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Help your high school and advanced middle school students win their written arguments with these easy-to-follow essay writing materials. This bundle of interactive, step-by-step materials inspires even my most reluctant students to put pen to paper. Activities/handouts featuring modern design elemen
Make your Great Gatsby unit the favorite of the year with this MASSIVE bundle of materials that will take your class through FOUR FULL WEEKS OF COMPLETE LESSONS covering F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel. Everything you’ll need is here; just add a class set of The Great Gatsby novels and you’re go
Weary of students who slap quoted material into their essays without any framing or support? Fix this common mistake made by young writers with these interactive lesson materials.Begin with a “pre-test”/skill assessment of students’ knowledge regarding M.L.A. citation formatting and concrete detail/
You know you need to show your students the right way to handle sourced material to prevent plagiarism, but the subject matter can be so dry, causing teens to tune out during your lecture. To fix this, use a lecture disguised as a game to help cover the basics of proper MLA source citation and plagi
8th - 11th, Higher Education
Help students identify logical fallacies with this 40-slide introductory lecture featuring definitions and modern examples relevant to their lives. Slides download as both Prezi Next and Google Slides versions.Use the optional guided notesheet to help students who need note-taking structure or assis
Welcome to Lit. Term Tuesday – an easy way to start your class each Tuesday (or whatever day you want) with a high-interest bell-ringer lecture featuring classic literary devices paired with modern examples with which your students are certain to identify. (These literary device lectures also work g
There are good ways to start an essay and lousy ways. With this mini-lecture and reference tool handout, students will learn four specific techniques to use to bust writer's block and bring their reader into their essay. Great ways to launch an essay are featured here with real-world, actual example
Make Edgar Allan Poe’s classic poem, “The Raven,” come alive for your students with this 44-slide lecture and five pages of lesson materials that include detailed directions, a full-text version of Poe's gothic poem, links to a high-quality audio version, "Faux Poe" creative writing assignment, and
Use this attention-grabbing 32-slide lecture (downloads in both Prezi & Google Slides format) and accompanying handouts to pull even your most reluctant students into a study of poetry. Begin by piquing your students’ interest in poetry by comparing the art form to song lyrics. Then, present a c
The Outsiders by S.E. HintonGrab every eye in the room with this gorgeous 38-slide introduction lecture that provides all of the background information your class will need as you launch your study of S.E. Hinton’s classic novel, The Outsiders.The presentation includes a quickwrite topic that will h
Help your advanced middle school and high school students identify and analyze the elements of powerful public speaking with these multimedia lesson materials.This three-page PDF includes:• Step-by-step directions/suggestions to lead your students through a 50-minute lesson• A well-written, high-int
Irony Presentation: This funny presentation will not only get your students laughing, but they will also have a better understanding of situational irony! This Powerpoint includes 20 pictures that are truly ironic. I usually have my students raise their hands and tell me why it is ironic (based on
Have you ever received an email from a student that was written in, well, a not-so-nice tone? Sure. We all have, and it's enough to drive us up the wall! But! What if students have just never been taught (or not taught well) how to professionally address a boss or superior? That realization inspired
THESIS STATEMENT WRITING: Writing a strong thesis statements is always a challenge for students. This resource will help them understand what a thesis statement is, why it is important to have one, and what a strong thesis statement looks like. ======================================================
Grab your students’ attention as you launch your study of Romanticism with this 29-slide presentation. Covering the period of American literature from 1800 to 1860, this 30-minute slide deck will prep your students to dig deeper into any literary works from this era that you want. Great for giving s
9th - 12th
THE LOTTERY BY SHIRLEY JACKSON: Explore the role that traditions play in our lives with Shirley Jackson's short story, The Lottery. This story is always a hit with my students! This lesson includes a 45 slide presentation that guides you through the entire lesson, analysis questions, an answer key
The SAT Essay requires students to closely examine an argument essay, noting the effectiveness of an author’s use of specific rhetorical devices. In this overview lecture and three full-hour lessons with optional extension writing activities, students will learn about the SAT Essay requirements, rea
Grab your students’ attention as you launch your study of early American literature with this 32-slide presentation. Covering the period of 1620 (the Puritans’ arrival at Plymouth Rock) through 1800 (Deism and the election of Thomas Jefferson), this slide deck will prep your students to dig deeper i
9th - 12th
Use the classic short story, “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant, to teach your students the elements of literary analysis. This two-day lesson plan includes a full-text copy of this public domain story, an 8-question student handout (with detailed answer key, of course), an interactive slide lectur
Back To School Night/Open House/Meet The Teacher Presentation and Handout: Wow your students' parents with this 14 slide editable presentation and handout on meet the teacher night. All you have to do is type in your information and it is ready to use! Please note: You will need to download and ins
Grab every eye in the room with this 30-slide lecture (downloads in Prezi, Google Slides, and PDF versions) that provides all of the background information your class will need as you launch your study of William Shakespeare’s classic play, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.The presentation i
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Here is an engaging classroom management activity you won't want to miss. One of the hardest things for students to do is to refrain from saying hurtful words to other classmates. This excellent back to school classroom management lesson is a visual reminder of what it is like if hurtful words are s
Digraph Worksheets: Students use glue and scissors to sort the fun, kid-friendly clipart based on their first or final digraph sound. Each page is double-sided as the reverse of each page features a tracing font for the digraphs on the front. I use these pages during the week I teach TH. I teach T
Grab your students’ attention as you launch your study of Realism with this 21-slide presentation. Covering the period of American literature from 1850-1900, this 30-minute slide deck will prep your students to dig deeper into any literary works from this era that you want, including Huckleberry Fin
9th - 12th

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