 5 Operations and Algebraic Thinking Tests: OA.1-9 • 1 Numbers in Base Ten Test: NBT.1-3 • 4 Measu
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100 Days to the FSA - (Part 2 - Days 51-75)
This is daily math work to prepare 3rd grade students for the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA). The work in this document is based on the Grade 3 Mathematics Item Specifications. Each standard is addressed for 5 full days with the 5th day mean to be an assessment of knowledge for that standard. It
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Fractions, Decimals, and Percents (Bundled Unit)
This is a fun, interactive, and interesting bundled unit that covers converting between fractions, decimals, and percents. Included in this bundled unit: PowerPoint: Animated and fun 5-part, 33-slide PowerPoint (multi-day use) -Introduction – Introduces learners to the commonalities between fra
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Divisibility Rules - Poetry, Worksheets, Keys, and Mastery Tests
Divisibility rules, or divisibility tests, have a wide range of applications in mathematics (finding factors, determining prime vs. composite, simplifying fractions, probability, etc.), but are often underemphasized in the classroom or not explored in enough detail for students to retain and use the
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3rd Grade Math STAAR Test Prep BUNDLE ~ALL TEKS Included & Common Core Alignment
3rd Grade Test Prep-Practice Bundle! All TEKS included and Common Core alignment. Looking for multi-step standardized formatted practice assessments? These assessments could be used as review, practice, mini assessments, state test practice, and small group! Great for RTI! Processing Standards are
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Free Equivalent Fractions on a Number Line
A ten question equivalent fractions on a number line assessment directly aligned to third grade Common Core Standards. Written responses questions are included to push students to a higher level of thinking and explain their thinking. This can be used as an assessment, homework, or independent pract
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5th Grade Math Common Core Mini Assessments
About this resource : This 5th Grade Math resource contains a one page assessment for EACH common core standard. A total of 33 assessments are included, each containing 5 to 8 questions. Great to use as homework, a quiz or review before testing! Available in the following bundle(s) : ★ 5th Grad
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Math Assessments 3rd Grade - ALL Standards
3rd Grade Math Assessments Do you like to give a weekly quiz to see how your students are doing with the Common Core math standards? Do you need a way to gather data to help you adjust your small groups? Do you need grades for each standard for your standards-based report cards? Then this pack is
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6th Grade Math STAAR BUNDLE ~ 20 Assessments - 200 Questions TEKS Aligned
Looking for multi-step standardized formatted assessments? This Bundle includes all of my 6th Grade Math STAAR Test Practice Assessments. There are 20 assessments, 200 questions in all, that cover all the 6th grade TEKS! These assessments could be used as pre-post testing, quizzes, review, practice
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