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You will receive 1 minion Color By Product pictures. A fun way to learn multiplication facts. Includes 1 multiplication worksheet, 1 blank mystery grid, 1 worksheet answer key, and 1 completed puzzle.
Engage your pre-algebra or algebra students with this math art activity. Students will practice graphing equations using a table. Not only are there two different options to help differentiate, but the results are beautiful stained glass type images to hang in your classrom. This freebie is a samp
The 3 main characters in Dr. Seuss’s story “Ten Apples Up On Top” are a dog, lion & tiger, so I thought it would be fun for children to practice number recognition and counting to 10 with an animal "slider". After reading the story, have students transition to this whole-group craftivity. There
Key words: Math, Geometry, Transformations, Pentominoes Student pentomino sets help students deepen geometric understanding. In this activity students will practice transformations including slides (translations), flips (reflections), and turns (rotations). This set includes12 pages of pentominoes
Are you looking for a fun and creative way to review multiples and common multiples anytime of the year? Maybe you are looking for meaningful math activities to use that are fun ant not holiday themed? This set not only reinforces multiples, common multiples, but while students are coloring, they
This is a simple math rotation board that I created for use in my first grade classroom. It could easily work in any grade. The rotations include math games, work at desks, math facts, and work with the teacher. I will happily make personalized icons for you if you would like!
Ten Frames Clip Art - 311 high quality images This is a huge collection of ten frames. This product includes 311 ten frames. *** 201 images with black frames: 20 colors(counters): black, blue (3), brown (2), gray, green (3), orange(2), pink(2), purple(2), red(2), yellow(2) *** 110 images - the
Celebrate Pi Day with a Pi Day Medallion! A chic art piece featuring Pi facts and the stylish Pi symbol. Pi is the mathematical number that we round off to 3.14—and celebrate every 3/14 (March 14th).Pi Day Fun Facts will delight you and your kids!Art and math activities will make your Pi Day come
Teddy Bear Counters for mathematics This set includes a ZIP file with the following images: 23 color PNG files (transparent backgrounds) of bears (different colors) 1 BW PNG files (white backgrounds) bear All images are PNG formats so they can easily be layered in your projects and lesson m
This activity may be set up as a classroom learning center, an activity for early finishers, or as a teacher led lesson illustrating radial symmetry.Four lightly drawn drawing templates are provided. They are drawn in lightly as to not show through in the students' work. Three have shamrock designs
Get ready for your Pi Day celebration or simply add some pizazz to your math project. Easily add design to your project with these colorful math borders (or frames). For each included color there is one border with just pi symbols and one border with the digits of pi. Great to use with projects, po
After teaching the concept of ratios, students complete this fun activity to show their understanding of a ratio. The student copy you will download is black and white. They color in the shapes. The preview thumbnail provided is one possible way that the page can be completed. There are several diff
Shapes Clip Art: Students will have a blast learning their shapes if you include these fun characters in your activities and worksheets. This set would work great for teaching colors too! There are 18 shapes in this value pack and each comes in both color and black and white. The shapes are: circle
Clock Clipart - Build-A-Clock has everything you need to make fraction activities and games for your students! This set includes 167 graphics!! 144 Clock faces that have 5 minute intervals, 12 clock frame colors, a mantel clock, an alarm clock, a clock without hands, hour hand, minute hand, "Just
This is a versatile pattern block graph that can be used in many ways. Students can make a design with actual blocks and graph it. Or, if you have pattern block die cuts, or stickers, they can make designs as art, and then graph the shapes used in the artwork. You can also have students grab a ha
From: An Introduction to Native American Geometry: The cure for the C☺mmon C☺re. “This is what Math looks like outside the box when you begin with a circle. Native American Geometry derives practical mathematical applications from easy artistic designs in a connect-the-dot format. Ages 9 and Up.
This is a fun new product, a drawing book. I like art, and I love comics. This seemed like a natural project for me! This volume has: over 100 templates like you would find in comic books and graphic novels from all the major companies! cut-and-paste panels to make your own layouts or adapt existin
One of the seasonal poems I do for October, is “5 Little Pumpkins Sitting On a Gate”. It’s chock full of Dolch words, rhymes, has ordinal numbers and is a fun way to practice counting with little ones. My students absolutely love making and wearing a crown, which is a quick, easy and fun craftivi
from Introduction: Native American Geometry: The cure for the C☺mmon C☺re. “This is what Math looks like outside the box when you begin with a circle. Native American Geometry derives practical mathematical applications from easy artistic designs in a connect-the-dot format. Ages 9 and Up. “Math
Photo image of math dice (perfect for Math centers) ©Molly Coulter Photography Included is one image of math dice created for the teacherpreneur in mind. It was originally styled, photographed and edited by me, Molly Coulter. Included is one horizontal high resolution color image in JPEG format.
This St. Patrick’s Day clipart set includes 10 Frames 0-10 (AND the images used to make the 10 Frames) in color and black and white. 110 images included! Images include: Clover Leprechaun Hat Gold Coin Pot Rainbow Perfect for making worksheets, posters, or flash cards for your students! The 10 Fr
Pencil Puzzle Mysteries are a great classroom activity. Puzzles have 3 different skill levels. The precision and patience required to complete a puzzle increases with the skill level. They work very well for developing concentration, pattern matching, memory, eye control, hand/finger control, p
This great packet contains a booklet to make with your students, worksheets/homework printables, lesson guide, and center game
So that my kiddos can better understand the cylinder shape, and make that word part of their vocabulary, I make windsocks several times during the year. They absolutely LOVE making them, plus, they’re easy-peasy for me, look fantastic suspended from the ceiling and take just a short amount of tim

showing 1-24 of 778 results

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