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Digital Citizenship with Elementary Students
**If you have purchased this activity and your school has been closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you have my permission to share this with your parents via email or any protected password site with no additional license needed. :) Stay safe friends!This unit includes a poster and double-sided boo

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Internet Hunt for Fun Facts about Me, My Birthday & the Year I Was Born (Gr 5-8)
Includes a link to copy as a GOOGLE DOC and an MS Word file. In this super fun and easy activity for grades 5-8, both Internet and MS Word and/or GOOGLE DOCS skills are applied. Students look for fun facts and incorporate them into a poster in Microsoft Word. Included in this file are directions fo

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Vocabulary Activities iPads in the Classroom | Distance Learning
Looking for vocabulary activities to engage your students? iPad lessons are a great way to teach students a variety of skills and concepts. Direct teaching using vocabulary activities help improve comprehension only when taught in meaningful context. The iPad activities in this document allow studen

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Drag and Drop the Keys (MS WORD Version)
* This activity needs to be completed in MS Word. To learn about the GOOGLE DRIVE version click here.“Drag and Drop the Keys” is a fun activity for introducing the main keys of the keyboard to young students. Students learn:the mouse skill of dragging and dropping objects to a designated area,matchi

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Economic Resources PPT- Natural, Capital, Human Resources Intro
This is a short, but sweet powerpoint to use when you introduce the economics terms of Natural, Capital, and Human resources. There are two slides per type of resource, one slide providing information and examples, and another where you can use the pen tool in ppt. to have students generate examples

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Binary Coding Unplugged
Binary Coding without computers. 5 activities to introduce students to Binary Code.Save over 25% by buying this product as part of a bundleCODING BUNDLE UnpluggedThis resource introduces students to the coding methods of Binary. Students will learn the 'on' and 'off' method of Binary while explorin

Also included in: Coding Unplugged BUNDLE


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Intro to Fractions (PowerPoint Lesson)
This PowerPoint presentation is an introduction to fractions for first, second or third graders. The presentation explains parts of a set and parts of a whole. It includes vocabulary, such as numerator and denominator, and examples for practice. Students can use mini whiteboards to write the frac

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Inferring (Guided video inferring practice)
This worksheet is based on a FASCINATING animated video titled Alma: Vimeo Youtube  Your students will be RIVETED by this film!!This wordless video is a 5 minute story about a girl in a mysterious doll shop with an unsuspecting ending. The companion sheet provides STOP points throughout the video wh

Also included in: Inferring Skills BUNDLE


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Excel Lesson Activities 2016 2013 2010 & OFFICE 365
• These lessons contain information about spreadsheets, activities, tips, student exemplars and marking schemes. This product includes separate instructions and activities for using both Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365. Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 & Office 365• Microsoft Excel is software that

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Attribute Shapes Math SmartBoard Lesson for Primary Grades
This smartboard lesson will get your students excited about sorting shapes by attributes. The lesson includes a lesson plan, interactive pages (drag and drop, click and reveal), active links to websites and a student worksheet. After this lesson your students will have worked on how to identify

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Internet Safety
This Internet pack will provide you with resources to teach students about the Internet and Cyber Safety. Included; 1) Word wall cards - key vocab about Internet safety 2) What is the Internet? 3) What is the Internet used for? 4) What are the benefits and negatives of the Internet? 5) When it's po

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iPads and Math
"How can I use one iPad effectively in the classroom?" "How can I use the iPads for more than just games?" Since those questions seem to come up quite frequently, I have begun searching ways to use the iPads for more than just a glorified math practice sheet. How can the students use reference

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Plan a Vacation - PBL Using MS Word, Excel & Publisher | Distance Learning
Who doesn't love to travel? Engage students as they plan a vacation to their dream destination using Internet research skills and learning about MS Word, Excel and Publisher.Students research and plan the vacation using a set budget and then utilize Word to compile research, Excel to demonstrate th

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Unplugged Coding & Digital Storytelling with Scratch Jr Winter Theme
Need a great way to explore coding while still teaching ELA Standards? This digital storytelling unit is perfect for you and your class. Your students will love using Scratch coding or Scratch, Jr. to complete these activities PLUS a bonus unplugged coding activity for hours of fun!Click here and SA

Also included in: Digital Storytelling with Scratch Coding Bundle


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Online Safety Digital Footprint Lesson Plan
Needing to teach online safety and digital footprint to elementary school students? This Online Safety Digital Footprint lesson plan includes elementary aged appropriate information and activities, teacher instructions, and an assessment to cover roughly 90 minutes. I have taught this lesson with Ki

Also included in: Online Safety Lesson Plan Bundle


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Internet Safety Cyberbullying
This pack will provide you with resources to teach students about Cyber safety, specifically Cyberbullying. Included; 1) What is Cyberbullying? 2) Examples of Cyberbullying 3) What can you do if you are being Cyberbullied? 4) What is it like to be Cyberbullied? story and discussion questions 5) Con

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Microsoft Publisher Activities
Students will create these projects using Microsoft Publisher1. Brochures2. Events Posters3. Business Cards4. Cereal BoxThese activities contain activity instructions, student exemplars and marking schemes.Note: These activities could be used with any version of Microsoft Publisher.Note #2: A Br

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Movie Maker Lesson Activity MovieMaker
• This presentation will get you started with using Windows Movie Maker - Your very own movie studio.• It provides step by step instructions for adding photos, videos, audio files etc.• Quickly add photos and footage from your PC or camera into Movie Maker• Enhance your movie with audio and a theme•

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Animated Presentations Lesson & Activity
This lesson and activity explores a popular website for creating animated presentations. Students will develop their own animated presentations using a free online platform. The name of the website is not mentioned in this description due to trademark guidelines. • Animate your presentations!• Creat

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United States History Project, Social Studies WebQuest
Students choose a history topic and complete their own Webquest with this step-by-step guide! Step-by-step directions for students to create their own United States history WebQuest for their classmates. While creating the WebQuest, students will inadvertently learn new knowledge about the history

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Google Docs Lesson & Activities
Google DOCS• Create and share your work online and access your documents from anywhere• This lesson and activity contains screen shots, tips, activities and instructions for setting up a free account and creating and editing Documents using Google drive.This resource has been completely redesigned t

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Intro to Pattern Block Shapes Math SmartBoard Lesson Primary Grades
This lesson is a great introduction or review of the 6 pattern block shapes and their attributes (circle and rectangle are included as well). Students will learn the names of the shapes, use interactive pages (click and reveal) to solve shape riddles, count sides and angles of shapes and watch shor

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Exploring Magnets for Beginning Learners Smart Board Lesson
Let's explore and experiment with magnets! This Notebook file will guide your beginning learners through exploring with magnets, learning about magnetism and experimenting with magnets. Included in this resource:Step by step lesson planVideo links (youtube)Notebook pages for YES / NO charts (predi

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Emoji Writing in Google Docs Writing / Technology Lesson Plan Grades 3-12
Get your students excited about writing in Google Docs with this dual-approach lesson! In this lesson, students of all grade levels can enjoy writing a short story based on their skill level and then turn it into an emoji-fied story! Tutorials, story samples, emoji examples, and emoji differences ar

Also included in: Emoji Bundle EVERYTHING! - Emoji Theme Decor, Tech Lessons, Breakouts, Awards


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