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Speed Debating: Persuasive Activity - Practice Debate & Ethos, Pathos, & Logos
Looking for an engaging way to practice ethos, pathos, and logos? Want to practice debating in preparation for a formal debate? Just want to have some FUN and hit the listening and speaking standards? Feel like challenging your students to think fast on their feet? Don't know what else to teach tomo

Also included in: Rhetoric & Persuasion Teaching Bundle: Rhetorical Appeals & Devices


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Find the Theme: Mission (Im)Possible Activity (aligned with the Common Core)
This fun and engaging activity will have your students begging to look for themes in books or passages. In this activity, the students will be given the task of finding the theme using evidence from the text to support their thinking. This detective/spy themed packet includes: Cover page (page

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Personal Narrative Writing Unit | Digital Google Slides | Distance Learning
This resource on Personal Narratives was designed to teach students about this particular genre, and to walk them through the process of writing their first personal narrative. Digital pages are available for the student pages only. These can be used with Google Slides.This unit is broken down into

Also included in: Writing Units Bundle


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Handwriting Practice
Handwriting Practice Kindergarten Handwriting First Grade Handwriting Handwriting Do you find teaching handwriting a daunting task? Do you sweep it under the rug because with all of the other demands of the classroom you just don't have time. Handwriting is important for little learners to build no

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Paraphrasing Popular Songs
Paraphrasing is a necessary skill for students to master as they begin research and writing. Teachers often assume students can do this easily, but this is often a difficult skill that requires teacher demonstration and student practice. This is a power point game that paraphrases the lyrics of 8

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Fluency Card Game
TOP SELLER FOR A REASON!!... cause it really does wonders for my kiddos and others who have used it. This game is used by my third graders during their Reading Center time. It is a choice in my Fluency bucket. What I noticed was that my students enjoyed similar games but needed to be a bit more ch

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Public Speaking Bundle: ALL My Current & Future Speech Lessons! {Full Semester}
Take the fear and intimidation out of public speaking with a FULL SEMESTER bundle of classroom-tested speech activities that will safely get students out of their chairs (and their comfort zones!) Download this bundle of speaking resources to build up student confidence with projects that don’t “fee


Verb Moods- Lesson PLUS
The Mood of a Verb- subjective, conditional, imperative, interrogative, and indicative - are presented in this Common Core lesson. Task cards, PowerPoint and more help make this lesson easier to teach- and easier to learn. Check out my reviews. This is my Best Seller!I've tried to make this topic a

Also included in: The High School Bundle- Language Arts Lessons, PPTs & More!


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Modal Auxiliary Verbs
Modal Auxiliary Verbs includes 4 power point presentations to use with your projector system or Smartboard to give your students a daily lesson and practice. Lesson plans, worksheets, anchor charts and more are also included.Teaching Modal Auxiliary Verbs as part of the Common Core standards for 4t

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An Introductory Lesson on Punctuating Dialogue
Punctuating dialogue is a very tricky concept for intermediate students to master, and this resource is the perfect one-day lesson to kick things off. It is meant to show the importance of dialogue in both reading and writing--and gives students exposure to how and why it is written. The activity

Also included in: Writing Quality Narratives with Dialogue for Grades 3-5 BUNDLE


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Community Helpers Activities Distance Learning Packet
These activities and worksheets were in the TPT Newsletter! This bundle has it all and is perfect for distance learning during the coronavirus because the lesson plan provides a detailed schedule for each day, centered on our original fun and upbeat songs. Our unit has emergent books, games, an

Also included in: Mega Economics Bundle Distance Learning Packet for Kindergarten and first Grade


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Doodle Notes and Grammar Worksheets - Comma Rules
This Doodle and Do resource is all about commas! Students will learn 10 different comma rules. They’ll complete guided notes for each rule, doodle in response to an example of the comma rule, and complete practice tasks to master the rule. The doodle-style notes make learning more engaging and memor

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Speaking Lesson on Posture & Movement: “The Seven Sins of Speaking”
Use this lesson as a way to break down what a good public speaker looks like and prevent common mistakes in your students’ speeches! This activity can be flexibly used before any speech assignment of your choosing and is appropriate for a variety of grade levels, especially if students aren’t perfor

Also included in: Public Speaking Bundle: ALL My Current & Future Speech Lessons! {Full Semester}


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Teaching Figurative Language Task Cards: Adages
Need to teach about adages as a part of your ELA curriculum? Struggling to find a fun yet effective way to do it? Check out these task cards--all geared toward helping students recognize and understand adages!What is an adage? An adage is a form of figurative language that consists of a short phras

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Analyzing A Music Video
This lesson is a FUN and educational way to integrate technology and media in the classroom! Music videos can be an amazing teaching tool in the English Language Arts classroom. Students love music and by using current music videos you will grab their attention and peak their interest. However, mor

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Wonders Lesson Plans - 2nd Grade FULL YEAR BUNDLE
Save time writing lesson plans and take advantage of more time for small group implementation. Fully editable lesson plans you can use for maternity leave or detailed planning needed by administration. Please make sure to buy additional licenses if you will be sharing with others. Ready to Print C

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Synonym Sorters: Word Cards for Matching Synonyms
This packet includes thirty-six sets of synonym cards for students to match and record their answers. This packet is perfect for frequent practice or reteaching throughout the school year. Need more Super Sorters?Super Sorters {Antonym Edition} Super Sorters {Homophone Edition}

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Opinion Writing
Opinion writing flip book. If you are looking for a way to assess your students' ability to write opinions, this is a great way to do it This is an easy-prep opinion writing activity. Simply print the 6 pages back to back on 3 pieces of paper, fold, and staple. Students will respond in writing a

Also included in: Writing Resources for Literacy Centers


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Types of Sentences : Simple, Complex, Compound and CC Sentence Structure
This lesson shows secondary students how to identify the different types of sentence. Students will notice that each structure signals differing relationships among ideas, as based on the Common Core Standard 7.1.b .This lesson brings FUN to this challenging topic. I have included: # a PowerPoint,

Also included in: Mega Store Bundle #1


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Verb Activities
This unit is jammed packed full of action verbs! In this unit you'll find activities to introduce and review action verbs as well as past, present and future tense verbs. Most of the activities include a colored and black and white version. Here is what you'll find in this unit:~Verb poster (color a

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Letter Writing
Letter Writing Teaching letter writing will be easy with this unit. Included are 21 days of letter writing lesson ideas with writing paper to match each lesson. The unit also has pre and post assessment paper, vocabulary cards, a circle map, and a poster. Your students will love writing letters. I

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Using Images Correctly: A One-Day Lesson
Students use images all the time, but do they use them legally? Ethically? Correctly? Too often, the answer to all of those questions is no. This lesson teaches students how to correctly use images in their printed and digital products: images that they place on written pieces, presentations, vid

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Verb Tenses: Past, Present, and Future Tense Verbs
Interactive flipchart used to teach Past Tense, Present Tense, or Future Tense Verbs. There is a cute Flocabulary video in the opening slid (make sure to click the globe on the dinosaur picture). My kids sang the song the whole week. I use this to introduce and review with my students. On day thre

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DESCRIPTIVE WRITING ACTIVITY: Shake up your class with this unique and fun collaborative writing activity. The snowball writing method is an engaging way to teach your students how to write collaboratively. It is particularly useful for those students who never know what to write! HOW IT WORKS1



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