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FIFTY original 2nd grade close reading passages and activities that are PERFECT for teaching your students to become masters of close reading. There are nine non-fiction learning targets in this product. Each learning target has 5 passages specifically dedicated to it. The learning target for COMPARE AND CONTRAST TWO TEXTS ON THE SAME TOPIC is extra special because it has a total of 10 passages so that your students can compare away!Each passage has 2 pages of carefully written and consistent cl
This unit was made to go Patricia Polacco's book The Junkyard Wonders. Included are 18 pages of activities to challenges your students to think more deeply about the story. The unit was created with the 4th and 5th grade Common Core Standards in mind. Topics explored are theme, setting, character traits, visualizing, and many more. Writing assignments and a project idea are also included. The themes in this book would also be perfect to explore with a gifted class. Email me at ideabackpack@
This is a winning grant proposal to purchase LEGO Mindstorm Invention System robotics kits to use for science, physics, technology and engineering activities. A state electrical cooperation awarded $1500.00 for this grant in 2002. This proposal is customizable and can be adjusted to compensate for the variations in prices and costs of the equipment so please adjust this grant as you see necessary to meet your project needs. The customizable parts of this proposal are highlighted in yellow. The R
Have your students bring a rock to class to investigate. They will draw their rock and describe its properties. Then introduce then to the rock cycle with the Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic foldable. They will write descriptions of the different types of rocks and draw examples. Great first introduction to rocks.
K - 2nd
Project-based learning activity is entitled "Make a Difference" because it challenges students to select an issue in their school, community, nation, or world that concerns them. They research this issue and write a report explaining statistics and logical information to support the need for their project to be implemented, how their project will be carried out in detail, the desired outcomes, and how they will measure the project’s success. Then, they fill out a grant proposal, create two art
Your students are sure to love celebrating Thanksgiving with this hands-on, pumpkin pie-themed sight words creation! This Dolch and Fry sight words resource is editable and differentiated. Students can read, match, build, and write more than 200 sight words while building their reading and literacy confidence. The included recording sheet also allows your students to write the sight words. This activity is great for centers and word work! Please be sure to check out our website to read our blog,
The fraction version of my very popular mixed number game! This game is a great center or review activity. It uses strategy and number sense. It has dozens of potential games! The base game was the adding to find the greater sum. I have added three variations where they add, but need the lowest sum, subtract for the greatest difference, and subtract for the lowest difference. Thus, there are four sets of directions for each board. Each of these require them to think about the numbers and apply
This 18-page packet of fun, engaging, and hassle-free activities is the perfect way to introduce, supplement, and assess your study of Memorial Day with your students. Activities include: Reading Comprehension (and questions) K-W-L Charts (3) Vocabulary ABC Order (and answer key) Parts of Speech Sort (and answer key) Writing templates (6) Resources created by: Jessica Lawler Joy in the Journey
Sweet poem to your students as you wrap up the year! Send them off with a bag of items that hold a lot of meaning :) - Includes a message from you to put on the outside of a goodie bag (and an area for you to sign) - Includes a poem explaining the items in the goodie bag and their meaning
This grant proposal, written in early 2012, allowed the special education department in my middle school to obtain 40 iPads and peripherals (Apple TV and projectors, etc). Because I teach a multi-subject program, it covers all academic areas, including math, language arts, and social skills. The proposal is very detailed and easily adaptable to your specific needs, including single subject areas outside of special education. It is formatted on a monthly schedule so those who award the grant and
3rd - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This is a completed grant in which you can edit, copy, or paste information in order for you to get a SMARTboard in your classroom! The grant highlights the many positive aspects of this great technology, and explains why it should be implemented in your classroom! (Please note, the attached budget may NOT be accurate to current costs, and you should update that section to fit your needs)
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
This is the narrative for a success grant to obtain several eReaders for the school library. It includes rational based on a variety of needs, including serving ELL/ESOL, special education, and all student needs.
This is a grant that was written in the Fall of 2012 for a set of 5 iPod Touches and cases for an elementary school library. The grant summarizes the use of the iPod Touches in the school setting and emphasizes audiobooks, qr codes, and podcasts. This grant could easily be adapted and changed to request iPads or other mobile technology.
This is a grant proposal that was written for an elementary school library asking for a collection of elementary level graphic novels. It includes a synopsis of the grant, steps for implementation, a description of the grant evaluation, and a product list. The proposed grant asks for a collection of 134 graphic novels, 3 professional titles for teacher and librarian use, genre identifcation stickers for the books' spines, and a shelving unit to hold the collection. The total amount proposed i
Students will be shown how to break-down ELA test type questions by putting them into more a simple question. This will help students more ably make their correct choice and gain a greater understanding of the question. Students will then apply this strategy on a non-fcition text, a fictional text and a poem (all while showing their reworded questions next to their originals, and then using this to aid them in answering the accompanying multiple choice).
As an introduction to story writing and the creative writing process, these visual notes are a great way for students to understand what that process is and what it is not. Note sheet includes the following topics: ❒ What makes a story good?❒ What about the plot?❒ Narrative unity❒ Building suspense❒ Includes practical examples as explanationsThe resource also includes a chart to help students think about the important elements in their own stories. Please see the preview for more details.You may
Do you want to add eBooks to your library or school? Use this grant to get started. This grant was written in 2010 for an elementary K-4 library. It is adaptable to other settings. It includes a grant summary, evaluation description, and a 204 eBook title and price list. The grant is based on the Follett Shelf, but can be adapted for other vendors.
♦ CLICK ON PREVIEW TO SEE PAGE 1 ♦This WINNING IPAD GRANT PROPOSAL was written in 2011 to procure a CLASSROOM SET OF IPADS worth over $16,000.iPads are fantastic tools for facilitating learning, as they allow students to make meaning through personal choice, collaboration, participation and creativity using online digital tools or Apps. Bringing in traditional and new literacies essentially enable students to take charge of their literacy learning in ways that are meaningful to them!I wrote t
Activities NOT Included -- This product is designed to set up and organize for your makerspace. Includes: - Editable Parent Letter - Editable Materials List - Editable Toolbox Labels - Editable Makerspace Student Contract - 11 Makerspace Printable Posters (4 different designs in varying colors) - Winning Grant Examples ***IMPORTANT NOTE FOR EDITABLE PRODUCTS*** In order to edit, you will need to have certain fonts downloaded. Fonts have been noted in the notes section of PowerPoint documen
To date, I have received more than $250,000.00 in funding from various sources for tutoring, books, and classroom manipulatives. This cheat sheets provides you with a step by step process of applying, receiving, and monitoring a grant. Good luck!
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
To Kill a Mockingbird Plot Chart guides learners in analysis of the 6 parts of the plot (Freytag's Pyramid):★ Exposition (setting, characters, and background info)★ Conflict★ Rising Action (3 events or details)★ Climax★ Falling Action (2 events or details)★ ResolutionTEXT: TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Harper Lee LEVEL: 7th-12thCOMMON CORE: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.2→ Based off the 2002 Hachette Book Edition [ISBN: 9780446310789].→ Suggested Answer Key Included!Enjoy! Now go climb inside of their skin an
This is the written proposal for a successful grant application for six video cameras and accessories for a school library. This could be used to support a grant for a classroom or technology lab, as well. Successful uses are highlighted, as well as future plans and how they can be used to enhance student learning, engagement and assessment. Turn this into a successful grant proposal for your school!
This grant was written for a K-4 school library requesting library books with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) focus. This grant includes a detailed summary, evaluation methods section, and a sample item list. This grant could be easily modified to include requests for additional materials including STEM Kits and science experiment materials.
Academically minded students in their junior and senior years of high school may want to think about applying for many of the small local and national scholarships that are available to students like themselves. But, these kids are already buried under mountains of homework, extracurricular activities and part-time jobs. This How-To sheet is designed to help students get started writing a personal statement that can be saved and then tweaked for each scholarship he or she may wish to apply for.

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