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Natural Resources: Renewable/ Nonrenewable and Living/ Nonliving Resources
Teach your students all about natural resources with low-prep, engaging lessons! Informational mini-book and lessons help students identify natural resources (living, nonliving, renewable, and nonrenewable), learn how natural resources are used, how to conserve natural resources, identify renewable

Also included in: Humans and the Environment & Natural Resources BUNDLE / Distance Learning


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Oil Spill Science Experiment and Great Activity for Earth Day or STEM Challenge
itsrainingdollardealsEarth Day Activity, science experiment, project or assessment task, this activity is great for many things! This is a hands on science activity that can be used for several areas of study across several grades. These are some of the areas that this activity can be used for:-liqu

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Earth's Natural Resources-An Interactive Notebook Mini Unit
Do you enjoy using interactive notebooks in your classroom? This unit on Earth's resources has been designed to use in your class notebooks.Topics included are:What Are Natural Resources?People Use Natural ResourcesPollution-Air, Land, WaterProtecting Our Resources-Reduce, Reuse, RecycleEarth DayWh

Also included in: Social Studies Interactive Notebook Bundle-Grade 2


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Symbiosis - Reading, Analysis, and Color-by-Number
Give students practice analyzing symbiotic relationships to determine if they are examples of commensalism, mutualism, or parasitism, using this non-fiction reading passage with questions and color-by-number answer sheet. Engage BOTH sides of the brain with the content! You’ll receive:• An inform

Also included in: Ecology Unit Bundle


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Biome Project Foldables
What You Get: ~Directions, Pictures, and How-to Assemble Guides ~Animal Project Outline~ description, requirements, and expectations (student handout). ~Biome Buddies Sign-up Sheet ~Biome Foldable Covers (11) ~Biome Foldable Templates and Prewriting paper (p. 22-29) ~Websites for research and how to

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Nervous System - Human Body PowerPoint and Handouts - Distance Learning
Nervous System - Human Body PowerPoint and HandoutsLearn about the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems, parts of a neuron, and the five senses with this two day long lesson which includes PowerPoint presentation, teacher notes, student notes, “Catch me if you can” lab, student friendly diagrams f

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Erosion and Weathering- Nonfiction Information Sheets, Experiment, and Project
TOTALLY UPDATED WITH A GREAT NEW LOOK! This packet colorfully explains the processes of erosion, weathering, and disposition. page 2- researching landforms page 3- landform examples page 4- graphic organizer for note-taking as you read page 5- nonfiction page on weathering page 6- nonfiction p

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Digestive System - Human Body PowerPoint and Handouts - Distance Learning
Digestive System - Human Body PowerPoint and HandoutsThis digestive system human body bundle includes PowerPoint presentation, student notes, “Trek the Tract” lab, student friendly diagrams for labeling, and our Human Body Digestion Story Project: An Epic Tale of Food's Digestive Journey. These co

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Seasons for Social Studies!
Social Studies work teaches about our daily life. Seasons and climate are a big part of that! In our work on Social Studies we look at how all the strands affect our daily lives. Geography/climate, economics, government, cultural traditions and even history all shape decisions we make in daily life

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Earth Day STEM Challenge
Earth Day is April 22nd this year! This STEM challenge incorporates recycling just in time for Earth Day! After reading "Just a Dream" by Chris Van Allsburg students will be challenged to build a mechanical grabber that can help one to pick up trash to make our community a litter free place! What be

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Animal Adaptations, Ecosystems, & Habitats Interactive Notebook; Great Lessons!
No-prep, Animals Adaptations, Ecosystems and Habitats Interactive Notebook!, a complete unit with thorough lessons, vocabulary, response activities, writing activities, and assessments. This is an easy, engaging way to teach students about these important science concepts. Print and go science le

Also included in: Science Interactive Notebooks BUNDLE! Science Lessons for the Entire Year!


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Design an Energy Efficient House - Differentiated Renewable Energy Project
*Updated 2019*Great for Earth Day or as an end of the year project!In this problem-based learning activity, students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of renewable energy sources by designing their own EcoHouse. Students are provided with an invitation to become citizens of Energize City,

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Skittles Weathering and Erosion Lab Distance Learning Digital
***If you like this product, check out the BUNDLE with another Erosion Lab HERE******UPDATED May 2020***DIGITAL INB using Google Slides Included!Understanding the difference between weathering and erosion can be challenging for students. In this engaging Skittles lab, students will get hands-on expe

Also included in: Skittles & Erosion Labs BUNDLE/ Differentiated / Scientific Method


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Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources Powerpoint and Activities
This is a wonderful, ready to use Powerpoint lesson with activities for teaching renewable and non renewable natural resources. Included are:-Engaging Powerpoint presentation with 8 slides of information- Renewable or nonrenewable word sort activity-Natural resources quiz ****Save money by getting

Also included in: Science Lessons Bundle


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Earth Day Lesson: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also called the Pacific Trash Vortex, is a wide range of trash, plastic, chemical sludge, and debris floating together in a large mass in the Pacific Ocean. Use this shocking information to engage your students in ways they can help prevent this dis

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Natural Selection Complete 5E Lesson Plan - Distance Learning
Natural Selection - Everything you need to teach a unit on Natural Selection and Adaptations. Each lesson plan follows the 5E model and provides you with the exact tools to teach the concept. All of the guesswork has been removed with this NO PREP lesson.After completing the unit students will be a

Also included in: Ecosystems 5E Lesson Plans Bundle - Distance Learning Options


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Severe Weather
I made this powerpoint when teaching weather in 2nd grade, but it really could be used in any grade 2nd and beyond. It includes pictures, video links out to the web and a video of when Hurricane Irene flooded the town I used to work in. This video had a huge impact on my students and they really en

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Evaluate Competing Designs for Maintaining Ecosystem Solutions MS LS2-5
Students will research an ecological issue and form a solution. They will communicate their ideas for protecting an ecosystem to their peers. They will evaluate solutions for environmental and biodiversity issues. This resource addresses a challenging standard for MS in the NGSS. Students will come

Also included in: Stability and Change in Ecosystems Utah SEEd 6.4 Bundle Save 20%


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Muscular System - Distance Learning
Muscular System - PowerPoint and HandoutsLearn about the muscular system - different types of muscles, how muscles work, involuntary vs. voluntary muscles using a two day long lesson which includes PowerPoint presentation, teacher notes, student notes, “In a Blink” lab, and student friendly diagrams

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"STEM Flower Show" - Engineer a Fantasy Plant!
STEM Engineering Challenge with Flowers.Let's engineer fantasy flowers and plants!!The STEM Flower Show demonstrates that integration of engineering is possible into any subject…even the study of plants! Science, fantasy, mechanical, and structural engineering come together in a STEM lesson that all

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Food Webs Complete 5E Lesson - Distance Learning
Food Webs - Everything you need to teach a unit on the energy flow through and ecosystem. Each lesson plan follows the 5E model and provides you with the exact tools to teach the concept. All of the guesswork has been removed with this NO PREP lesson.After completing the unit students will be able

Also included in: Ecosystems 5E Lesson Plans Bundle - Distance Learning Options


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Genetics Complete 5E Lesson Plan - Distance Learning
Genetics- Everything you need to teach an introductory lesson on genetics. Each lesson plan follows the 5E model and provides you with the exact tools to teach the concept. All of the guesswork has been removed with this NO PREP lesson.After completing the unit students will be able to describe gen

Also included in: Structure of Life 5E Lesson Plans Bundle - Lesson Plans - Distance Learning


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Rainforest Close Read: Habitat and Adaptations NGSS 3-LS4-3 and 3-LS4-4
This can be used as a Distance Learning Packet. Students will learn all about the rainforest habitat by watching a slideshow, reading about the rainforest and completing some QR code research on rainforest animals and their adaptations.This engaging close read includes 5 pages of informational text

Also included in: 3rd Grade NGSS Science Lesson Bundle NGSS and CCSS Aligned


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Starburst Rock Cycle Lab - NGSS Aligned - EDITABLE
The goal of this lesson is for students to discover how rocks change from one form to another in a process called the rock cycle. To understand this important standard, students will create their own model of the rock cycle using Starburst candy. They will then write a scientific argument that expla

Also included in: Rock Cycle Activity Bundle - Save Over 30%


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