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Your students will love learning about goods, services, producers, and consumers with this unit! Included in this unit are the following activities:*Classroom posters for the definitions of good, service, producer, and consumer*"All About Jobs" book (and directions for making the book)*Jobs That Pro
Needs and wants posters for printing as is…or consider enlarging into larger posters! You are receiving 2 sheets:*One that gives examples of NEEDS. *One that gives examples of WANTS. Use this to get the conversations of needs and wants started...allow your students to add other items to the list.Pl
This is a 35-page Economics unit for 3rd graders. It is packed with vocabulary, anchor charts, activities, and assessments! The unit includes: - objectives - essential questions - standards covered - key terms - word wall/vocabulary cards - student vocabulary organizer - Econ pretest * producers
Print these as is 8 1/2 X 11 ...or consider enlarging into posters. You are receiving 4 sheets: Goods Services Consumer Producer Use these posters to get the conversations of basic economics started...allow your students to share other examples of goods/services and consumer/producer. Please ch
This is a teacher's guide to teaching math concepts. This packet has essential questions, big ideas, lesson and activity ideas, work mats, visuals, word wall words, and math vocabulary cards. This is unit 6 Personal Financial Literacy **These concepts are found in CC but for social studies. This
This unit consists of poster, sorts and other activities to teach economics. (Goods, Services, Producers, Consumers, Scarcity) This unit covers the following Ohio Model Curriculum Standards for the Economics Social Studies Strand:Topic:ScarcityThere are not enough resources to produce all the goods
Goods and ServicesLearning about goods and services is one of the foundations for understanding economics. This mini unit can help your students learn the difference between a good and a service and those that provide the goods and services, the producers. You will be able to review what the defini
Producer and ConsumerThis producer and consumer unit is filled with many interactive activities for your students!What's Included: ♦Producer Poster/ Anchor Chart ♦Consumer Poster/ Anchor Chart ♦Producer and Consumer sort ♦Producer and Consumer response sheet ♦Producer and Consumer Webs ♦Producer an
This classroom-tested and refined file contains virtually everything you'll need to set up and manage a classroom economy in your elementary classroom. There are detailed descriptions of all of the components and routines, and classroom printables including: * over 30 different possible classroom j
Servicetown was a beautiful little town, until a broken bridge caused havoc all over town! Use this four page story, worksheets and game to teach your students all about goods and services. Students even get a chance to look for goods and services in their favorite fairy tales! =====================
Economics, Financial Literacy, Wants and Needs, Consumers and Producers - Hi teachers! Will you be teaching your students about wants and needs, consumers and producers, goods and services, barter, spending and saving, and scarcity? Then this supplemental unit might be just what you need to help y
Posters and activities describing the consumer and producer rolls. Includes a T chart with consumer & producer tiles to cut out and sort underneath each header. Fun activity to use in teaching first and second graders the concept of producers and consumers.
A elementary unit designed to look at how food gets from our nation's farms to our local grocery stores. Includes an introduction to important economic vocabulary and a booklet that explains the basic history of food production in our country. L1: Assessing Prior Knowledge… • What is a Farm?• Needs
This is a poster set that can be used when teaching your elementary Economics Unit. I created the posters using the vocabulary that my third graders need to know in Virginia. You could use them with any grade that learns these terms. The posters include: needs, wants, goods, services, natural reso
A social studies prints pack that includes major themes in second grade social studies. Topics are inspired by the Michigan SS Curriculum. Charts include communities, government, national government, choices, history, citizens, and landforms. You can now access these files via a Google Drive link
This set includes 36 adorable vocabulary cards for 1st-4th grade economics. Each card has the word at the top, definition, and a picture or an example. Words included: currency, scarcity, opportunity cost, savings account, capital resources, costs, benefits, income, budget, interdependence, goods, s
Newly Updated 2018!! Students need to feel ownership in their classroom so what better way then implementing a classroom economy? This community job packet includes 35 different classroom job cards to support a productive classroom economy in which students are earning money for performing their cl
Essential questions provide your students with something to think about throughout the duration of your social studies. This set includes 65 essential questions and I Can Statements for Georgia 2nd grade social studies units! EQs and I Can statements are based on the Georgia Standards of Excellence.
It is never too early for students to begin learning about economics. This primary economics unit guides students through topics such as the difference between wants & needs, goods & services, producers & consumers, choice, cost & benefit, saving & budgeting. UPDATE: NOW GOOGLE
This pack includes activities for young learners being introduced to the concepts of wants, needs, goods, services, producers and consumers. I've included posters with definitions of each concept as well as a whole class activity that accompanies it. In addition, I've included the pieces and instr
This file includes essential questions for 4th grade social studies (correlated to Georgia Performance Standards). Each essential question is on a separate page, and each unit is separated by a header slide. Print on or mount on cardstock or colorful paper to really draw your students' attention to
Color and black/white options included for 64 words from kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade TEKS to teach the new "Financial Literacy" section. All words are tailored to fit your needs. Select from: --Full page words with definitions --half page words (two words per page with definitions)
This bundle is great for Georgia third grade teachers teaching Economics or any elementary teacher teaching economics. This bundle addresses the third grade Georgia social studies standards for economics SS3E1-SS3E4.Click Here to Save 30%!This bundle addresses the following economics topics:wants vs
This product includes: financial literacy vocabulary cards with terms and definitions, step by step packet to create a business, checklists to ensure each step is satisfied, exemplars, links to kid appropriate shark tank videos, and a grading rubric for the final presentation. Students will be ask

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