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Interactive Math Journal - Interactive Math Notebook Are you using interactive math journals or interactive notebooks in your classroom? You re...
7147 ratings
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Here is a fun little packet for you to help teach manners and expectations in school the first few days of school! I hope you enjoy it! Kathlee...
2274 ratings
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1699 ratings
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Guided math workshop that is designed specifically for First Grade Teachers and their students. Download the Preview for the Curriculum Map and ...
883 ratings
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Mentor sentences are the perfect way to teach grammar and author's craft through examples of excellent sentences from your favorite read-aloud bo...
873 ratings
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BELL RINGERS: These English bell ringers are one of the top 100 best-selling resources on Teachers Pay Teachers! Have your students in their ...
858 ratings
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Personal Narrative Writing: This personal narrative writing unit will guide students through the writing process and cover two or more weeks of w...
821 ratings
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Matter, Matter, Everywhere! Hands-on and exciting Solids, liquids, and gases unit aligned with CCSS! My kids loved this unit, with all the han...
779 ratings
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Interactive Math Journal - Interactive Math Notebook This is the second volume of my original
777 ratings
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This product will change your way of thinking about and teaching math! With the changeover to the Common Core Standards, students must dig deepe...
765 ratings
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This comprehensive product is designed to teach upper elementary and middle school students about the five types of informational text structures...
746 ratings
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Analyzing Character Traits includes a variety of lessons, strategies, and printables aligned with the Common Core Reading Standards for Grades 3 ...
730 ratings
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***A Top 10 Best-Selling High School Product on TpT*** Use this MASSIVE bundle of my popular mini-lessons to teach the Common Core-aligned gramm...
720 ratings
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Tomie dePaola: author study: author studies: Little Grunt and the Big Egg: Tony's Bread: The Art Lesson: Strega Nona This Tomie dePaola author ...
698 ratings
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This comprehensive packet has 10 math and 10 literacy activities incorporating favorite fall themes: apples, pumpkins, scarecrows, spiders, and m...
668 ratings
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KinderLiteracy Units BUNDLED KinderLiteracy units are based upon the close read model. Each week you will focus on one text an...
648 ratings
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Looking for a short story unit that will thrill your tweens and teens? Take those beloved classic short stories and ramp them up with this MASSIV...
628 ratings
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Enjoy 5 days of dictionary skills lesson plans and worksheets in this product. Each lesson includes a mini lesson, work time, and closing. Each...
580 ratings
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Poetry In Let's Learn About Poetry your students will learn about 12 different types of poems: 1) Acrostic Poems 2) Autobiographical Poems 3)...
546 ratings
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Did you know that kids can lose up to 2 reading levels over the summer? What do you do??? You make reading fun, that's what you do! Book clubs ar...
540 ratings
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This 174 page novel study unit on Wonder by R.J. Palacio contains: List of Chapter Titles organized by Part 1-8 Book Part Teacher Cheat Sheets ...
509 ratings
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Theme Bundle of Activities: This BUNDLE contains the following products PLUS a LESSON PLAN document that explains how I teach this theme unit ov...
505 ratings
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*Updated in 2013!* This comprehensive packet has 10 math and 10 literacy activities including a non-fiction book about turkeys and graphic organi...
497 ratings
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This is a fun and engaging way to teach the sound of q and to help children remember that there is always a u after the q! Included in this pack...
491 ratings
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Interactive Writing Notebook Grade 4 BTS (BOOST TEST SCORES) WRITING PROGRAM- an all-inclusive step-by-step writing program that has been proven...
490 ratings
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The Ultimate Weekly and Ultimate Year Teacher Planners ... all in one BUNDLE. The Ultimate Teacher Digital Planning Bundle is truly ULTIMATE in e...
470 ratings
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This comprehensive packet has 10 math and 10 literacy activities to take you through at least 2 weeks of centers! Download the preview file to se...
468 ratings
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**TOP SELLER! Please see the comments for hundreds of positive reviews of this product, as well as the preview to see how this can be easily used...
466 ratings
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Guided math workshop that is designed specifically for First Grade Teachers and their students. This is the first unit in a series of ten units....
459 ratings
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Thanksgiving Activities Thanksgiving Activities for Reading Thanksgiving Activities for Middle School Thanksgiving: Let's Talk Turkey! A DIFFEREN...
458 ratings
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This is a complete set (12 months) of original Common Core aligned phonological awareness lesson for every day of the year (320 ...
454 ratings
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Teach students HOW to write a paragraph with these simple steps! Use back to school picture books to give students step-by-step...
449 ratings
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Interested in purchasing the Addition AND Subtraction Collections? You can save money by purchasing them together. Click on the link below for mo...
422 ratings
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Are you in any way responsible for teaching children how to read? In Kindergarten and 1st grade, teaching students the mechanics of reading is a ...
421 ratings
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Looking for a Greek mythology unit for an older audience? Take those beloved mythological stories and ramp them up with this MASSIVE bundle that ...
404 ratings
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First Grade Substitute Plans Hey Teacher! I gotcha covered! This 'Bag of Tricks' is perfect for FIRST GRADE teachers who need last minute activi...
404 ratings
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Cause and effect articles! This packet includes everything you need to introduce students to the text structure of cause and effect in expository...
395 ratings
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This Thanksgiving unit is stuffed full with historical fun! It includes everything you need teach all about Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims, and the W...
393 ratings
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** This set includes 20 days of everything needed for a reading intervention program with students whose reading abilities fall in the Fountas an...
393 ratings
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This product is JAM-PACKED with Common Core aligned lesson ideas, activities, graphic organizers, and writing prompts for 40 of ...
389 ratings
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Kindergarten Substitute Plans This 'Bag of Tricks' is perfect for KINDERGARTEN teachers who need last minute activities for a sub or just some ex...
388 ratings
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This file includes all of the mental math strategy units in the Complete Addition Collection and the Complete Subtraction Collection. The units...
387 ratings
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This first grade Common Core aligned writing unit contains 49 mini-lessons to help your students become successful writers! This unit starts you...
380 ratings
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Parts of Speech Bundle: Grammar Comics If you are like me, grammar is a tough sell for kids. It's boring, tedious, and hard for them to understa...
378 ratings
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Narrative of the Week: 36 Writing Paragraph Packets {Common Core Aligned 2-5} This narrative writing resource contains over 275 pages of printab...
377 ratings
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This is a best-selling bundle of three complete sentence writing kits which progress in difficulty through the year! It can also be used to diffe...
374 ratings
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Comparing Themes & Topics Across Cultures *Note: The mythical stories and the fables (excluding trickster tales) included in this download a...
374 ratings
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Finding the Main Idea with Non-Fiction Texts This product comes with 20 different non-fiction pa...
373 ratings
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Your students will love this Charlotte's Web literacy unit, and you will love how much is included with this unit. Included in this 114 page uni...
370 ratings
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My place on the map is something primary students need a lot of time practicing in order to master the concept. Where I Live hel...
367 ratings
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Research paper complete unit. Research papers made easy! This complete unit has everything you need to teach writing a research paper from star...
365 ratings
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364 ratings
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