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Students of all ages enjoy “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs,” (by Jon Scieszka) and will love performing it with this clever Readers’ Theater play (one of my originals). Play features the wolf, 1 pigs, and 3 news reporters. Your students will laugh at the banter between the characters as th
A fun way to act out the rock cycle! This reader's theater contains 20 speaking parts that explain the process that a rock goes through in the rock cycle. Students will not only be able to define sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks but they will also learn science vocabulary such as weatheri
This script allows students to perform and act out the rotation and revolution of Earth. The reader's theater explains the day and night cycle, the difference between rotate and revolve, and the causes of the seasons. Some ideas are to have your students form small groups to perform for other stud
Fractured Fairy Tales Bundle ~ REVISED & EXPANDED with DISTANCE LEARNING PACKETS ~ The original 142-page Bonus Bundle of fractured fairy tales has been expanded with four bonus 16-page distance learning packets. (Each packet is a standalone PDF file that can be sent to students electronically.)
This pack has everything you need to convert your Dramatic Play Center into a Post Office! Your students will have lots of fun writing and mailing letters to friends! Here's what's included:- a variety of paper (letters, postcards, variety of cards, etc.)- labels for everything you need in your Pos
This reader's theater allows students to act out and perform the water cycle! Includes 14 speaking parts with vocabulary words such as evaporation, condensation, precipitation, transpiration, groundwater, and runoff. Some ideas are to have your students form small groups to perform for other studen
This Fairy Tale Literacy Bundle contains three complete sets for the following tales?*Jack and the Beanstalk*Goldilocks*Little Red Riding HoodYou will receive the following activities for EACH set:*Simple script telling the story in a whimsical way, using sight words and easy vocabulary. Each chara
Reader's Theatre is a fun and engaging way for students to practice reading aloud with fluency and expression, as well as performing in front of an audience without the stress and pressure of memorizing lines. I use reader's theatre at the end of the school year to keep my students focused and learn
Turn your Dramatic Center into a fun and engaging veterinarian office! All you need to do is add "animals" (stuffed toys work great!). I went to my nearby veterinarian clinic and asked if they could provide my class with extra medical supplies such as bandages, cotton balls, etc. and they were mor
Get ready for the holidays by turning your Dramatic Play Center into Santa's Workshop! All you need to add is wrapping paper, bows, tape and everything else to wrap gifts and you are ready to go! Your students will have lots of fun wrapping presents, writing cards and pretending to be Santa and hi
This product includes several activities to help your students gain understanding about the different between renewable and nonrenewable resources. The reader's theater is a fun way to bring science, reading, and drama together. Students will learn the difference between renewable and nonrenewable
This package includes four fable-themed Reader's Theater scripts: - The Tortoise and the Hare - The Lion and the Mouse - The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Town Mouse and Country Mouse This package would be great to use for a unit on fables and as an introduction to Reader's Theater, as the texts will be
These Stone Soup Activities were inspired by the classic children's folktale. The activities include a generic version of the folktale, or can be used with your favorite version of the story, such as:Stone Soup by Jess StockholmStone Soup by Jon J. MuthStone Soup by Heather ForestThis pack includes
Turn your Dramatic Center into a fun and engaging flower shop/florist! All you need to add are "pretend" flowers. You can set up your flower shop in two ways: sort the flowers by color OR sort the colors by their name. Labels for both are included. This pack has everything you need: - various
Kids love the story of Mrs. Wishy Washy and her farm animals by Joy Cowley. This is a follow up craft to that beloved story. Kids will love to make the stick puppet characters and retell the story.I have my kids glue the tub onto a paper sack, then they can drop their puppets inside as they tell th
The Dentist Dramatic Play center is a perfect addition to Dental Health Month and your dramatic role play center activities. This pack contains materials to help transform your Dramatic Play center into an engaging space that creates an invitation for play. Pretend play is so important for little le
This bundle includes SEVEN science based reader's theaters to connect reading, science, and drama! Included readings are "The Cause of Autumn," "Animal Adaptations," "Energy Pyramids and Food Chains," "The Water Cycle," "The Rock Cycle," "Earth's Rotation and Revolution," and "Renewable vs Nonrenewa
This package includes six tall tale-themed Reader's Theater scripts for some of America's most beloved characters: - Paul Bunyan and Babe the Big Blue Ox - Davy Crockett - John Henry - Calamity Jane - Pecos Bill - Molly Pitcher This package would be great to use for a unit on tall tales or as a so
Do you have a Dramatic Play Center in your classroom? If so, your students will LOVE having fun using their imagination setting up and playing here! There are 22 centers included in this bundle at a savings of 20% if you were to purchase them individually. Just added (January 2020):Tea Party Drama
Grades 3/4/5/6~Winter Reading Activities & Readers' Theater - Christmas Readers' Theater Bundle: Here's a fun wintertime bundle of fast and funny readers' theater scripts and bonus reading activities to take you through the Christmas season. My "Christmas Readers' Theater Bundle" includes two Ch
This set of winter partner plays includes four different reader's theaters for students in grades 2 - 4. These plays include a two-person cast, stage directions, and dialogue. They are perfect for partner work, daily fluency practice, a presentation for other classes, or to put in a reading station
Turn your Dramatic Center into a fun and engaging hospital/doctor's office! This pack has everything you need: - various signs (Triage, Staff Only, Waiting Room, Eye Exams, etc.) - lots of labels for medical supplies (i.e. masks, thermometers, Bandages, Cups, etc.) - bunting sign "Hospital" - "jobs
This pack has everything you need to create a Farmers Market in your Dramatic Play Center! Encourage oral language, math, writing and reading skills while your students have fun playing! Included in this pack: - various signs (Open, Closed, Farm Fresh Eggs, Homemade Pies, etc.) - Do-It-Yourself in
In this packet, you will find three versions of a readers’ theatre for the beloved fairytale, “The Three Little Pigs.” The first version is great for your advanced readers. It is actually written from a record I had as a little girl. The second version is for your on-level readers. It is almost t

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