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Fraction Swap: The BEST Fraction Game EVER!
*Distance Learning... This game works really well if students can print fraction tiles OR visit a website with free fraction tile online manipulative (try teachers!This fraction game is a powerful tool in building concrete understanding of fractions. Inc

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Fractions for Third Grade
Fractions! Cooking Up Fun with Fractions is a complete unit to use while teaching fractions. These fraction activities will help you "cook-up" some fun with your third grade students as they learn about fractions.Update 11-8-14, Check out the preview for a complete list of every page in this revi

Also included in: Math Essentials Bundle for 3rd Grade


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Foldables and Lessons for GCF and LCM and Prime Factorization
This packet contains: 1) A foldable for Interactive Notebooks with vocabulary (prime, composite, LCM, GCF, First Eight Prime Numbers) **** DIFFERENTIATED for Writing and 2 styles 2) Interactive Lesson for finding Prime Numbers to 100.. ***including Mentor Text and Video suggestions**** 3) Le

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Fractions- Partitioning Circles and Rectangles- 2nd Grade Common Core 2.G.A.3
Second grade worksheets, activities, and assessment that help students partition circles and rectangles. Table of Contents1. Vocabulary Cards (1 pgs.)2. Pizza Fraction Posters (4 pgs.)3. Halves, Thirds, Fourths (3 pgs.)4. Halves (1 pg.)5. Thirds (1 pg.)6. Fourths (1 pg.)7. Pizza Fractions (3 pgs.)8.

Also included in: Geometry and Fractions Bundle -2nd Grade Common Core 2.G.A.1, 2.G.A.2, 2.G.A.3


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Fractions Math Circle
Put aside the fraction worksheets and get your students working together and up and moving with this Fraction Math Circle. This Math Circle is similar to the format of my Drama Circles, in which all students sit in a circle and follow the directions on their cards, with each card following another.

Also included in: 4th to 6th Grade Essential Bundle


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FREE Grades 3-6 Math Notebook Bundle 9 - Fractions & Decimals
If your students love Science Doodles, they just might love Math Doodles too! I give this away for FREE to show what all 21 Math Doodles Bundles are like. If you like it, you might want to check out the other 20 :) Included in this Bundle: • Directions on how to use this Bundle • One large PDF w

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Project Based Learning: Teacher for the Day Fractions, Decimals, Percents
FREE project-based learning activity for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. This is a great collaborative activity where groups of 3 students create a test to give to two other groups of students. Each student ends up taking two tests, and they are returned to the original group. The original group grades, t

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Equal and Not Equal Parts Fraction Background SmartBoard Lesson
This smart board lesson is the first one I use to teach my students about fractions. Before introducing fractions, I teach my students about equal and not equal parts of shapes. This smart board lesson will prepare your students for learning about fractions. (focus is on shapes with 2, 3, or 4 e

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Fraction Pizzas
Ready to spice up your fraction lesson and incorporate your love for pizza? Here is a fun way to introduce the basics of fractions to your students while keep them engaged the whole time.In this product you will get 3 days worth of activities. Students will start by making a chef hat that they will

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Fractions | Equivalent Fractions | Activities | Lessons | Guided Math Workshop
Meet all of the Common Core State Standards for fractions with this 3rd grade unit designed specifically for math workshop! Your students will be authentically engaged in this lessons, and you'll save a ton of time and energy because I've provided everything you need to make this unit a success!Save

Also included in: 3rd Grade Math | Guided Math Workshop BUNDLE


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Converting Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions (Lesson Packet, Notes, & Quiz)
This 8-page complete lesson packet teaches students the algorithm for converting mixed numbers to improper fractions, but also makes sure the understand they math behind the steps! And best of all it requires NO PREP! Just PRINT and TEACH.What's included? ✔ Instructional Guide✔ Teacher Lead Proble

Also included in: Understanding Fractions Bundle: 14 Lesson Packets, 4th - 5th Grade Fraction Unit


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Multiplying Fractions in 5 Days
This multiplying fractions standards-based (CCSS) lesson study will have your students learning about, discussing, and applying ideas of multiplying fractions by whole numbers and multiplying fractions by fractions throughout the course of five days. There are five classroom-tested lesson plans tha

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Fraction Line Plot Packet
This packet contains instructional pages, student practice pages, and 4 sets of differentiated task cards for teaching line plots with fractions. Introduce line plots with fractions with the instructional pages:the first set is for plotting on a line that does not require students to make equivalen

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Equivalent Fractions
Equivalent fractions: Equivalent fractions with a Valentine's Day theme perfect for upper-elementary! Your students will love this exploratory and writing activity. Just print and you are ready to guide your students to explore and explain equivalent fractions through their writing!• think criticall

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Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers (Complete Lesson Packet & Quiz)
This 8-page complete lesson packet is teaches students the algorithm for converting improper fractions to mixed numbers, but also makes sure they understand the mathematical concepts behind the steps! And best of all it requires NO PREP! Just PRINT and TEACH.What's included? ✔ Instructional Guide✔

Also included in: Understanding Fractions Bundle: 14 Lesson Packets, 4th - 5th Grade Fraction Unit


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Fraction Family Flip book template pages
Fraction Flip Books that highlight fact families and equivalencies instead of order. Fourth and Fifth grade teachers…. Stop making fraction books that put unit fractions in descending or ascending order. Instead, group those fractions in to families. Deeper learning and understanding occurs. Fold

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Equivalent Fractions PowerPoint Lesson BUNDLE
Are you looking for an instructional resource to help teach equivalent fractions? This non-editable PowerPoint Bundle includes 3 instructional PowerPoints and 2 Test Prep (Quick Check, Ticket out the Door, Informal Assessment) PowerPoints for Equivalent Fractions. With these bright visual slides y


3rd Grade Fractions (Equivalent and Comparing) Projects, Plus Vocabulary Handout
No-prep, 3rd Grade Fractions Enrichment Projects Nine fun projects that range from using their all time favorite candy bar in mathematical way, to being a representative to less than whole number fractions at the "fraction convention." . Students love these projects that are perfect for early finis

Also included in: 3rd Grade Math Projects, Enrichment For the Entire Year!


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Fractions Decimals Percents Math Circle
Put aside the worksheets and get your students reviewing math concepts, working together and up and moving with this Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Math Circle. This Math Circle is similar to the format of my Drama Circles, in which students follow the directions on their cards, with each card f

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Fraction, Decimal, Percent Conversion Riddle Card Challenge Game
This product ideal for any math unit that involves converting between fractions, decimals, and percentages. It can also be used as a challenging review as these concepts are revisited. It is a fun way for your students to think critically about how to do these conversions, thereby helping to cemen

Also included in: Decimal Place Value/ Median-Mean/ Prime/ Fraction-Percent Riddle Card Bundle


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Amateur Architect Fractions Project
Amateur Architect is also available in the following eBooks at a discount: 1) Middle School Math Lessons, Projects, and Games eBook (42 engaging math activities - 438 pages) ($87.00) 2) Number Sense Activities eBook (9 lessons/projects) ($27.00) Check out these discounted eBooks of engaging, han

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Equivalent Fractions: Lesson & Activity Pack
Equivalent Fractions Mega Bundle! An introductory lesson on equivalent fractions including worksheets, activities and games. Includes: equivalent fractions lesson plan, dominoes, matching activity, puzzle, maze, bingo and assessment exit slips. Over two hours of equivalent fractions practise! *Eq

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Hands on Fraction Sequencing:  Common Core Aligned
Students to be able to work flexibly with fractions, and sequencing fractions is a part of that understanding. It is not enough for our students to be able to identify and label fractions, they must be able to reason with fractions, apply place value understanding with fractions, and sequence fract

Also included in: Hands on Place Value Sequencing BUNDLE


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Simplifying Fractions: Complete 8-Page Lesson Packet + Exit Quiz
This 8-page lesson packet teaches students to simplify fractions through dividing by common factors. Best of all it requires NO PREP! Just PRINT and TEACH.What's included? ✔ Instructional Guide✔ Teacher Lead Problem-Set✔ Partner Practice✔ 3-page Independent Practice✔ Challenge Page for Early Finis

Also included in: Understanding Fractions Bundle: 14 Lesson Packets, 4th - 5th Grade Fraction Unit


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