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Graphing Activity - 3D Bar Graphs
Make your data management and graphing lessons stand up and out with 3D pop-up bar graphs! This resource includes: •2 different bar graph activities (one with intervals and one without)•student handouts•instructions on how to build a 3D pop-up bar graph•interactive journal ideas•student reflection

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Name Graph Activities Freebie!
One of my favorite activities to do at the beginning of the year is a name graph. It's a quick little activity that allows me to quickly assess which of my students know how to spell their name, who can write their own name, and who can count. We do the graph as a whole class, but you could use th

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End of Year Math Coordinates City Project
This End of Year math coordinates city project will have your students excited and interested for math class!. Your students will become engaged as they are asked to design a city based on using a coordinate plane. This is a teacher-friendly resource and minimal prep is involved.This resource contai

Also included in: End of Year Math Activities Bundle


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Project Based Learning: Field Trip to Space - Decimals, Graphing, Volume 5th
Project-based learning (PBL), Help your students practice decimals, measurement, volume, and graphing ordered pairs with this quality project-based learning for 5th grade. It includes a teacher guide walking you through each step. Have you ever wondered what field trips will be like in the future?

Also included in: 5th Grade Math Project Based Learning Bundle


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Voting Activity for Election Day Lesson using story Duck for President
A mock election is a great way to help young children understand the process of how we elect our leaders. This voting activity is the perfect lesson for use around Election Day for grades kindergarten, first, or second. Show an online video (link included in lesson) or read the book Duck for Pres

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Superhero Math | Back to School Superhero Math Craft | Superhero Glyph
The Superhero Back to School Glyph will be a great addition to your "All About Me" activities during the back to school season. The data analysis and graphing activities will keep little fingers busy and engaged while organizing, representing, and interpreting data. This resource will surely become

Also included in: A Bundle of 11 Glyphs {With Math & Writing Printable Activities}


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Emoji Graphs and Data Project {Charts, Pictographs, Bar Graphs}
This fun graphing project is a great way to introduce your students to collecting data and graphing- and the emojis keep them engaged and excited about learning! The Emoji Graphing Project includes 3 days of lesson plans! Part One: Conducting the Survey Part Two: Making a Picture Graph Part Three:

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Project Based Learning: Teacher for the Day Fractions, Decimals, Percents
FREE project-based learning activity for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. This is a great collaborative activity where groups of 3 students create a test to give to two other groups of students. Each student ends up taking two tests, and they are returned to the original group. The original group grades, t

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Placemarks in Google Maps **UPDATED**
Representing data on a map is an important form of communicating information to the reader. Information graphics need to provide the right information in the clearest format possible. Google Maps provides an easy facility to display data for any reader, and anybody can use this facility to upload t

Also included in: Google Maps **VALUE BUNDLE**


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Common Core Aligned St. Patricks Day Lucky Charms Graphing MATH CENTER
This Unit is aligned with the following Common Core Standards: Standard (K.OA.1) – Represent addition and subtraction with objects, fingers, mental images, drawings, sounds, acting out situations, verbal explanations, expressions, or equations. Standard (K.OA.2) – Solve additions and subtraction wor

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Valentine's Day Math Activity | Valentine's Day Craft | Glyph
This Valentine's Day math activity will be one of the lessons you choose to repeat EVERY year. It is easy to prep and full of data collection activities. Pull out your copy of Froggy's First Kiss by Jonathan London and your classroom will be filled with giggles and busy little learners. (Froggy's Fi

Also included in: A Bundle of 11 Glyphs {With Math & Writing Printable Activities}


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Measuring Mass Volume Graphing Activities | Lessons | Guided Math Workshop
This graphing math workshop unit covers an array of graphing skills, such as bar graphs, picture graphs (or pictographs), line plot graphs, and the measurement of mass and liquid volume (capacity). This unit is based off of third grade standards 3.MD.2, 3.MD.3, and 3.MD.4 with many hands-on activiti

Also included in: 3rd Grade Math | Guided Math Workshop BUNDLE


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Translation, Reflection and Rotation Math Stations
Drawing translations (slides), reflections (flips) and rotations (turns) is what students will get to do in this set of 3 fun and creative math stations. Students work through each math station, following the directions given on the station card to create a unique and colorful design. Students will

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Patterns and the Coordinate Plane, Lesson Packet + Quiz, 5.OA.3
This 8-page lesson packet includes everything you need to teach and assess Pattern Tables and the Coordinate Plane in a fun and engaging way! And best of all it requires NO PREP! Just print and teach! What's included? ✔ Instructional Guide✔ Teacher Lead Problem-Set✔ Partner Practice✔ 3-page Indepe

Also included in: Fifth Grade Algebra, 3-Day Lesson Bundle, Operations and Algebraic Thinking


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Measuring Length:  {Measurement Science and Math Lab Activity}
This Measuring Length Activity is a hands-on, math and science integrated LAB, which takes students through the scientific method to measure the length of two different types of gummy worms in customary and metric units to see which type of candy worm stretches the greatest amount overall! This is

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Watermelon Math Activities
This watermelon unit is full of hands-on math activities. The activities in this packet include: - Teacher's Directions and Notes - Watermelon Treat Graphing Activity that includes data collection, graphing (bar graph and line plot) - How Many Seeds Activity: Students will estimate watermelon

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Physical and Human Characterisitics
These geography activities cover the difference between physical and human characteristics of a place. It was created as a cross curricular lesson; including social studies, math, and writing standards. A teacher's instruction page is include and describes how I use every activity in my classroom.

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Measures of Central Tendency: When to use mean, median, or mode
Students can quickly learn how to find the mean, median, mode, or range of a set of data, but they have a harder time understanding when to use them. When is median better than mean? Mode better than median? This worksheet helps explain the different measures of central tendency.

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*Back to School Graphing Bundle
A Back to School favorite!I absolutely love doing class graphs at the beginning of the year. They are quick activities that allow me to get to know my students a little better. This bundle contains 11 different graphing activities from 4 different products available in my store. You can use these

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Algebra Performance Task: Multistep Equations with Tables and Graphs
10 pages, aligned with common core standards. The cornerstone lesson to what I consider to be easily the best unit I can offer my algebra students. This lesson is part of a series of problems I created that are focused around graphing linear functions and the use of new tools (tables, graphs, equati

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Writing Linear Equations in Slope Intercept Form y=mx+b (a mini unit)
16 pages. This mini-unit (3 days) introduces the y=mx+b form as a general formula for linear functions. From this form, students learn to write equations for linear functions given: * Slope and y-intercept * Slope and a point on the line * Two points on a line It is designed for int

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Producers and Consumers
These Producer and Consumer activities were designed as a cross-curricular social studies unit (Reading, Social Studies, and Math) Activities on producers, consumers, goods, and services are included in these print and go activities. This product is part of my Economics Bundle. Click on the link

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Class Data Book with 23 Bar Graphs!
This product has 23 bar graphs (plus a blank!) for your students to use to record data about their classmates. You can use them individually, or you can compile a class book to display in your classroom library! Your kids will love it, and you will have evidence of their learning for all to see!

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Interpreting Line Plots, Fifth Grade 8-page Lesson Packet & Quiz (5.MD.2)
This 8-page lesson packet includes everything you need to teach Interpreting Line Plots in a fun and engaging way. Best of all it requires NO PREP! Just PRINT and TEACH!What's included? ✔Instructional Guide✔Teacher Lead Problem-Set✔Partner Practice✔3-page Independent Practice✔Challenge Page for Ea

Also included in: 5th Grade Measurement Bundle, 10-Day Unit: Volume, Line Plots, Unit Conversions


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