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Writing linear equations can be tricky. Students need to be able to manipulate various forms of information to create the equation of the line. Included in this activity are 36 task cards featuring:(8) slope and a point, (8) function tables,(6) two points, (6) x- & y-intercepts,(8)Graphs AND (
*Now includes both printable and digital GOOGLE Forms versions for distance learning.Students solve systems of equations word problems on 10 task cards in this activity. All systems can be solved with elimination (one or both equations may need multiplication first). Also included is one bonus card
With references for parent graphs for absolute value, radical, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, rational, linear, constant, greatest integer (a step function version is also included), cubic and cube root functions, domain, range, increasing and decreasing in interval notation, zeros, vertex and
This activity is designed to review solving systems of equations by graphing (or writing systems of equation by the graph). This activity also gets students up and about.Place the 10 cards on the wall around your room. Students pick any card to begin with. They should graph the function on the botto
*Now includes both printable PDF and digital GOOGLE Slides versions for distance learning.Students match 20 cards of graphs, scatter plots, sets of coordinates, mappings and tables to cutouts of each relation's correct domain and range in this activity. Once all cards are matched, students can also
Download free pages from this pack here: https://www.classcrown.com/7th-grade-math-worksheetsMath Series: Riddle-Me-WorksheetsPre-Algebra PackClick Here to read our Riddle-Me-Worksheets product blog post.Check out more Riddle-Me-Worksheets: Click HereDo your students ever complete an entire workshe
Students get moving finding domain and range. Students can start on any of the 20 posters. On the first poster, they will find domain or range (it will be noted on the poster which they should find), mark it on their answer sheet (included) and then find their answer on the top of another poster in
*Now includes both printable PDF and digital GOOGLE Slides versions.Students match 24 puzzle pieces to create 6 completed puzzles. Each will have:1 piece showing a function1 piece showing the function's inverse1 piece showing the graphs of both functions1 piece showing tables of both functionsThis a
This foldable is seperated into 5 tabs: • Greatest Common Factor (GCF) • Trinomial Factoring (x^2 +bx + c) • Trinomial Factoring (ax^2 +bx + c) • "Special" Products (a^2 - b^2) and (a^2 +/- 2ab + b^2) • Four Terms There are a total of 25 examples as well as a place to write a summary under ea
Literal Equations: This Literal Equations pack contains a total of forty (40) task cards divided into two (2) sets. These are great for individual practice, as a pair/group activity, or to use in math centers. What’s included?SET A - 20 Task Cards with literal equations that can be solved in 1 to 3
This bundle includes a variety of activities to teach algebraic functions that work great as practice, stations, review or even as a way to evaluate student understanding. All answer keys are included as well as student response sheets to make grading easier.Included are tasks, matching activities,
This activity is designed to help students with graphing systems of linear inequalities (or for writing the inequalities from graphs). This activity also gets students up and about. Purpose of activity is to allow students to practice while giving them the ability to self-check, thus ensuring s
Students graph and write systems of equations in this collaborative activity that doubles as classroom decor. All equations are in slope-intercept form. Once a pennant is complete, it can be hung along a string in your classroom to show the world that, "Hey, we know systems of equations!" Included a
The topic for this scavenger hunt is solving equations that involve multiple steps, distributive property, and variables on both sides. Looking for more Solving Equations Scavenger Hunts? Solving Equations 10 pack Bundle
★This file contains 10 Scavenger Hunts (Sometimes called Solve the Room) over Solving Equations as well as 2 different Exit Tickets for each topic. The topics for the different hunts included in this bundle are: 1. Solving one step equations (including fractions) 2. Solving simpler 2-step equation
This bundle contains activities for polynomials, functions, domain, range, increasing, decreasing, inverse functions and nonlinear graphs. Many of the activities in this bundle have been updated with digital versions for distance learning. Also Includes an Algebra 2 word wall - print and digital tha
*Now includes both printable and digital GOOGLE Forms versions.Students are asked to write inequalities, graph inequalities, complete systems and determine which of given coordinate pairs are solutions to systems. For the GOOGLE Form version, I changed the graphing questions and the writing systems
*Now includes both printable and digital GOOGLE Forms versions.Students are given a combination of tables, graphs, equations and/or word problems and are asked to evaluate functions in this algebra activity. Some cards also include some function composition and adding and subtracting functions quest
*Now includes both printable and digital GOOGLE Slides versions.Students match a parabola to 3 forms of its equation in vertex form, in factored form, and in standard form. There are 24 puzzle pieces, which build 6 puzzles with 4 pieces each. Now also included is a digital GOOGLE Slides version for
This sort reviews solving 1-variable compound inequalities (both AND and OR) This sort has 4 parts- Compound inequalities (10 problems)- Simplified inequalities- Graph- Interval NotationAlso included is Student Answer Sheet and Answer Key.This sort can be used several ways. Method 1: Using all t
This activity is designed to help students practice compound interest type problems. All problems use the compound interest formula. Student find the future value of items, IRAs and Saving Accounts assume a constant rate is increase. Problems compound annually, semiannually, quarterly, and month
With this bundle you get my 10 Factoring Polynomials & Solving Quadratic Equations Activities. Save Money by buying the bundle and be prepared for a unit full of engaging activities. This bundle includes the following products:• GCF of Algebraic Expressions Maze• Factoring Trinomials Maze - Be
The mazes are designed to help reinforce the understanding of the types of real numbers. Many of the problems requires students to reduce the problems before determining if the numbers are rational, irrational, integers, whole or natural numbers. There are 7 puzzles: ➸ 2 Rational Numbers (1 – ful
It's never too early to think about options for financing college! In this ready-to-use mini project, students apply compound interest skills to calculate the long-term cost of loans for college. This student-tested and approved project includes problem solving and analysis skills for evaluating di

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