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Westward Expansion UNIT Bundle
Westward Expansion 3-Week UNIT: This unit includes 3-week formal lesson plans (no prep print), 12 leveled reading passages, reader's theater, hands-on activity, hands-on game, hands-on simulation, and set of guided notes. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------


Prehistorc Indians { Paleo, Archaic, Woodland, & Mississippian Indians}
NEW Tennessee Social Studies Standards 4th Grade Are you trying to find or create resources for the NEW Tennessee Social Studies standards? This product will be a great addition to your Social Studies resources. Objective: The students will be able to describe the way of life and culture of the P

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Creeks and Cherokees:  Native Americans of Georgia Flipbook
This Creeks and Cherokees Research Flipbook kit includes everything you need to help your students create a "tab style" flip book all about the Native Americans of Georgia. Your students will LOVE researching American Indians from Georgia, and you will love the LOW-PREP, standards-based activity. T

Also included in: Georgia Social Studies BUNDLE


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Native Americans - Land Bridge and the First Settlers of the Americas
Native Americans Native Americans - Land Bridge Aim: How did humans get to the Americas?Included in this resource:• Title page• Do Now/Motivation student-centered map-skills questions• The Land Bridge reading passage with scaffolding questions• The Land Bridge graphic organizer• Application/Closing/

Also included in: Native Americans - Land Bridge and the First Settlers of the Americas BUNDLE


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Native Americans No-Prep Unit
Native Americans Unit: Completely revised for the new school year with more that 20 new pages and interactive activities added!!! Keep your students engaged with this Native American unit! Native American regions included in this unit are: Northwest Coast California Intermountain Plains Southwest N

Also included in: Native American BUNDLE


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Manifest Destiny: Oregon Territory, Mexican-American War, California Gold Rush
Manifest Destiny: the Oregon Territory, the Mexican-American War, the California Gold Rush, and More This lesson teaches students about Manifest Destiny and its impact on America. The major themes of this lesson are the dispute over the Oregon Territory, the Mexican-American War, and the California

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Native Americans | Impact of Westward Expansion
Use these social studies worksheets to teach students about the impact of westward expansion on Native Americans. The passage in this easy-to-use resource combines social studies and reading informational text in one convenient lesson. It’s easy for teachers and engaging for kids! In this lesson, st

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James Oglethorpe, Mary Musgrove, Tomochichi
Oglethorpe, Musgrove, and Tomochichi Research Guide: This Georgia Beginnings Flipbook kit includes everything you need to help your students create a "tab style" flip book all about the beginning of Georgia. This is easy to print, cut, and assemble and makes a great keepsake for student learning

Also included in: Georgia Social Studies BUNDLE


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Common Core Inspired Paleo Indians vs. Archaic People of North America
Allows teachers to cover several skills at once, using fun, Interactive Notebook templates and anchor charts! Teach students how to compare and contrast ancient Native American groups by integrating reading, writing, and social studies. Differentiate your instruction using the tips included with thi

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Trail of Tears Mini-Unit (Integrating ELA and Social Studies)
Mini-Unit includes a launching activity with a Trail of Tears painting, two informaitonal texts, three maps to read and analyze, primary source documents, as well as an activity where students analyze personal accounts of the Trail of Tears. This product also includes Primary Source Analysis worksh

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Learn Through the Eyes of a Native American, Point of View Reading Lesson
No-prep, Native American "point of view" reading lesson! After reading passages, and actual letters and statements from Native Americans, students use critical reading skills to show their understanding of the points of view of many Native Americans and others today. A difficult part of American h

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Iroquois and Algonquian Native Americans
Native Americans Native Americans - Iroquois and Algonquian Native Americans Comparing and Contrasting the Iroquois and Algonquian Native AmericansAim: How were the Iroquois & Algonquian similar?Included in this resource:• Title page• Do Now/Motivation student-centered questions• Map of Native A

Also included in: Iroquois and Algonquian Native Americans BUNDLE


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James Oglethorpe, Mary Musgrove, Tomochichi
Oglethorpe, Musgrove, and Tomochichi: Georgia Beginnings SCOOTThis Georgia Beginnings SCOOT set includes 20 questions/task cards to review what your class has studied about James Oglethorpe, Oglethorpe in Savannah, Tomochichi, and Mary Musgrove. This is easy to prepare and can be used for a format

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Indigenous People of Canada Drama Circle Turtle Island
This set of drama circle cards teaches students about the struggles the First Nations or Indigenous People of Canada faced during colonization. As part of the truth and reconciliation process we wanted students to understand the general series of events since the arrival of Europeans including reser

Also included in: Drama Circles for Canadian Social Studies Bundle


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Native American BUNDLE
Native Americans Bundle - Completely revised for the new school year with 24 new pages and interactive activities added! This is a fantastic BUNDLE for introducing Native Americans to your students! There are 6 cultural regions featured in this bundle. They include Plains, Northwest, Southwest, Cali


Columbian Exchange FUN Simulation Activity Game - My kids love this!
This is a fun activity that will keep your students engaged. It allows them to get out of their seats and move around, but it also has a portion that is seated work. Students exchange Old World and New World food word cards to simulate The Columbian Exchange. They will also learn about the spread

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Native American Projects for Upper Elementary Students
NO-PREP! Teacher friendly Native American enrichment projects that will challenge your student to think out of the box while creating fun and brilliant projects. From creating a map, writing a compare and contrast paper or even becoming a real estate agent for the Native Americans, your students w

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Christopher Columbus Day vs. Indigenous Peoples Day Debate Activity Socratic
This lesson provides a fun and educationally structured debate for students to discuss the controversy regarding Columbus Day. I've included two readings which provide opposing viewpoints for students to review before they debate, a graphic organizer to help them organize their ideas, an exit ticke

Also included in: The Meeting of Three Worlds Full Unit Bundle 7 Engaging Lessons and Assessment


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Fifth Grade History: Early Americans Unit
This unit is part of my Project Based Learning series that I have named “History Detectives.” Students will play the role of “History Detectives” who solve mysteries involving historical artifacts. Each mystery begins with a Mission Impossible-style video to engage the students in meeting the object

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Regions of Georgia
This Regions of Georgia Research Flipbook includes everything you need to help your students create a "tab style" flip book of the Geographic Regions of Georgia. This packet includes teacher directions, a regions flip book cover, individual tab style pages for: the Appalachian Plateau, Ridge and Va

Also included in: Georgia Social Studies BUNDLE


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Native Americans: Western Indian Wars 1866-1890 Webquest
Native Americans: Western Indian Wars 1866-1890 WebquestStudents will gain basic knowledge about the Indian Wars in the West by completing an internet-based worksheet. The webquest uses a great website and allows students to view historical artifacts and gives a basic overview of the Western Indian

Also included in: American Wars of the 1800s Webquest Bundle


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Native Americans (Mississippian Culture PowerPoint)
This PowerPoint is sure to promote discussion and interesting conversations in the classroom about Mississippian Natives Americans. This PowerPoint explains the basics of Mississippian culture and history in 53 slides. Please check out my Native American lesson plans.Great Native American Lesson Pla

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Ancient Americans PowerPoint Presentation with quiz
This powerpoint presentation was created to help my students better understand the material in their textbook. Since most students are visual learners and most of them are technology nuts, a powerpoint presentation grabs their attention. This presentation focuses on the arrival of the ancient Am

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Native American Projects & Activities: Virginia Studies SOLs 2d-2g
Looking for projects, activities and resources to complement and add interest to your Native American unit? This packet includes great ideas that relate directly to Virginia Studies SOLs 2d-2g. Projects include lesson plan, student sheets and photos of projects as needed, and rubrics! Ready to prin

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