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Map Skills
This is your map skills unit!! Perfect for 2nd and 3rd grade, this unit has activities for your students to use those map skills you teach! Focus skills: *locating continents, oceans, and hemispheres *comparing maps and globes *using cardinal and/or intermediate directions to locate places on m

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5 Regions of the United States LINKtivity | Digital Guide | Distance Learning
Overview: Your students are going to love this hands-on approach to learning about 5 regions of the United States including landmarks, tourist locations, regional climate and landforms! Resources include a LINKtivity (formerly called Link & Think) digital learning guide - can be used with or w

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Georgia Social Studies-Map Skills Activity Bundle-3rd Grade
This is a product created for third grade Georgia teachers, (maybe others as well). Two pages of this pack allows for students to practice locating the equator, prime meridian, lines of latitude and longitude, and the continents. The other two pages are designed for students to practice locating t

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My Communities Interactive Book: Urban, Suburban, Rural Communities
**UPDATED on 9/4/2017** Fixed a few minor errors, added an assessment, and gave the book a facelift!! :) I always struggle teaching these communities because there don't seem to be too many good resources. I created this interactive book to help solve the problem. The includes a character from

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Geography and Map Skills Activities
By using these Geography Skills Activities, your students will learn the basic tools of geography and map skills including cardinal directions, map grids, measuring map scales, the parts of a map, and more! Included in this resource: Informational Text and Interactive Student Activities: 1. Key Te

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NFL Football Teams Absolute Location Assignment with a Google Earth Tour
October 2019 update: You no longer have to install anything to take the Google Earth tour! Find the link to the stadiums tour -- built in Google Tour Builder -- on page three of this document.Absolute and relative location are two basic, important geography tools that all students must master. Why n

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Oceans & Continents Social Studies SmartBoard Lesson Primary Grades
This lesson follows my lesson on THE GLOBE. Your students will learn about the continents and oceans through interactive pages (click and reveal), website links (learn more about the continents and cultures), video link and a printable book for students to color / write in and keep. A teacher's no

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Brochure State Research Report
Students will create a brochure about their state. You may choose to have your students use the included brochure template, or you may simply use white paper folded into thirds. The sections of the brochure include information on their state’s national parks, monuments, attractions/events, and state

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Map Scale Practice Quiz
I use this simple quiz as an introduction to using map scale. It can be used as a pre-assessment, post-assessment, or as an instructional tool. The quiz can be used in many different grade levels depending on how much practice your students have had with using scale. We do these five simple question

Also included in: Map Scale Bundle


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Placemarks in Google Maps **UPDATED**
Representing data on a map is an important form of communicating information to the reader. Information graphics need to provide the right information in the clearest format possible. Google Maps provides an easy facility to display data for any reader, and anybody can use this facility to upload t

Also included in: Google Maps **VALUE BUNDLE**


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Geography:  Make-Your-Own US Physical Map Project
This project includes the following: *Lesson plan --two or three days to complete. *I CAN statements identifying the major water and landforms in the United States. Check boxes are included as bullet points in front of statements. *Student project title cards to put on top of each map (glue finishe

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Me on the Map Lesson Plan and Activity Book
Great mapping lesson! This lesson plan is for use with the book, Me on the Map. This pack includes an easy to follow lesson plan, six page actitivy book and many extension activities. A mini version of the activity book is also included. This lesson also includes writing and content vocabulary.

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13 Colonies: Comparing Regions - New England, Middle, & Southern Colonies
13 Colonies: Comparing the Regions – New England, Middle & Southern ColoniesThis lesson teaches how the three regions of the 13 Colonies differed from one another: New England, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies. Students will learn how the climate and geography of the three colonial

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Compare World Religions Chart --Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism
This is a chart I use with my students to compare five major world religions-- Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. It is meant to have the students learn the basics and be able to know the major aspects of all the religions. I included a blank copy and a completed version. In my

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On the Road Again, Writing State Reports - distance learning
Your students will enjoy researching different states and recording the information in this fun state report book. Included in this packet are the pages for the booklet. Students will be asked to illustrate many pictures in this booklet and write the information that they researched down in parag

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French & Indian War + Proclamation of 1763 Unit – DISTANCE LEARNING
Complete French and Indian War Unit of Nonfiction Informational Text detailing French and Indian War Battles, the Treaty of Paris, the Proclamation of 1763, THREE Interactive Notebook Assignments, and a balanced mix of hands-on activities to teach students about the causes and effects of the French

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Map Skills-distance learning
This unit has everything you need for a great unit to teach map skills, vocabulary, continents, and landforms.What is included….MAP SKILLS-A 12 page no prep packet to help your students understand basic map skills. A cover is included so all you need to do is copy and staple. This pack would be gre

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Christmas in Germany I Holidays Around the World
This year you can take your students and any visitors to your classroom, to Germany! Introduce your students to Germany food and traditions while exploring where Germany is on the map. Create a fantastic classroom display with German bunting and brochures to hand out to visitors. Students can use th

Also included in: Christmas Around the World Holidays Bundle


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Australia Geography Mapping Activity States Territories and Capitals
This mapping activity pack contains hands-on activities to engage your students in their lesson on Australian geography. This pack comes with explicit teacher instructions on how to use each sheet and information slides that can be shown to students as sheets are worked through, making your Australi

Also included in: Australia Bundle Maps Geography Symbols Distance Learning


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To Build a Fire Short Story Literature Guide Unit Printable and Digital
Teaching "To Build a Fire" doesn't have to be a long, cold experience! With this up-to-date mini unit teaching pack, you have everything you need to set, teach, enjoy, and assess this classic shorty story. Plus -- it's all super low prep and standards based. Student Experience: Students will step in

Also included in: American Literature Curriculum, Year-Long Curriculum, BUNDLE+


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Understanding Maps Symbols Compass Rose Interactive Journal Project
Need a highly visual lesson to teach maps and an engaging hands-on activity for your students during this unit?? This is it!! This download includes: Step by Step instructions for teachers with pictures. Step by Step instructions for students. PDF Slides 7 Types of Maps Physical Political Precipi

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Map Skills - Neighborhood Maps SMARTboard lesson
This introduction to map skills includes information and activities to learn about the map title, map key or legend and the compass rose. Students will also use the compass rose and may key to create a neighborhood map. You must have Smart Notebook software to open this file. Correlated to Virgini

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Longitude and Latitude
A detailed differentiated lesson for introducing longitude and latitude to students. Includes hands-on, group activities that address student interest, learning styles, and abilities. Product choice and extension and enrichment exercises are included, along with an end-of-the-unit quiz.

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Ancient Greece Map Worksheets
This map and foldable question activity will have students focused on the map of ancient Greece. The map contains directions for labeling as well as miscellaneous facts about Greece’s geography. A worksheet then asks questions to see what was learned. Answer keys and full color examples are provi

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