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Christmas Science Labs and STEM
Christmas Science Labs and STEM from The Science Penguin-- This resource has been a crowd-pleaser for 5 years!Do you need some FUN science activities to do before Winter Break? These 5 activities are engaging, educational, and the most fun your students will have this year!What's Included?• Milk an

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States of matter Fold and Learn
This is a foldable that can be used in different grades. This craft has been adapted for two levels (one with some writing). It includes: Properties of Solids, Liquids and Gases. Examples of the particles. A classify worksheet. And cute characters craftivity. I have also included the Spanish versi

Also included in: Science Fold & Learn SUPER BUNDLE


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Weather Activities: experiments, crafts, writing, and more!
Do you want to make your Science lessons come to life? Then this is the packet for you. This unit includes 15 hands-on activities that you could use while studying weather in your classroom. This packet is different from most that you buy on TpT. Instead of giving you centers and activities to pri

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Science Vocabulary Instruction
Hands-On Science Vocabulary Instruction Tired of having students copy definitions? Do your students not have the background experiences needed to relate to the vocabulary when it's introduced? This guide is an opportunity to introduce new science vocabulary using hands-on experiences! There are

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Learning How to Use Science Tools: Science Notebook Recording Sheets
This mini-unit is perfect for the first days of school when you are busy teaching routines and expectations. It includes 6 very simple, hands-on science activities that give children the opportunity to practice using science tools common in most primary classrooms. Activities include: *How Many Dro

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Native American Homes STEM ~ STEM Engineering Challenge Pack ~ Set of 9!
Why not bring STEM to your Native American Unit in social studies? Most elementary teachers are more comfortable and knowledgeable about themes, so I have decided to create STEM challenge packs based on specific themes, like Native Americans, specifically relating to their homes! This engineering

Also included in: Social Studies Bundle Collection ~ 12 STEM Engineering Packs ~ 62 Challenges!


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Scientific Method Gummy Bear {Hands-on Lab}
This is a fun hands-on lab that incorporates all the steps of the scientific method. The students use a gummy bear in an experiment and follow the steps of the scientific method and analyze the results. (Includes pdf and doc formats)

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Introduction to Science: Scientific Method, Interactive Notebooks, & More
Help your students develop proficiency in the NATURE OF SCIENCE. Do your students LOVE conducting science experiments, but always seem to struggle with the name of the tools they're using or how to use them properly? Do they have difficulty writing conclusions or are they simply missing the connecti

Also included in: Science Bundle {7 Units}


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Biology Chat First Day of School Ice Breaker Lab Station Activity
The first day of school should be fun, not boring! This science lab ice breaker activity will help your students learn about their classmates, while serving as a diagnostic tool for the instructor. Do you want to be the fun teacher, or the one who reads the class syllabus out loud on the first day

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Forces and Motion Unit from Lightbulb Minds
The Forces and Motion Unit includes a game, a group activity, labs, a reading response activity, and more resources all centered around the topic of forces and motion. (Includes 10 resources below) 1) A Crash Course in Forces and Motion with Max Axiom - Response Sheet: Using A Crash Course in Forc

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Got Peeps?  Easter STEM ~ STEM Engineering Challenge Pack ~ Set of Five!
Most elementary and middle school students are crazy about those yummy Peeps, so I have decided to create a STEM challenge pack based on this popular treat. This engineering challenge activity pack is one of many that I have created to use in my classroom! I place these challenges, one per table,

Also included in: Holiday/Monthly Bundle Collection ~ 8 Holiday Packs ~ 18 Monthly Challenges!


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Scientific Method Student-Led Station Lab - Distance Learning
Scientific Method Station Lab - Students will love you for providing them with a hands-on experience when learning about the scientific method at the beginning of the school year. In this unit, the students will learn all about the scientific method in your classroom. They will learn each of the di

Also included in: Beginning of the Year Student-Led Station Lab Bundle - Distance Learning


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Fairy Tales STEM ~ STEM Engineering Challenge Five Pack ~ Fairy Tales Set #1
What teacher doesn't love fairy tales? As a STEM coordinator, I am always looking for creative ways for teachers to integrate STEM engineering and design challenges into their classroom activities. I decided to work on creating STEM Engineering Challenge Packs for some well known (and loved) fairy

Also included in: Picture Book Bundle Collection ~ 12 STEM Engineering Packs ~ 61 Total!


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Matter Labs
Matter Labs {Experiencing Matter} includes 9 activities that are designed to engage students' brains! Each lab activity includes a teacher card, student directions card, and all student sheets needed. Student sheets are created to fit in students’ science notebooks. Please check the preview and r

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Skittles Weathering and Erosion Lab Activity
Great hands-on lab activity using Skittles to show weathering and erosion in action. My students (6th graders) have always loved this lab activity. I have provided very simple instructions to follow and it is in the 3 Part Lesson format-Opening, Work Period, and Closing. Enjoy! The handouts tell

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Rock Cycle
Rock Cycle: Modeling the Rock Cycle with StarburstsThis activity is a perfect follow up for a class who has just been introduced to the rock cycle. You will need starbursts (or other fruit chews of multiple colors) and plastic sandwich bags. Students begin with 'sediments' which they turn into a s

Also included in: Rock Bundle (Now with Student Workbook!!)- Distance Learning


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Back to School STEM Activities with Fred the Worm
Back to School STEM is a perfect way to build community through team building! These four STEM activities are based around Fred the Worm and his misadventures. Students must help Fred out of some tricky situations as he travels around the United States.Included**Teacher Instructions: objective, ma

Also included in: Back to School Activity Bundle


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Scientific Method Worksheet (Skittles Graphing Science Experiment)
These skittles labs are a fun way to have students learn about the scientific method. Lab contents: 1. Skittle Colors Lab: A. Question: Which color skittle is most common in a package of skittles? B. Developing a hypothesis C. Procedure D. Data Tables E. Graphing F. Post-Lab Questions 2. Skittles

Also included in: Scientific Method Activities: Worksheets, Science Experiments, Task Cards Bundle


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Simple Machines : Investigations, Task Cards, and Assessments
Simple machines are the focus of this comprehensive unit. This 69 page resource contains everything you need to teach a complete unit on the 6 Simple Machines (lever, pulley, wedge, screw, inclined plane, and wheel & axle). Two versions of the product are included - one version which uses custo

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Science Experiments: Science Blasters by Kim Adsit
This packet contains the following 20 experiments/activities. There are 17 Simple Experiment Cards with response printables, 3 recipes with follow up activities, 10 graphing activities for graphing the hypothesis. The following titles name the 20 experiments/activities.Shake It! What’s in the Bag?

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Science Lab Safety Student-Led Station Lab - Distance Learning
Lab Safety Station Lab - Students will love you for providing them with a hands-on experience when learning about lab safety at the beginning of the science school year. In this unit the students will learn all about lab safety in your classroom. Topics covered are all the lab safety procedures as

Also included in: Beginning of the Year Student-Led Station Lab Bundle - Distance Learning


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Newton's Laws of Motion Stations {Interactive and Fun!}
These stations will keep your students MOVING! Designed to fit in one class period, your students will build on what they have been taught in the classroom concerning Newton's Laws of Motion. This is a great way to reinforce material in your Science classroom. You can opt to use these activities as

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States of Matter Interactive Notebooks States of Matter Activities Flapbooks
Are you looking for a FUN and INTERACTIVE unit to teach your students all about matter? If so, then look no further.This 37 page packet is ALL you need to teach a unit on Matter! In this packet you will find the following:*Pictures of the 4 different flap books included *Pictures of 4 different scie

Also included in: Science Bundle {7 Units}


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Life cycle of a plant Fold & Learn
This is a science lapbook that can be used in different grades. This craft has been adapted for two levels (one with some writing). It includes the cycle from the seed to the whole plant. I have also included the Spanish version: Ciclo vital de la planta. Related products: >Parts of a plant &g

Also included in: All about plants mini-bundle


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