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Talking Numbers Bundle: Building Mental Math in 1st Grade Learners
Number conversations can be built into your daily schedule as short, daily exercises aimed at building number sense. Number sense is the ability to understand numbers and quantities, to use numbers flexibly, and to perform calculations mentally. According to research, students in the United States l


STEM Challenge Boat Building
The Build a Boat STEM Challenge is a runaway hit with my students. They cheer when they see Boats on our agenda and your students will too! There is just something about building that boat and holding your breath to see if it will float (it will) and then counting weights into it to see how long it

Also included in: STEM Challenges Building Cars, Mazes, and Boats Bundle


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Cracking the Classroom Code™ 3rd Grade Math Review Game Escape Room
Will your class escape in time? Oh no! Your class has been captured by a group of swashbuckling pirates! They must use their math skills to escape. Students will attempt to escape from their captors by solving a string of math clues hidden around the classroom. This is a review game for the math con

Also included in: Cracking the Classroom Code™ 3rd Grade Math Bundle Escape Room Games


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Name Graph Activities Freebie!
One of my favorite activities to do at the beginning of the year is a name graph. It's a quick little activity that allows me to quickly assess which of my students know how to spell their name, who can write their own name, and who can count. We do the graph as a whole class, but you could use th

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Mixed Up Multiplication Mosaics-Fun Multiplication Color By Number Pack
This is a six page set of Multiplication Mosaics... A fun and engaging way for students to practice their multiplication facts. To use, simply solve the problems in the picture, then use the color key to finish off the puzzle. My students absolutely love these! Maybe yours will too!

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Area and Perimeter Activities Bundle
Area and Perimeter Activities Bundle has 3 products. This pack has a few fun ideas to enhance your area and perimeter unit. It includes:Build a Room: Students design a room by placing furniture and items in the room. 5 rooms are included to build; bedroom, kitchen, playground, living room, and garag


Addition and Subtraction With No Regrouping Activities
This unit was created to cover 2 digit addition and subtraction without regrouping. There are activities to introduce and review 4 different strategies to go along with each. They are the base ten model, expanded form, number line, and standard model. It includes 10 days worth of lesson plans to be

Also included in: Second Grade Guided Math Bundle


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Balancing Addition & Subtraction Equations Prompts: Talking Numbers
Equality in math can be an incredibly difficult concept for our students, but it is a critical one. Our Primary Leaders must understand that numbers can be composed and decomposed in a variety of ways. These number balances are the perfect way to integrate addition, subtraction, and equality into on

Also included in: Talking Numbers Bundle: Building Mental Math in 1st Grade Learners


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Subitizing Patterns: Talking Numbers
Subitizing is the ability to quickly identify the number in a group of objects without individually counting the objects. Subitizing is a concrete way to explore composing and decomposing numbers. Students will see dot patterns in different ways, and that is a great thing. When showing students 6, m

Also included in: Talking Numbers Bundle: Building Mental Math in 1st Grade Learners


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Practicing Multiplication, Arrays & Fact Triangles: Multiplication Monsters
This math activity is the perfect way to engage students, get them moving, and practice different ways to show multiplication: through problems, products, arrays, and fact triangles. The Multiplication Monsters packet includes 24 cards, 5 student work pages and a corresponding answer key. Each mon

Also included in: Monster Math {BUNDLE}


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If I Had a Million Dollars - Math Project
This pack contains directions, fake blank checks, and record keeping sheets for a great project for your math students. Students are tasked with spending a million dollars. They are required to buy a house, a vehicle, and a college education. Students research those required purchases, along with

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5th Grade Financial Literacy, Personal Finance Math Unit 5.10
Great personal finance/ financial literacy unit for 5th graders! Within this personal finance literacy interactive notebook for 5th graders, students will create a detailed budget, learn to differentiate between sales tax, income tax, and federal taxes. Students will also learn about checking accoun

Also included in: 5th Grade STAAR Math Test-Prep Product BUNDLE


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How Do Snowmen Solve Story Problems?
You and your students will enjoy this winter themed packet {perfect for January} while learning more about story problems! This packet includes: - 22 inch Snowman Anchor Chart w/ Worksheet - 16 Practice Pages (addition with 2 and 3 numbers, subtraction, and mixed addition/subtraction) - Password Act

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Part Part Whole Word Problems
Part-Part-Whole worksheets with word problems. Contains four part-part-whole sheets with the following key concepts:1. Part unknown word problems2. Whole unknown word problems3. Mixed word problems4. Blank for students to create their ownno regrouping

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Arrow Math (Adding & Subtracting Groups of 10s and 1s): Talking Numbers
Arrow Math prompts ask students to do some fairly abstract thinking. Students must have a solid grasp of place value, counting on and back, as well as, adding and subtracting groups of ten. Without these foundations your students will struggle to complete these problems mentally. Initially, you may

Also included in: Talking Numbers Bundle: Building Mental Math in 1st Grade Learners


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FREE Grades 3-6 Math Notebook Bundle 9 - Fractions & Decimals
If your students love Science Doodles, they just might love Math Doodles too! I give this away for FREE to show what all 21 Math Doodles Bundles are like. If you like it, you might want to check out the other 20 :) Included in this Bundle: • Directions on how to use this Bundle • One large PDF w

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The Doorbell Rang: A Division Story Activity Book {3.OA.2}
Have fun illustrating division with the story The Doorbell Rang, by Pat Hutchins. Your students will use Cookie Crisps (or another cereal) as a manipulative with The Doorbell Rang Activity Book. They will practice dividing 12 cookies between 2, 4, 6, and 12 different people and then illustrate their

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STEM Challenge Cup Stacking
How tall can you stack 100 cups? Can you calculate the mean, median, mode, and range with your data? This is a perfect and fun challenge to practice these math skills and increase the level of teamwork with your students.Please note: This challenge is available in money-saving bundles!•A Bundle of M

Also included in: STEM Challenges Math Skills Bundle


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Arrays Activities for 2nd Grade Math - Equal Groups & Multiplication Activities
Welcome to The Array Bakery! This activity pack includes 4 hands-on, arrays activities for 2nd grade to help reinforce and review arrays, equal groups, and repeated addition. (Multiplication versions are also included!)These math review activities are low prep and designed to meet 2nd grade standard

Also included in: 2nd Grade Math Activities - Hands On Math Activities Year Long Bundle!


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Multiplication NO PREP!
***No Prep Multiplication Unit*** Ready to teach your kids about MULTIPLICATION? Would you like to do it with NO PREP? This packet is full of fun, engaging graphing activities in several different varieties for students that takes it one step at a time. It includes activities great for whole gr

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Adding and Subtracting Decimals Activity
Here is an adding and subtracting decimals activity. This is a fun printable resource to teach addition and subtraction of decimals to your students. Your students are invited to a Decimal Dinner and are in charge of buying items at a grocery store for a dish to pass at the dinner. The students will

Also included in: Decimal Activities Bundle Adding Subtracting Multiplying Dividing and More


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Area Model Multiplication: 2 x 1 Digit, Complete Lesson Packet & Exit Quiz
This 8-page Lesson Packet uses an area model, or box model, to teach 2 x 1 digit multiplication.What's included? ✔Instructional Guide✔Teacher Lead Problem-Set✔Partner Practice✔3-page Independent Practice✔Challenge Page for Early Finishers✔Exit Quiz✔Answer KeyTry it before you buy it with this FREE S

Also included in: 4th Grade Multiplication Bundle, 8 Complete Lesson Packets & Quizzes


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STEM Challenge Flood Barrier
This is another STEM challenge that features experimenting first and then designing using the experiment data to make decisions! This one is a spectacular event that will have kids measuring liquids, analyzing data, and then building a barrier to control a small flooding event.Note: This challenge c

Also included in: Real Life Adventures STEM Challenge 6-Pack Bundle 1


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Partitioning Rectangles- 2nd Grade CC 2.G.A.2 & 2.OA.C.4
Learn to partition rectangles with food! Worksheets, activities, and a quiz that help students master using repeated addition with arrays. Table of Contents 1. Vocabulary cards- 1 pg. 2. How Many In All?- 3 pgs. 3. Chocolate Bar Math- 5 pgs. 4. Cupcake Counting- 2 pgs. 5. Cookie Counting- 2 pgs.

Also included in: Geometry and Fractions Bundle -2nd Grade Common Core 2.G.A.1, 2.G.A.2, 2.G.A.3


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