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Get your kids tallying, graphing and learning about the fascinating inner workings of the human body! This pack includes: - a full color and grayscale human organ seek and find activity sheet (heart, lungs, liver, stomach, intestines, kidneys, x-ray of bones, brain) - a student recording sheet (ta
This package offers 24 BODY PARTS 5 x 7 flash cards in color, 24 5x7 flash cards in black and white that show external body parts. Also included are 8 body parts flash cards showing internal body parts (heart, liver, lungs, etc..)*********************************************************************
DOWNLOAD THIS FOR FREE!!! If you do download this for free, I would much appreciate you leaving some feedback or following my store in return so I can keep you updated on monthly freebies and additional new products. Thank you! How Many Breaths and Beats in a Minute? In this fun integrated Scien
This is a fun and engaging math center to go along with any anatomy unit. The number sentence bones are "broken" and your students get to play "Doctor" to mend them back together by finding the correct answer! Included are: adding and subtracting doubles adding and subtracting 1 adding and subtrac
From a young age, children are naturally curious about how their body breaks down and processes foods. It’s entertaining, it’s fascinating, and let’s face it, some parts of it are downright embarrassing and funny! Why not tap into this natural curiosity by investigating this amazing system at scho
Solve problems with multiplication, division, and equivalent fractions to find out facts about the human body.
This is a great activity to explore standard or nonstandard measuring. I use this as a station with my Human Body Unit.
A colorful pie chart that shows the estimated percentages of blood types (A, B, AB, O) in the US population. The student data sheet is provided as is a grading rubric for the assignment. The pie graph can be made as a stand-alone assignment or could be fitted into a students’ interactive lab noteboo
A body-kinesthetic activity for studying the circulatory system where students measure their pulses before and after exercising. Students can experience how their own pulse increases with a minimal amount of exercise. It is possible to correlate the amount of increase in heart rate to the overall vi
FECAL MATTER/STOOL/POOP WARNING: The entire premise of this PBL is about dogs vomiting. If this is going to offend you or your parents then don't buy the product. If this sounds like a hilarious problem that your students would enjoy then this is the perfect challenge for you and your students!Inclu
Print-and-go and digital resources to create a robot station all about the human skeleton!==========================================Hey friend!STEM Stations are a great way to encourage creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. With the tools that I created for you, it should save you time wi
This quick resource goes great with an All About Me or My Body theme!Students count how many of each body part and sort by number. Cards include various skin tones. Perfect for a pocket chart, whole group, small group, or center activity!Follow me on Instagram: @Adorable.ApplesIf you use my resour
Fun STEAM Pre-School -Grade 3 where students practice counting numbers, money, identifying shapes and participating in nature walks.This activity is a part of the September STEAM Activities. It is not necessary to purchase both. In this activity package you will find: Nature Walk Advice (Focus On
Students work with a peer to measure their bodies using tape measures and the unit of an inch!
This activity is great for graphing skills and determining correlations in data. It contains 2 sets of data to graph and compare dealing with muscle size and muscle strength. Great activity for decision making classes for mathematics and science. An excellent lab tool for physiology or biology class
Paleontologists use this trick to find out how large dinosaurs were! It works on humans. Students measure and multiply to predict height, and realize there are inborn ratios ! Our bodies have a lot to do with math! Thanks so much for visiting.
This activity investigates math ratios and the construction of the human body: the golden rato, and pi. (phi and pi) (This is a cross-curricular activity) Biology and math are connected in science. Thanks for visiting. Use this for a graded assignmennt.
What kid doesn’t love dice games! There are 5 five senses roll and graph dice games. Print, laminate and insert the pictures you want into differentiated instruction cubes (found on amazon). Then have your students roll and graph the picture these see. You can then ask: Which one did we roll the mo

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