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Distance Learning Scientists & Scientific Processes | 2nd 3rd Grade
This resource is a complete science unit with engaging lessons and experiments to introduce second, third, and even fourth grade students to science and scientific processes. Students learn about different areas of science, types of scientists and the jobs they do, science tools, science safety, and

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Scientific Method Experiment Paper Airplanes
This set of scientific method unit is full of activities that will get your kids excited about following the steps of the scientific method! This resource includes experiment ideas, worksheets, printables, activities, lab note sheets, vocabulary and word wall cards. This interdisciplinary unit in

Also included in: Scientific Method Experiment and Activity Bundle


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Scientific Method Worksheets | Labs | Lesson Plans | Unit
Kick off the year in your science class with this complete unit full of engaging lessons and experiments to teach about the scientific method! Your students will learn about what it means to be a scientist, what the different process skills are, and observation and classification skills.**Check out

Also included in: Scientific Method Investigations | Activities | BUNDLE


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Density Unit - Everything You Need to Teach Density
Density Unit - This is a full unit on Density. Everything is here that you need to have a great week teaching this sometimes challenging subject. The following is included in the package: - Complete lesson plans for a 5-7 day unit on Density - 3 video lessons (~10 mins each) created by me that wi

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Graphing,  Scientific Method, and Scientific Writing
Teach, review, and reinforce these very important science skills: Graphing, Scientific Method, Analyzing data, Experimental design, and Scientific Writing. Teaching the science skills is of the utmost importance. If the skills are taught properly at the beginning of the school year, your student

Also included in: Science Skills Bundle: Metrics, Measurement, Scientific Method, Graphing


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The Great Candy Corn Experiment
This activity will help your students work through the Scientific Method in a fun and festive way. It will go over solutions and solvents by trying to dissolve a fall favorite, Candy Corns. This set includes: Posters 6 solvent signs A direction page 4 observation, recording sheets A Final observa

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Science Packet: Mixtures and Solutions
Science Packet: Mixtures & Solutions This is an excellent resource to supplement your teaching of: -mixtures and solutions This resource includes: -4 large word wall words & smaller vocabulary matching cards -12 sheets (12 activities) 'Draw it & Label it' activities to help studen

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Force and Motion For The Holidays - Science Experiments
Force and Motion For The Holidays - Science Experiments This product is stuffed full of detailed lesson plans, experiments, links, and materials (book titles, anchor charts, recording sheets) to support your teaching. This download includes lessons that focus on Force, Motion, and Magnets. I have wa

Also included in: Science Units


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Biomes Distance Learning | Google Slides &  PowerPoint - Power Point Interactive
Biome Interactive PowerPoint & Interactive Google Slides! ***UPDATE: Now includes Interactive Google Slides for Google Classroom and Distance Learning!This resource is part of the Earth Science (Entire) Curriculum.***Watch this quick PREVIEW VIDEO to see the PowerPoint in action!This teaching re

Also included in: Earth Science PowerPoints & Google Slides Interactive Bundle | Distance Learning


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Distance Learning Secondary Science Sub Plan Bundle
Every one of the resources has been upgraded to also include digital versions for Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Perfect for distance learning. More than just sub plans. Many teachers buy these as sub plans but end up using them for increasing student engagement, science literacy, homework and


Science Sub Plans with EDITABLE Substitute Handbook
Substitute teachers have a very difficult job. Not only are they expected to cover a classroom full of often unknown students, but they also usually receive very short notice on the days they are to work. Added to that, now they've been asked to sub SCIENCE class... Set your substitute up for a suc

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Candy Experiments - Design Your Own
Experiments with candy are a big hit in the STEM Lab! This is a great study of what happens when you add liquids to hard-shelled candies. It is a perfect challenge to use at Halloween time and keep the learning going! The challenge begins with an exploration using candy. The experiment plan then fol

Also included in: STEM Challenge Bundle for 3rd Grade


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Skittles Weathering and Erosion Lab Distance Learning Digital
***If you like this product, check out the BUNDLE with another Erosion Lab HERE******UPDATED May 2020***DIGITAL INB using Google Slides Included!Understanding the difference between weathering and erosion can be challenging for students. In this engaging Skittles lab, students will get hands-on expe

Also included in: Skittles & Erosion Labs BUNDLE/ Differentiated / Scientific Method


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Blubber Science Experiment and Activity
Students will learn how blubber keeps arctic animals warm in the icy waters as they experience what blubber feels like! This download includes: Teacher Procedures and Plans Teacher Materials List Student Science Activity Response Sheets Quick Blubber Facts Sheet Your little scientist

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Potential and Kinetic Energy STEM Activity
Are you looking for a memorable, easy to implement, hands-on project to teach POTENTIAL and KINETIC ENERGY. This lesson works well with STEM and NGSS standards, and quickly engages students. Students will remember the concepts, explore using readily available household materials, and then synthesi

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Science Packet: Uses of Energy
Science Packet: Uses of Energy This is an excellent resource to supplement your teaching of: -Uses of Energy (mechanical energy, electrical energy, light energy, thermal (heat) energy, and sound energy) This resource includes: -6 large word wall words & smaller vocabulary matching cards -

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DNA RNA Reading and Coloring Activity
DNA RNA Reading and Coloring Activity is a combined packet on DNA and RNA. Students read about DNA and RNA and answer 20 questions. The coloring instructions are mixed within the reading, referring to each structure as it goes along. The packet has 4 main parts: 1) The Reading (structure and role

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Saving Sam: Inquiry Science Teamwork Lab
"Saving Sam" is a fun, simple lab that will get your students to start "thinking like scientists". Students are given a job: save Sam the worm. To find a solution, students will have to work together and communicate. This activity requires less than 5 minutes of teacher set-up and minimal materials

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Experimenting with the Scientific Method
Give your students an opportunity to put the Scientific Method to work for them! This download is a wonderful tool for teaching the Scientific Method! While following the process in this document, the students will view the Scientific Method in action by performing an engaging experiment with gummy

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Evolution and Natural Selection PowerPoint Guided Notes
Evolution and Natural Selection PowerPoint is an 80 slide presentation designed to take you through your evolution unit. The notes include:I. History of Evolutionary Thought!!. Charles Darwin the NaturalistIII. Charles Darwin's Theory of Natural SelectionIV. What Evolution is NotV. Descent with Modi

Also included in: Biology PowerPoint Bundle 2


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States of Matter Stability and Change Lab and Interactive Notebook
States of Matter Unit: Students will learn that applying heat and cold can change water from one state to another. Students will also learn about the characteristics of each state of matter including volume, shape, rigidness, and molecule arrangement. They will learn that some changes caused by heat

Also included in: 2nd Grade NGSS Bundle at 20% Savings


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Science Fair Project - Pendulum Swing
Wheeee! Swing High! This packet includes a complete science fair project for a kindergarten first grade class. It could also be used as a simple 3-5 grade individual project. Using a simple pendulum, students discover the changes in number of swings based on the string length. It includes discuss

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Plants Unit with Fair Tests NGSS 5-LS1-1
Students will learn how to conduct fair tests with controls and variables in this unit on plants. Plants use air, water and energy to grow. This unit begins with phenomena and students use science and engineering practices to investigate what plants need to grow. This unit has a slide show on fair t

Also included in: 5th Grade Mega Bundle NGSS


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Chemical Reactions--Complete Lesson Plan (Distance Learning Supported)
⭐UPDATED to include online Google Apps options for online learning, and discounted 50% to support efforts of online learning due to COVID-19⭐-----------------------------------------------------------This entire lesson will take about 140 minutes of time, and will cover:✨Changes in Properties and Ch

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