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Third Grade Vocabulary Builders Unit 1
“Great resource! My students really enjoy it so far. When I told them to get out their vocabulary book they actually shouted, "Yes!" I'm extremely excited to see students thrilled about vocabulary.”  - Nicole I.A robust vocabulary is fundamental! Without it, students will struggle with reading compr

Also included in: Third Grade Vocabulary FULL YEAR Bundle


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Literal and Nonliteral Meanings
This 35 page pack will help you meet the Common Core Standards relating to literal and nonliteral phrases. 3.L.5a: Distinguish the literal and nonliteral meanings of words and phrases in context. This pack includes: *A Power Point to introduce and practice the difference between literal and non-l

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Tacky the Penguin - Totally Tacky Literacy Activities
If your kids love Tacky, then they will love these activities that compliment the story Tacky the Penguin. Everyone's favorite penguin will spark the creativity in your classroom. Here is what is included: Tacky labeling Story sequencing Favorite part writing A Tacky poem Tacky word sort Tacky v

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Synonyms Game
Need engaging & fun activities to get your students excited about learning synonyms? This game is for you! Zero worksheets and very little prep!In Synonym Slam, students are put in groups of 3-4 (can be modified for smaller groups too). Each group has a set of 15 synonyms that are cut apart. The

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5th Grade Vocabulary Greek & Latin Roots -  Unit 1
Vocabulary Roots is a year-long vocabulary program for 5th grade!Students will learn common morphemes (root words, prefixes, and suffixes) and practice using them to decode unfamiliar words. Everything you need to teach vocabulary for one quarter (nine weeks) is included in each unit.Download the pr

Also included in: Vocabulary Roots MEGA BUNDLE (Grades 3-6)


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Synonyms and Antonyms For Older Students
Practice identifying and expressing synonyms and antonyms with vocabulary appropriate for older students. The sentences used are also motivating and appropriate for this age group. Your search for resources for older kids is over!NOTE: This product is included in my Activities for Older Students Bun

Also included in: Activities for older students BUNDLE


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Family Unit for Kindergarten
This All About Family unit is a kindergarten unit I use at the beginning of the year to learn more about our families. Included in this file: Detailed Lesson Plans (includes lists of books that are great for teaching about the family unit)⭐My Family Little Book for students to tell about their fami

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Economics! Consumers, Producers, Goods, Specialization, Assembly Line
Economics can often be a dull subject for your young learners, but it doesn't have to be! This econmics 3 day mini-unit will have your students wanting more! Whether they are demonstrating what it is to be a producer by creating their own Play-Doh product or modeling the assembly line with their pee

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Long OO (Diphthongs) : Dr. Boowie Phonics Friends
Are you looking for a resource to make your phonics instruction engaging for your students? If so, then Phonics Friends are for you! Throughout this resource, your students will become doctors by giving words check ups and diagnosing words with long oo!What are Phonics Friends?Each week your student

Also included in: Phonics Activities: Phonics Friends BUNDLE


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Word Work [Just add your spelling list]
In my classroom, my students have individualized spelling lists. In order to not pull my hair out next year I have created this product that will work with ANY spelling list! Product contains task cards and recording sheets. For those that use bins, I recommend sticking the task card that matched

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Greek and Latin Roots Lesson Plan Free Download
This Greek and Latin roots lesson combines the enjoyment of art and creativity with the rigor of vocabulary development. It is basically a mnemonic activity, designed to help students commit the meanings of the Greek and Latin stems to memory.I made this lesson for a summer school English class made

Also included in: Greek and Latin Roots Mega Bundle


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Third Grade Vocabulary Builders Unit 2
This unit includes everything that you need to teach, practice and assess vocabulary in your classroom!**Would you like to learn how I use these vocabulary units? Click HERE to view a free video on how to implement these vocabulary units.** Included:-weekly plan for teaching vocabulary that includes

Also included in: Third Grade Vocabulary FULL YEAR Bundle


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Homophones: Christmas Edition
In this packet you'll find lesson plans for activities to teach homophones, including directions and materials for a homophone hunt, a homophone poster, recording sheets, a homophone mini-book, and a homophone memory game and a moose homophone craft.

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Doodle / Pattern Landscapes Art Lesson Middle School Art Project
This project-based Doodle Landscape lesson is a great way to teach students about the Elements of Art. It is fun and easy for every student to be successful. Line, Color, Value, Space and Rhythm and atmospheric perspective are covered. Lesson Includes: 4 Page Lesson Plan with National Standards for

Also included in: *Introduction to Art - Semester Long High School or Middle School Art Curriculum


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1st grade Wonders - Unit 1 Week 2 - Where I Live
If you are already using or you are new to the Wonders Reading Program, this 42 page packet is for you. This packet will help you teach the skills in Unit 1 Week 2. You'll have a week's worth of printables, posters, and lists to send home, as well as a daily planner and week at glance to help in

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Vocabulary Activities Bundle
Vocabulary Curriculum Bundle: 12 months of Jargon Journal vocabulary curriculum!Jargon Journal is a weekly vocabulary program tied to picture books. This BUNDLE is for the following vocabulary curriculum sets. See each set's listing to see what books are included.August Bundle (Back to School)Septem


Vocabulary Game For Mixed Groups
Teaching language concepts through games is a great way to engage students and build language skills. To teach describing vocabulary words, students need to practice explaining nouns by attributes such as category, function, what parts the item has, how it feels, where you can find the item and so o

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3rd & 4th Grade Vocabulary UNIT 1 - Greek & Latin Roots
Vocabulary Roots, Jr. is a year-long vocabulary program for 3rd and 4th grades!Students will learn common morphemes (root words, prefixes, and suffixes) and practice using them to decode unfamiliar words. Everything you need to teach vocabulary for one quarter (nine weeks) is included in each unit.

Also included in: Vocabulary Roots MEGA BUNDLE (Grades 3-6)


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Visualize a Story
Visualizing is a powerful tool to help engage learners and improve comprehension and the creation of ideas. This versatile writing activity will help student learn this important skill and can be used with ANY children's picture book. Students love this lesson!The teacher will need to choose a favor

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L.3.4.b L.3.4.c- Affixes and Root Words (Prefix and Suffix)
L.3.4.b L.3.4.c- Affixes and Root Words (Prefix and Suffix)This resource is a unit to teach the standards L.3.4.b and c, which are all about teaching students to use their knowledge of root words and affixes to determine the meaning of the new affixed word. It comes with a week-long lesson plan unit

Also included in: 3rd Grade ELA Year-Long Bundle Curriculum- ELA Common Core Standards


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Take It Away Pilgrim - A Thanksgiving Math & Literacy Freebie
This is a great little pack to give your kids some Math and Literacy practice, just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving. In the Freebie, you will find addition and subtraction practice, ordering numbers, patterns, I am Thankful drawing or writing and some ABC order practice.If you like this pack, you

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Summer Safety
This product contains the following: 1. Lesson Plans: lesson plans for 5 days that covers safety in the sun, swimming safety, and boating safety. 2. Worksheets: Worksheet for identifying things that protect you from the sun, making words with Swim Safely, Sunny Word Scramble, a test over all the

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The Pout Pout Fish Book Companion
Thank you so much for purchasing this packet from me! I love teaching this book, and I hope you will too! The packet includes: •6 Character Cards •36 Vocabulary Words with Synonyms •12 Sequencing Cards with pictures •24 Implicit & Explicit Comprehension Questions (12 with and 12 without pictures

Also included in: January Book Club Bundle


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Short Vowel a: Scaredy Cat A Phonics Friends
Are you looking for a resource to make your phonics instruction engaging for your students? If so, then Phonics Friends are for you! What is Phonics Friends?Each week your students meet a new Phonics Friend that help them learn the weekly sound through engaging games, activities, and LOTS of hands o

Also included in: Short Vowel Activities: Short Vowels Phonics Friends BUNDLE


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