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Nervous System - Human Body PowerPoint and Handouts - Distance Learning
Nervous System - Human Body PowerPoint and HandoutsLearn about the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems, parts of a neuron, and the five senses with this two day long lesson which includes PowerPoint presentation, teacher notes, student notes, “Catch me if you can” lab, student friendly diagrams f

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Digestive System - Human Body PowerPoint and Handouts - Distance Learning
Digestive System - Human Body PowerPoint and HandoutsThis digestive system human body bundle includes PowerPoint presentation, student notes, “Trek the Tract” lab, student friendly diagrams for labeling, and our Human Body Digestion Story Project: An Epic Tale of Food's Digestive Journey. These co

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Skeletal System - Distance Learning
Skeletal System - PowerPoint and HandoutsLearn about the skeletal system, diagram a long bone, describe the different types of joints, and identify 31 bones of the human body. They then apply this information to an exciting project in which students assemble a large skeleton, label its bones, and i

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Muscular System - Distance Learning
Muscular System - PowerPoint and HandoutsLearn about the muscular system - different types of muscles, how muscles work, involuntary vs. voluntary muscles using a two day long lesson which includes PowerPoint presentation, teacher notes, student notes, “In a Blink” lab, and student friendly diagrams

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Math Doodle -  Interactive Notebook Bundle 21 - Personal Financial Literacy
This product is also sold in the FULL YEAR of Math Doodles 21 Bundle SET BUY now for BIG SAVINGS of 21 Bundle SET found here! If you are looking for JUST the FOLDABLES (ALL 68) BUNDLE Click Here! Included in this Bundle: • Directions on how to use this Bundle • One large PDF with a table of cont

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Integumentary System - Distance Learning
Integumentary System - PowerPoint & HandoutsLearn about the integumentary system of the human body: layers of skin, the function of the skin using our two day long lesson which includes PowerPoint presentation, teacher notes, student notes, skin sensitivity lab, student friendly diagrams for lab

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Cell Membrane Transport Manipulative Activity
Looking for an engaging, hands-on manipulative to teach types of cell membrane transport such as simple diffusion, facilitated diffusion, and osmosis? This interactive model activity helps student conceptually understand how concentration gradients are involved in the movement of molecules across a

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Circulatory & Lymphatic Systems PowerPoint & Notes - Distance Learning
Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems - PowerPoint and HandoutsThe Circulatory and lymphatic system bundle includes PowerPoint presentation, student notes on the heart, blood vessels, circulation and the role of the lymphatic system, “Pump it Up” lab activity, and student friendly diagrams for labeling.

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Reproductive & Endocrine Systems - Distance Learning
Reproductive & Endocrine Systems - PowerPoint and HandoutsThis reproductive and endocrine system human body bundle includes PowerPoint presentation, student notes, student friendly diagrams, and Endocrine System Interactive TED The Endocrine Diagram. These condensed system notes are designed i

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Respiratory System
O2 is A-OK in our book... at least that's what you'll learn during our respiratory system presentation, notes and lab. WHAT'S INCLUDED in this 1-2 DAY LESSON:• EDITABLE Animated PowerPoint with daily objective, bellwork, student notes and lab instructions•​ NON-EDITABLE PDF notes pages and lab pages

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Deciduous or evergreen / coniferous trees and leaves Lesson plan and Worksheets
A zipped folder with an editable Word / PowerPoint / Excel version and a PDF version of each file: - a lesson plan on deciduous or evergreen / coniferous trees - worksheets at 2 levels of difficulty on deciduous or evergreen / coniferous trees (which can be seen in the preview) Alternatively you

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Lifecycle Blank Chart & Meal worm Cut/Paste Handout
This package includes two parts. The first part is a blank life cycle chart that students can simply write the stages inside the boxes. The second part is labels for the life cycle of a meal worm.

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Cells: Single-Celled and Multicellular Organisms Gr. 5-8
This is the chapter slice "Single-Celled and Multicellular Organisms" from the full lesson plan "Cells"About the FULL RESOURCE:Cells are the building blocks of life. We take you from the parts of plant and animal cells and what they do to single-celled and multi-cellular organisms. Using simplified

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Human Reproduction and Development Notes Outline Lesson Plan
This 6 page notes outline Lesson Plan has blanks for student to fill in as the students watch the "Human Reproduction and Development PowerPoint Presentation" and as the teacher covers the following topics: Human Reproduction, Puberty, Secondary Sex Characteristics, Male Reproductive System, Female

Also included in: Reproduction - Sexual and Asexual Unit Bundle - 18 files


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All About Me!  5-Day Unit/Lesson Plans for Preschool, Pre-K, K, & Homeschool
All About Me! This theme is great for the beginning of the year as teachers and friends get to know each other better. In this 5-day fully planned for you unit, kids will get to know their names, their bodies, their birthdays, emotions and the similarities and differences in all of us! This About

Also included in: 20 5-Day Lesson Plans for Preschool, PreK, K & Homeschool MEGA-BUNDLE!


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Art Lesson Directed Drawing Bubble People
No more stick people!Draw people shapes using a series of ovals in this directed-drawing activity that uses the art elements: line, shape, and color. Focus on the structure of the human body, including proportion and position, while showing movement and perspective in composition. It's fun, creative

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Skin--External Organ protects the body: 3 activities, 5Es, inquiry, NGSS LS1
*UPDATED!!* Supports NGSS LS1 NGSS LS1 From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes This is part of my Human Body unit. There are three ORIGINAL inquiry-based activities, to allow students to explore three purposes for our largest organ--SKIN! Each inquiry activity is build into a THORO

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Circulatory System Notes
Are you not in love with your current notes on the circulatory system? This 36-slide power point presentation covers the function of the circulatory system, parts of the circulatory system (with heavy emphasis on the heart parts), direction of blood flow, the function of blood, and blood components.

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Human Body Organs and Their Functions Lesson
This lesson was made to teach students about the human body organs and their functions. Included are over 70 detailed slides about all of the major human body organs, including:-heart-brain-liver-kidneys-stomach-small intestine-large intestine-bladder-lungs-pancreas-sensory organs-skeleton-muscular

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Human Body Introduction - Distance Learning
Human Body IntroductionIntroduce the human body and anatomy with our two day lesson with an introductory reading lesson about the human body, as well as our Human Body: Interactive Notebook Word Dissections for ALL Readers lessons (differentiated and on grade level versions) and a short Pre-Assessm

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Circulatory System: Independent Lesson
Print and go indepdendent study set on the circulatory system. Students get everything they need to learn about the circulatory system at their own pace. This is perfect for differentiation in the classroom. The reading passages are written for upper elementary or middle school students, but the inf

Also included in: Human Body Systems Bundle


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Cell Theory Article and Task Cards
This is a 1.5 page article on the history of the cell theory along with some information regarding unicellular and multicellular organisms - and how multicellular organisms' cells are organized. There are lines are the article for students to write down additional notes or thoughts. I like to use

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The Owie's On Me! Teach, review, and assess body parts using bandages for FREE!
Every preschooler loves bandages--and now you can use that love to teach, review, and even assess a child's understanding of body parts! Inside, you will find a low-preparation lesson for teaching 30 body parts, including important, but less commonly well-known terms such as knuckle and hip. A pos

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Basic Biology: Frog Dissection Laboratory [Distance Learning Compatible]
Ah, the frog dissection. Staple of any General Biology course. This one has everything you need: just add frogs! Includes lab directions, student worksheets, diagrams and pictures of frog anatomy, and discussion questions. This lab is specially designed to be completed in two class sessions. The fi

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