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*Engaging Back to School Math Review Activities* Math Sorting activities are engaging and encourage critical thinking! Easily differentiate this interactive math activity by using the sorts with or without the labels. Save 50% when you purchase this bundle.Ways to use: math warm ups, small group lesson, independent math center, partner activity, math assessment, or homework!What is Included?- 81 sorts that review third grade math standards. - Math Sorts Binder - Pages that list all math sorts,
This third grade morning work bundle includes everything you need for the entire year! Begin the year by reviewing second grade math standards. Move on to daily grammar and math third grade practice. Finally, end the year by previewing fourth grade math standards.Save OVER 45% when you purchase this bundle.Click here to try a FREE sample.Click here to view the auto-grading Google Forms version.Includes:Week 1: Back to School ActivitiesWeeks 2-4: 2nd Grade Math ReviewWeeks 5-30: 3rd Grade Math Pr
Knock, knock! Who's there? Handwriting practice that's actually FUN! Have you ever had a student who knows how to correctly form their letters, but doesn’t always take their time and write their neatest? What about the student who often forgets capitals, punctuation, and misspells words that are right in the text? What would make my students take their time and be more careful?Then, it hit me: JOKES! Kids love jokes! And Happy Handwriting was born.This pack is NO PREP meaning you can just print
Elapsed Time Rulers! There are many ways to teach elapsed time and over the years I've learned that having a visual time span for the students to follow is the easiest and fastest way for them to understand and map out elapsed time for themselves. The elapsed time rulers are very helpful as a visual aid for word problems and your students can glue them in their math journals and use them whenever they are working with elapsed time. These elapsed time rulers are available in three different time
RACE Writing Strategy is a structure to help students answer passage-based, short response questions in a formal style, with using clear reasons and evidence from the text, and to provide concluding statements. Why use the RACE strategy? This mnemonic device is especially helpful for struggling writers and students with disabilities, but it can also be a helpful scaffold for all students. It teaches students to do what good writers do naturally—restating the question in a complete sentence, answ
This resource is a COMPLETE year of Daily Review OR Morning Work for all Math and English Language Arts Standards for 4th Grade. That is 180 pages, or a fresh new page for each morning/day of the school year!-------------------------------------------------------------------------**A digital version is also included for use with Google Classroom.** With the digital version, you have the option to go 100% paperless.-------------------------------------------------------------------------This reso
Fun with Decodables? YES! Ideal for use at the beginning of the year in first grade.This is the second resource in a set featuring engaging decodable reading comprehension passages, questions, and games featuring CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. (To view the first set, click here.)These passages, which align with the Science of Reading, are ideal for students who are reading at Guided Reading Level C (DRA Level 3) and/or transitioning to Guided Reading Level D (DRA Level 4).25 Reading Co
Now includes a “Digital Ease” version for distance learning, where you can choose which poem to upload/assign directly in Seesaw™, Google Classroom™, etc!Check out a Seesaw™ tutorial HERECheck out a Google Classroom™ tutorial HERE(tutorials feature a different resource just for demonstration purposes - your resource will be the purchased file)Fluency and Poetry in one!This pack contains 23 printable Phonics Poems to help your early readers become successful with cvc word families! This pack was
KINDERGARTEN PHONICS WRITING CVC WORKSHEETS: 30 DIFFERENTIATED PRINTABLES FOR SEGMENTING BEGINNING, MIDDLE, AND ENDING SOUNDSThis resource pack is a great tool to practice writing cvc words in a differentiated way! Included are 30 printables containing clear and attractive pictures!⭐⭐⭐PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE IN A MONEY SAVING CVC BUNDLE!⭐⭐⭐CVC WORDS WORKSHEETS INCLUDED:I can write the beginning sound! (5 sheets)I can write the missing vowel! (5 sheets)I can write the ending
Practice parts of speech with these 20 super fun, no-prep printables that can help review nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs!WHAT’S INCLUDED:✍️ PRINT:20 Blankity-Blanks (similar to Mad Libs™) PrintablesDIGITAL:Google SlidesDIFFERENTIATION OPTIONS:Digital or PrintIndependent or Partner ActivityGreat for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade!CHECK OUT THE PREVIEW TO SEE A LOT MORE! This resource is part of a money-saving bundle!NOTE: This resource uses American English and is not editable. If your s
This reading comprehension bundle now includes 125 passages designed to help kids work toward the goals of reading, comprehending and thoughtfully responding to Guided Reading Levels M through T text. To provide flexibility, for use in distance learning and/or a classroom setting, the following options are offered:1) A link to each document in Google Slides™2) Ready for use with Easel by TpT™ (the new TpT digital tool)3) Printable, as a traditional PDFThere are two pages of questions with each s
These word work worksheets can be used for any spelling list of 15 or 20 words (or less), or with any type of word work practice. Print & Go! These can be used with Daily 5 or any spelling program that you use. Send home for homework or use in class! Included: Poster of Word Work Options for StudentsNormal & SquigglyForward & BackwardsPencil and PenRhyme It!ABC OrderRainbow WordsFancy WordsHighlight the VowelsSpelling SentencesSilly SentencesSpiral SpellingSyllable SearchGraph ItPyra
This pack is perfect for starting back to school in the New Year! Help your students get into tip-tip grammar shape in the first couple of weeks back to school after the holidays!This pack includes a distance learning packet for Grammar Boot Camp AS WELL AS the digital version meant to be used with Google Classroom. Grammar Boot Camp is a 21-day pack to cover all major grammar standards and works perfectly for distance learning purposes.Best part? This is a super simple pack to assign. Kids just
5th Grade Summer Math Packet ~ Summer Prep Packet for Incoming 6th Grade Math Students ~ 5th Grade End of Year Review ~ 5th Grade Distance LearningUpdated 5/19/20 to accommodate distance learning: This download now includes a self-checking Google Forms version of the packet, as well as the original printable PDF version!Looking for a good way to review core 5th grade math concepts with your students? This math review packet covers some of the major topics taught in 5th grade math. It covers:- m
3rd Grade No-Prep Reading Fluency Passages and Close Reading style Comprehension Homework / Reading Fluency Passages and Reading Comprehension. New cover, same great resource!Includes both print and Google Classroom digital versions.36 weeks of homework or intervention to improve third grade students' reading fluency and reading comprehension skills. ______________________________________________Need more fluency resources for 3rd grade? You may also be interested in our companion resources: 3rd
This resource includes 10 passages designed to help students become confident identifying the main idea of a text and understanding how details support the main idea. To provide flexibility, for use in distance learning and/or a classroom setting, the following options are offered:1) A link to this document in Google Slides2) Ready for use with Easel by TpT™ (the new TpT Digital Tool)3) Printable, as a traditional PDFEach of the ten passages is presented twice. In the first set, the passages
This resource features 40 Addition, Subtraction, and Comparison Word Problems. These activities are ideal for use in remote learning packets, as journal pages, for morning work, during group instruction, and/or as homework. Each page is presented both in color and in an ink saving black and white version. A cover is included for use in math journals or distance learning packs.Using Easel by TpT™ (the new TpT Digital Tool), this resource can be assigned through Google Classroom. Click Easel A
These NO-PREP early finishers activity packets for 2nd grade are full of engaging pages! They are fun & easy activities for early finishers, skill practice, or review! Each worksheet in the early finishers packets targets a math, ELA, science, social studies, art, or SEL skill. This helps students practice content in a fun way! ⭐️DOWNLOAD THE PREVIEW FILE TO SEE THE EARLY FINISHERS ACTIVITIES IN DETAIL⭐️Read more about how I use early finishers activity packets HERE!Need no-prep early finish
Your students will LOVE this pizza-themed PBL with authentic multiple-step real-life problems. This activity has students taking their classmate's pizza orders and using a menu to add up totals. Students will be required to add, subtract, multiply decimals, and interpret fractions. The final page of performance tasks asks for written answers to multiple-step problems. This activity does not have an answer key, due to students being able to choose their own unique answers. This does come with exa
DIGITAL PDF AND PRINT: You will download fraction worksheets for your 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and special education math students to practice fractions on a number line, fractions with visual models, comparing fractions, equivalent fractions, and more.Skills include: identifying fractions, comparing fractions, fraction vocabulary, using anchor charts, fractions on number line, completing fraction charts, equivalent fractions, word problems and more. ✔︎ Common Core Standards:CCSS.Math.Content.3.NF.
Third Grade ELA Morning Work & Spiral Review Year-Long Bundle {Common Core Aligned} - Distance Learning & Independent WorkThird Grade Morning Work Year-Long Bundle {Common Core Aligned} is filled with 180 fun, engaging, and educational English language arts worksheets. We like to use this as a morning warm-up in class, with one sheet each day, making this pack last for an entire year. This pack could also be used as homework for your class. Worksheets include: phonics, vocabulary, gramma
Tired of the same old main idea worksheets and boring reading comprehension passages? This no-prep resource will give your students plenty of main idea practice in a new and engaging way! Includes 3 different types of activities that specifically target finding the main idea and supporting details within the text.WHAT YOU WILL GET:13 main idea worksheetsDigital activitiesAnswer keysWorksheet Set A:Each page in this set features a short informational non-fiction passage. Students will read the te
Your students will have fun with multiplication color by number activities as they solve emoji mystery pictures! Students solve math problems and color by code. This set of math mysteries reviews the following:Multiplication Facts 0-5Multiplication Facts 3-6Multiplication Facts 7-12Mixed Multiplication PracticeThese math mysteries are great for:1. Math Centers2. Early Finishers3. HomeworkThe following Common Core Standards are included:3.NBT.3 - Multiply one-digit whole numbers by multiples of
These emergency sub plans for 2nd grade are a must-have for all second grade teachers. This resource includes 40 substitute teacher activities that cover the following subjects: reading, writing, word study, math, and science. You'll have all of the substitute plans, resources, and activities you need to assemble your substitute teacher binder. Learn more about this reusable, printable packet below!Have you ever gone to school sick because it was easier than putting together sub lesson plans?Hav

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