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"JUDE" by Kate Morgenroth Comprehensive Questions w/Key
JUDE by Kate Morgenroth Literature Guide This download features questions for all four parts of the novel "Jude" by Kate Morgenroth. It also features several supplemental worksheet handouts covering symbolism, theme ("Choices" - the choices we make, the consequences of those choices), and addition

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Whatever After: Fairest of All by Sarah Mlynowski, A Fairy Tale Spin-off!
Have you ever had insomnia? No, that's not a new kind of spaghetti. Insomnia is not being able to sleep and for little kids, that the best excuse in the world for getting to go exploring in the middle of the night! That's what my clever little brother did. When he found an item of interest that he w

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Steve Brixton loves to read the Bailey Boys Mysteries. The series has taught him all he knows about being a detective, and now, it seems, he has become an amateur private detective. He's is able to solve mysteries with just a few clues, but no one takes him first.Then, his favorite te

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12 Angry Men packet - reading quizzes, vocab, activities
This packet includes reading quizzes, court terms, vocabulary, and activities for analyzing events and characters in the play. Keys are provided for all worksheets and a witness activity is described. This packet provides for good analysis of the teleplay and also sets up for a writing assignment t

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12 Angry Men Writing Assignment on Jurors' Votes/Changes
This assignment deals with choosing 3 jurors and discussing the reasons how, why, and when they changed their initial votes. There is an overview of the assignment, a worksheet for organizing the requirements of a 5 paragraph essay, a peer response form, and the grading rubric. I also have a packe

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Teacher's Guide for Al Capone Does My Shirts
In this 27 page teacher guide is everything you'll need to read Al Capone Does My Shirts with your whole class or a small group. Pre and post reading activities are included along with vocabulary ideas, comprehension questions (with answers) and homework ideas for each chapter. This work is licen

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HOW TO STEAL A DOG by Barbara O'Connor It is estimated that there are over one million homeless children in the United States today, and the number is expected to grow. Homelessness makes children sick. Homeless children make poor decisions. Homelessness wounds young children. Homelessness devastat

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The Hate U Give Movie/Novel Comparison Activities
This is a comprehensive and standards-aligned guide for comparing the novel The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas with the movie version. I've included activities for students to analyze the movie's scenes, direction, cinematography, acting, dialogue, and setting, comparing each to the novel. I also inclu

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Iqbal - An In Depth Novel Study
Iqbal Masih was celebrated around the world for his work to free child slaves in Pakistan until his life was cut at the age of 12. Written for an upper elementary-middle school audience, Francisco D'Adamo's novel is a beautiful story based on the events of Iqbal Masih's fight for freedom. As they

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To Kill A Mockingbird Quiz Chapters 1-5
This is a quiz I developed for Chapters 1-5 of the novel To Kill A Mockingbird that consists of 20 multiple choice questions, 15 True and False questions, 5 Fill in the Blank questions and short answer questions. This is part of a series of quizzes I developed for this novel. Test comes complete w

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Monster by Walter Dean Myers Introduction Trial Activity
Students will get a hands-on introduction to Walter Dean Myers' award-winning book, Monster. Students will work through a mock-trial style activity where they are introduced to the juvenile justice system, court procedures, and rights of the accused just as they will see in Monster. Students will

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Mock Trial of  "State of Mississippi v.TJ Avery"
Do you want students to understand the concepts of justice, the historical influences found in America during the 1930’s in the deep South, along with analysis of the literary elements found in the 1977 Newbery novel, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry? The solution is simple. Conduct a mock trial o

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Famous American Trials Research Project
Can be used as an intro for Harper Lee's novel "To Kill a Mockingbird". Oral presentation as well as research required from students for this project. Evaluation/rubric and starting point website included in the package.

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Book Club Discussion "Great Small Things" by Jodi Picoult, Racism, Civil Rights
Book Club Novel Discussion: Great Small Things by Jodi PicoultGreat Small Things is Jodi Picoult’s most recent novel and will be an excellent starting point to kick off important discussions that teenagers and adults need to have. The questions will get students engaged and speaking out about what t

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PLATYPUS POLICE SQUAD!  The Frog Who Croaked!  A Dragnet Spin-off!
Platypus Police Squad: The Frog Who Croaked by Jarrett KrosoczkaA hysterical Dragnet spin-off! These are the characters:An English Professor frog who is targeted by an illegal fish dealerA young rookie platypus cop who is paired with an veteran platypus copA jailed panda mobster's slick son who ret

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THE BIG HOUSE!   A Rollicking Mystery  with Law-Related Connections
THE BIG HOUSE! A Rollicking Mystery with Law-Related Connections by Carolyn Coman The trial was over. The verdict? Guilty. The sentence? The Big House. Their parents, being habitual criminals, had to go to the Big House, jail, after being convicted of embezzling funds from The Last Best Hope

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LIAR AND SPY by Rebecca Stead, A New York Times Best Seller
When Georges's father loses his job, the other dominoes in Georges's life began to follow. The family has to move to an apartment house in Brooklyn, his mother begins working double shifts in the hospital's ICU unit, and Georges (silent S) is now in middle school where he immediately becomes the tar

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To Kill a Mockingbird Trial-Atticus Speech-Closing Argument-Speech
In this assignment students will re-write Atticus' closing argument! They will focus on ethos, pathos and logos in order to give the audience (jury) a reason to find Tom Robinson innocent until guilty. The students will then give a speech in order to present their closing argument to the class-same

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The House of the Seven Gables 1940 Movie Fact Sheet and Key
Nathaniel Hawthorns book: The House of the Seven Gables set on screen. This is a great follow up to reading the book and then having a discussion on the differences and why the producer took those liberties and made the changes he did. This is a good movie to prove "You can never watch the movie and

Also included in: The House of the Seven Gables 1940 Movie Fact Sheet, Quiz and Keys


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Prepare Johnny's Case (The Outsiders) - Lesson Plan
- Lesson Plan of a project based on chapters 1 to 6 of The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.- Some external resources are necessary, the links are provided in the document.- Teacher's notes, students' handout and rubrics included.- For English as a second language learners.

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Different Perspectives: Rewriting Monster
Steve Harmon had a chance to tell his story... Now it's another character's turn. Rewrite one of four key scenes from Monster from the perspective of either Kathy O'Brien, Mr. Nesbitt's ghost, Steve's parents, or James King. In 1st person perspective, your students will craft a 750-word story that s

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