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Results for biology

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Cell Building Biology Game

Created by
Genius Games
In this game, players compete to build organelles (the building blocks of a cell) by utilizing the macro-molecules (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids) and energy (in the form of ATP) made available throughout the game. This is a fun and exciting way to diffuse a lot of the intimidation behind all the crazy words used in basic biology, and gain a bit of familiarization with the four major macro-molecules and seven of the major organelles that make up a cell – and ultimately all

Plant Parts Domino Puzzle - Biology Puzzle

Use this Domino Puzzle to help students review the parts of plants and their definitions and functions. Cut out the 12 game pieces. Students will begin with the domino piece labeled with “Start” and find the piece that has the definition to match with each term until the “Finish” piece is used. All pieces are used and the solution is included (note the shape will change depending on the student, but the order will always be the same). The terms defined in this puzzle are:phloem, xylem, latera

Cumulative Biology Review Game

This product is designed to be used as a review game in a biology classroom, inspired by the popular TV game show "Password." This cumulative game includes vocabulary from the entire year of biology curriculum and is editable so that you can customize it perfectly for your classroom.Includes: 2 slides with implementation suggestions100 editable slides with key biology termsA timer, in presentation mode, to enhance the gameWhy should I use this product in my classroom?I love to use this product

First Day of School Activity: The Biology Line Game

As an introvert, I find icebreakers to be cringe-worthy and awkward, and I know that many of my students feel the same! I wanted to create an activity to use within the first few days of school that would allow students to move and interact with each other while kicking off the year in a meaningful way. The Biology Line Game entails asking students a variety of both light-hearted and serious questions related to biology content (everything from “Who likes apple pie?” to “Who knows someone affect


Created by
Solomon Science
This is a great review game for basic or advanced biology classes! Students fill in a blank BINGO card with terms from a word bank. The teacher then uses the provided sheets to give clues for each term. Students not only have to recognize the clue for a given term, they also have to have chosen a term for their game board. This game helps students review 36 vocabulary words/terms from a DNA & Protein Synthesis unit! This also includes instructions on how to play, and lists several differen

Nature Word Search: Biology, Earth Science Worksheet to Take Outside Activity

These take-with-you-anywhere printable word searches are handy when you want to take students outside to pause and explore. Who can find all the hidden words? Who can spot a cactus, beetle, or feather around them?This printable goes hand-in-hand with Kid's Camping Journal, a journal filled with outdoor observation and play._______________________________________________________Howdy! I'm Katie Clemons. I keep journals with kids, and you can too! Nurture creative thinking, improve penmanship, get

Game for Biology Ecology Part 1

This is an easy to create review game so students can review vocabulary terms. The page can be printed on card stock and cut out and placed into a baggie. This review game can be used over and over again. The following terms are reviewed in this activity: ecology, environment, habitat, population, ecosystem, competition, limited resources, biosphere, population, abiotic, prey, predator, carrying capacity, community There are more review games like this one on my Teachers pay Teach

AP Biology Biomolecule Review Game

Created by
Bioteacher Blog
This card sort game is fun and discussion-prompting activity for AP Biology students to review biomolecules. (A free digital version for distance learning is also available on google slides, check out my listings!) Groups of 2 to 4 students work collaboratively or by taking turns to sort the cards into 4 quadrants of their choosing. (they should realize that the cards can be sorted into the 4 categories of biomolecules) Some cards may go in multiple quadrants in which case they can be placed on

FREE IB Diploma Sciences Command Terms Crossword - Biology - Chemistry - Physics

Created by
Power of Science
Students need a good understanding of the IB command terms in order to answer IB Diploma Science exam questions successfully. Created by an IB Diploma Biology Assistant Examiner. You can help your students understand the IB Command terms using this crossword puzzle, and it allows you to determine how well your students understand the command terms.All of the IBDP Group 4 Sciences use the same set of command terms, so this crossword puzzle can also be used in Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Sy

Introduction to Biology ROX Vocabulary Game - FREE RESOURCE

Created by
Science Island
Biology ROX are preposterous little polyhedrons that students make and use to play an exciting cooperative learning game! This fun formative assessment game can be played by groups of any size, from pairs of students all the way up to an entire class divided into teams. Each roll of the ROX will present a key term or a command or both. Students will match key terms to definitions on the score card IF they don’t roll a skip! And, sometimes, they’ll get to share answers, reverse the direction of p

Scientific Method and Introduction to Biology I Have, Who Has Game FREEBIE

Created by
Teaching Tykes
Biology Introduction and Scientific Method I Have, Who Has Game is great for science vocabulary review or test prep; also works well as a substitute teacher lesson!Vocabulary includes:**Scientific Method - CONCLUSION, CONTROL, CONTROLLED VARIABLE, DATA, DEPENDENT VARIABLE, EXPERIMENT, HYPOTHESIS, INDEPENDENT VARIABLE, OBSERVATION, PREDICTION, PROCEDURE, SCIENTIFIC METHOD, THEORY, VARIABLES**Introduction to Biology - BIOLOGY, ORGANISM, ORGANIZATION, REPRODUCTION, SPECIES, GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT, ENV

Biological Sciences Concept Map

INTEGRATED LEARNING! How can you integrate biological sciences into the other subjects to create meaningful learning? This resource provides activities for all subjects correlating to the overall topic of biological sciences and interconnections within our environment. Curriculum Descriptors are included.

High School Biology: I Have Who Has Squares Review Game

I Have Who Has is a biology review game for high school students where all will have to participate. I objective of the game is for student 1 to read the "Who Has" section on their card, student 2 in the classroom who has the answer stands up and say, "I Have" and read the words in the "I Have" section of their card. If the students are prepared, it will flow smoothly. It's more of a review game of biology including, evolution, DNA/RNA bases, organelles, body systems, cellular transport, cell

Biology Bingo General Plant and Animal Vocabulary

Created by
Science Alley
Review important content area science vocabulary for general plant and animal terms. Simply print and play using up to 24 unique, pre-made bingo cards. Also included are the vocabulary definition cards for the teacher to read. Great test prep for the whole class or small groups! I usually print and laminate the cards so the students can use whiteboard markers and the cards can be reused. Enjoy this FREEBIE. Download, laminate and play. The following items are included:24 pre-made bingo cards

AP Biology Biomolecule Game *Digital Version"

Created by
Bioteacher Blog
Fun and engaging game for AP Biology review - great for distance instruction or digital use for in-person students who are discouraged from sharing physical materials. Brief Overview: Groups of 2-4 students work collaboratively to go through a series of cards (link to quizlet flashcards provided in resource) and "move" their color coded cards into the appropriate quadrants or lines as long as they are able to support why their card belongs there. Activity Duration: Can range from 20 minutes to 4

Biology Midterm Jeopardy

Created by
This Jeopardy game covers 6 topics:Nature of ScienceChemistry of LifeCells Photosynthesis and Cellular respirationCell DivisionDNATheme sound and effects are included within the game. Feel free to edit and make it your own. Leave a review if you enjoyed!Note: Effects may not work if using Google Slides.

Cellular Energetics Dominos! AP Biology

Created by
Rachel Taylor
My students favorite lesson as per end-of-year surveys!Create and analyze "domino pathways" to teach the concepts of cellular energetics, C.E.D. 3.4. I purchased wood dominos from Amazon for the activity.

Free Biology: Cell Organelle Review Puzzles

Free HS Biology: Cell Organelle Review PuzzlesReview cell organelles with word puzzles. (15 minute activity)This activity is part of the eukaryotic cell unit - The Third Parent, a phenomenon-based cell unit for HS biology. Objective:Compare and contrast prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, including their complexity. Copyright © E. Stubbe (The Wasp Whisperer)All rights reserved by author.Terms of Use: This document is for personal use only and may only be used by the original purchaser. This entir

NSW Biology Bingo! Module 1 Cells as the Basis of Life

Module 1: Cells as the Basis of Life Bingo!This resource contains an extensive collection of bingo prompts designed for the NSW Stage 6 Biology Syllabus for Module 1. Included is also 30x unique student cards.

Taboo game cards - IGCSE Biology Disease and Immunity

Created by
It is a fun way to help students revise the terms related to diseases and immunity.It can be used in both physical learning classroom as well as online learning.Minimal effort needed on the teacher's side. The main contributor to the fun in the game is the students' creativity!

Digital Powerpoint Game - Biology - DNA Translation - Distance Learning Ready

This is a review type activity which is organized as a multiple choice type assignment. In order for students to use this activity, they will need to have a device with Microsoft Powerpoint installed. This is not a stand-alone activity and will not work on devices which have no Powerpoint software installed.Each slide in the presentation pertains to a single topic relating to DNA translation. There are 20 questions in the complete activity. All aspects of DNA translation are covered in the as

Marine Biology 101 Crossword

Created by
Ashley Cummings
Marine Biology/Ocean Terminology Crossword Puzzle with Answers on Second Page

Biology Terms Crossword Puzzle (Scientific Method, Cell Parts, Osmosis)

Biology Terms Crossword Puzzle (Concepts include the Scientific Method, Cell Parts, Osmosis and Diffusion)

Biology Taboo Game Set 2

Created by
World of Science
Want to familiarize your students with the vocabulary and terms concerning the plant kingdom? This set of Taboo cards includes over 120 words and complete directions on how to play the game. Some of the topics included are: plant tissue types, plant structures, plant reproduction, and plant physiology. This is a fun activity that students will enjoy and can be played either for a whole class period or as a time filler when you have finished early. Words are on the sheets by topics, so you can co
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