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This product is designed to help build the community in your classroom while practicing number skills and concepts. Using the 120 number chart, students will practice number sense, recognition, 10 more/10 less, 1 more/1 less and more! This packet includes 3 different version of number cards that
Here is a packet of activities to use with the mini pocket charts you bought in Target for a dollar. You will find alphabet, consonant sounds, color matching, and classroom name sorts. In addition, I have included patterning, number fun, and simple sentence building. Students can work on these indep
This packet contains 64 accountable talk or thinking stems for classroom discussions. They are made especially with math talk in mind. It is a great way to engage all students in meaningful math talk. It encourages accountable talk and improves student’s communication skills. The questions are usefu
This set of 6 barrier games promotes speaking and listening as children must give each other specific instructions in order to match their pictures. Language skills addressed include auditory processing, giving and following directions, requesting clarification and describing with detail. Both recep
This is a great addition to your pirate theme. There are cards and instructions for three card games: Skull and Crossbones (Old Maid), Walk the Plank (Go Fish) and Concentration. Your students will enjoy working on matching skills while having fun at the same time. *******************************
2D Shapes ~ I have who has game. Great for shape recognition and oral language. Circle, Triangle, Square, Diamond, Trapezoid, Pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon, Oval
This free product has 42 puzzles that include the concepts of solid shapes (cone, cube, sphere, and cylinder), hour time (12:00-5:00), antonyms or opposites, rhyming, homonyms, time sequence, size sequence, and things that go together. There is one whole page for each concept. It has six puzzles e
I Can Build It: Posters/Provocations & BookStudents will learn about 40 Canadian Buildings & Landforms which they can represent with building materials you have in your classroom, like blocks or lego. Perfect for an indoor recess activity or as an addition to your STEM activities for your st
This product is for a pack of 21 discussion cards that are perfect for teachers to use to prompt and promote mathematical thinking in students. I print, laminate, and use a hole punch and ring clip them together so that students can keep them in their table bins. When it's time for collaborative
The beginning of the year is a perfect time for quick, fun games. IN this game, students will practice recognizing numbers OR add two numbers together to figure out which question they will ask their partner. Play can continue as long as you'd like, or as short as 5 minutes. This is a great game to
Learning about sequencing can be fun! Here are 15 sets of three puzzle pieces teaching the concept of First, Next and Last. These are self checking and can be used with the whole class, small groups, or in centers. These can also be used to write sequence stories for first, next and last, then hav
These cards help reinforce and align with the CCSS for listening and speaking! :) I love using these cards with my students. My students were in the routine of turning and talking to their partner and asking the same weak questions during math core. I started using these discussion cards in my cl
Here is a fun pocket chart activity to add to your community helpers unit. Students will learn the names of community helpers and build simple patterns with the tools they use. Perfect for Preschool and Early Intervention Kindergarten groups.
This product contains: - Learning Goal and Success Criteria Poster - Activities for Math Centre, based on the Specific Expectations - Anchor Charts, Posters, Flashcards, Printables, Worksheets, Assessments - All lessons and interactive activities on Smart Notebook, ideal
This powerpoint shows two objects, one is "empty" and one is "full." So this is perfect for your preschool students working on quantity concepts. You can work on this receptively (i.e. "touch empty"). Or you can target this expressively. It also has a sentence strip (visual) to help your students ma
This resource has 40+ open math problems (in each product) that follow the Ontario Kindergarten Program and Grades 1-3 Mathematics curricula. They can be used as whole-class math talks, during guided math, available for choice time, or as a learning provocation.On average, there are 40 weeks in the
With this barrier game you can practice counting to 10 and develop oral language skills at the same time. Use this game with just 2 players or 6 (suggestions for how to use with a small group included)To play a barrier is erected between 2 players. Player 1 secretly covers 3 sea creatures and player
Math Facts Center (6-10) {Seek and Find Addition} This Seek and Find style math center game will have your students begging to practice their math facts! This fun and compact game for up to 6 players works perfectly as a math center or an "at home" practice activity. The best part about this pack
Students will look at the Shape choices on each slide. Students will use Comparing and Contrasting skills to make a claim and then defend the choice that they make with evidence. They must decide which shape isn't like the other ones and doesn't belong and be able to prove it by citing evidence.
This colorful circus game is a useful open ended game board, which could also be used as a simple a reinforcement tool. Roll two dice and add the numbers together. Cover the corresponding number on the game board. The first player to cover all eleven numbers is the winner. Students can also practice
Want to target both articulation and classroom vocabulary using core curriculum vocabulary targets for K-2 Math? This product was created to support articulation generalization during push-in/classroom-based speech therapy services. Articulation therapy has its definite challenges within the general
This is a set of 20 large SUMMER themed cards (20 in color, and 20 in b/w), with a referral page, PLUS 2 cut and paste printables, PLUS 8 full page puzzles. For preschool and pre-K. Print on cardstock, cut out the cards, and cut each in half. Children match the correct halves together. Keep the re
Kids love probability activities. Included in this product are 12 Spinners, 12 Direction Sheets, and 12 Student Recording Sheets, each on a different topic. The topics are of interest to children and may be used throughout the school year. They may be used over-and-over, year-after-year. Children l
This resource has 43 open math problems that follow the Ontario Grade Two math curriculum. They can be used as whole-class math talks, during guided math, available for choice time, or as a learning provocation.On average, there are 40 weeks in the school year in Ontario. That means, you can use thi

showing 1-24 of 109 results

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