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|UPDATED FEB 2017| These EDITABLE rotation boards are perfect for displaying your centers/rotations for any subject all in one place WITH TIMERS! There are rotation boards included for 2-6 groups and 2-6 rotations with timers available for 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, 25 min, and 30
Teaching Money is such a hard skill for students with special needs. This packet is an awesome resource that is completely PRINTABLE! Seriously! Just Print and go! The Unit Includes over 30 pages of Touch Money worksheets and visuals! Pre and Post Test-Cover page to make personalized packets-Coin Po
Programmable Center Signs and Cards (Bubbles) This product contains a complete center chart kit. It contains 2 documents (a pdf of your center signs and cards AND a programmable power point so you can program the signs and cards to fit your centers. (graphics must be locked per copyright laws) I
Here are 29 different Christmas/Holiday/Winter themed Tangram puzzles for you to cut out and use in your classroom! Each tangram is on a 3.7" x 4.9" card and there are 4 cards per page. The color tangrams show the individual shapes while the black tangrams only show the whole figure as a sold color.
I created this board when I first started using the math workshop model with my second graders. My guided math group that requires the most help and instruction is my first group. They meet with the teacher first. The group that needs the least amount of instruction is my group three. They go ri
★★★ The Perfect and Precious Holiday Parent Gift! No Prep! An EASY and BEAUTIFUL gift! A student, teacher, and parent FAVORITE!★★★Great for a New Year activity too!CHECK OUT THE FULL PREVIEW. See it all before you buy.LIFETIME UPDATES! Get a new calendar every year!NOTE: NOW UPDATED WITH 2021 Calend
Programmable Center Signs and Cards (Cutie Kids) This product contains a complete center chart kit. It contains 2 documents (a pdf of your center signs and cards AND a programmable power point so you can program the signs and cards to fit your centers. (graphics must be locked per copyright laws)
Can be used as individual task cards or as a whole page activity!*****MINIMAL PREP - JUST PRINT, LAMINATE, CUT *****AREAS COVERED: 2D Shapes (with posters) - 78 task cards•Circle•Diamond•Heart•Hexagon•Octagon•Oval•Parallelogram•Rectangle•Rhombus•Square•Star•Trapezoid•TriangleNumbers 1 - 10
Do your centers need revamped!? You can now purchase my Rotation Timers as a BUNDLE and make all of your daily rotations a breeze! Organize your classroom, and focus on teaching your students! These auto-timing, chiming, and changing slides will be a game changer!Take back your centers and small gro
I have created an interactive pirate themed math calendar that can be used on the Smart Board. I love using my Smart Board for calendar time, because it allows me to free up my large classroom bulletin board for other uses. This interactive math calendar, provides practice with the calendar, weather
This Parent Activity Packet includes phonics, phonemic awareness, comprehension, and number match (ten frames, tally marks, and counting hands) games and activities for parents to work with your students at home. Ideal to give at back to school night, open house, parent teacher conferences, or for
This activity is now available as a Google Slides Activity which is perfect for Distance Learning. Check it out here! Do you have students who struggle with long division, especially when math isn't their favorite subject?! With this NO PREP math football project, the students will go through word p
These colorful play dough mats were made with preschoolers and Kinders in mind. In fact, I made them to reinforce my own child's preschool curriculum at home. So far, they have been a big hit! This download covers the numbers 1-10. There are two different sets of cards included: -The numbers 1-10
A math center activity that children can play individually or in groups. Children roll the dice and remove the number of apples (red pom-poms) from the tree that are displayed on the dice. The patterns come in both black as well in color and include markers that can be used instead of pom-poms.
This CCSS aligned task card bundle is a perfect way to review for your upcoming standardized testing. Each 4th grade math standard is addressed multiple times in a variety of formats. By purchasing the bundle, you can save 15%! (If purchased individually, this bundle would be $13.75) Click each link
This 18-page support pack focuses on the First Grade NEW Math TEKS 1.6G and 1.H. TEKS 1.6G Partition two-dimensional figures into two and four fair shares or equal parts and describe the parts using words. TEKS 1.6H Identify examples and non-examples of halves and fourths. This 18-page support p
Make math review fun with this classic game based on 6th grade math standards! This power point presentation includes 30 slides with individual questions from five different categories of math content. The categories are "Numbers", "Geometry", "Ratios", "Equations", and "Story Problems". The present
You've got mail! Postage stamp templates and postmark overlays. Perfect for creating activities and resources for 'mail' centers and math centers. Encourage students to write and send 'classroom mail'. Contains stamps with fine outline or solid 'easy cut' outline for young children. Postage s
This free product was created to complement my brand new MIX and MATCH Color Scheme Bundles. It includes over 30 colorful number charts with a variety of background patterns that can be used in classrooms of all levels. Use them on you math focus wall, as a display or as individual student resource
This 23-page support pack game focuses on the Second Grade NEW Math TEKS 2.8A and 2.8C. TEKS 2.8A Create two-dimensional shapes based on given attributes, including number of sides and vertices. TEKS. 2.8C Classify and sort polygons with 12 or fewer sides according to attributes, including identify
40 fine motor activities that are perfect for fine motor centers, work bins, morning tubs, literacy centers or math centers. They are great for building fine motor muscle strength, and will also work on literacy and math skills.What is included:1. Apple Number Punching2. 2D Shape Cutting Cards3. Pum
This challenge can be used as a Pi Day activity on March 14th or can be used as a review of circles. Clues require knowledge of pi, understanding of circle vocabulary words, and use of the formulas for circumference of a circle, area of a circle, and volume of a cylinder. (A hint card is included if
This 23-page support pack focuses on the Kindergarten NEW Math TEKS K.2F. TEKS K.2F Generate a number that is one more than or one less than another number up to at least 20. This 23-page support pack includes: -2 dice games (complete with 2 recording sheets and 4 speech bubbles so mathematicians
This is a set of 12 different patterned unifex cube cards. It also includes the same pattern, in a different unifex direction for a total of 24 cards. This set includes AB, ABC, ABB and AAB pattern mats. The students can match the unifex cubes and then they can continue the patterns.

showing 1-24 of 451 results

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