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This "All About Japan" booklet can be used for a very basic country study in lower elementary grades! Each page contains a basic fact and related illustration. All graphics are in an outline format so that it's ready to be colored like a mini-coloring book. This coloring booklet gives all the gener
Learning about the country of Japan with your students is easy thanks to this differentiated learning nonfiction printable booklet set! You can now travel to the land of Japan via the comfort of your own classroom in a fun and educational way. This is one of my best-selling Country Study projects; y
This slideshow helps elementary students quickly learn about famous landmarks, food, art, and the culture of Japan. You can use this slideshow at the beginning of a unit on Japan. You can also print it out and use it as a book for student research. This slideshow also has 4 questions at the end of t
This is a guide to setting up a program, using the karate belt system, to help interest, motivate and challenge your students as they work towards mastering Hiragana. Included is; Teaching ideas and a possible teaching sequence Recording sheet for students Display posters outlining the belts Prin
A complete teaching kit, including student workbook, representing at least a term's work! A suggested teaching sequence is provided but flexibility remains with the teacher. Students will learn * the names of 9 animals * the names of 9 colours * the question なに を みます か。 * the sentence pattern ( ad
This resource now includes 5 different cards for each day of the week. Bold scallop frames make the cards ideal for display, but they could be equally well-used for class activities.Each Kanji symbol for a day of the week is placed over an image showing it's meaning.Each Kanji has an illustrated mne
A set of 18 printable fact cards that give key, fun and interesting facts about Japan. Teachers also have the option to use this set as a vocabulary word wall as each fact card has a keyword heading related to the fact and topic. Great for International Day! Buy this resource in a Bundle and SAVE O
PETS: a unit for young learners of Japanese! This comprehensive unit of work will enable students to introduce their pet; or one they would like to own! Sentence patterns covered: わたしのペットです。 いぬです。 いぬのなまえは SPOTです。 三さいです。 小さいです。 はいいろ です。 だいすきです! The materials included in this unit comprise: Pictur
A set of charts to print, laminate and display or use on an IWB.Clear clip art pictures add to the themed set's appeal.The set coversMonths of the year and the question card 何月ですか。Days of the week and the question card 何よう日ですか。Days of the month and the question card何日ですか。The weather and the question
These printable pages are designed to be made into student passports to recognise student achievement in learning the hiragana script. Teachers may choose from various pages for inclusion. Pages with hiragana in chart order and stroke order are included. Students are required to trace the selected
This is a complete teaching kit featuring a 'story' book in picture and written formats two original songs new group game hands on activities flashcards, playing cards, student workbook pages teaching sequence suggestion Australian curriculum alignment details and more! Vocabulary includes のり ノート
This is a game to be played pairs with the aim being for students to 'collect' three hiragana symbols in a row. Students take turns to roll a dice and move their counter on the game board ( 2 versions included to aid differentiation). The student states the sound of the hiragana symbol they have la
This comprehensive resource enables teachers to concentrate on teaching, as the planning has been largely done for them! This resource consists of 117 pages. The language used in these materials is all in script - hiragana and limited kanji. No 'romaji' - romanisation of words is used.Students of Ja
30 commonly used expressions in the Japanese classroom. Each expression is displayed on an UCHIWA - a Japanese fan. The English equivalent is also displayed below the Japanese. These UCHIWA would make a pleasing classroom display or could be used as flashcards. the expressions included are よくできま
A set of 12 printables showing a variety of pictures that relate to themes of Japan. This set will prove ideal for any topic on Japan, useful for International Day and great for discussions! Buy this resource in a Bundle and SAVE OVER 20%: **Japan Bundle Pack** You might also like our resources
This engaging resource provides materials for a complete teaching unit.Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to name 8 farm animals and make sentences describing their colour.Students will be able to read and write animal names, read colour nouns and also read complete statements!This kit provide
These mnemonic 'Story reminders' help students not only name kanji symbols but enable them to learn their numerical value at the same time!Clear, bright graphics bring the 'stories' to life, aiding memorisation. I use them frequently!IncludedA list of the 'stories'10 single kanji cards with mnemonic
With this approach, students learn to write hiragana from memory, rather than merely copying symbols.This set contains the 46 basic symbols, presented in chart order, with 10 (or 8) per page.A-KoSa-ToNa-HoMa-YoRa-NInstructions with photos are included.Simply photocopy back-to-back.
This Japan Country Study for PowerPoint is to supplement your lessons on Japan. This entire download was last updated August 2019 to look more modern (photos instead of graphics), have updated information, and include videos. This download includes:A PowerPoint presentation on JapanVideos embedded i
This Teaching and Learning resource is designed for younger students of Japanese to learn to ask and answer the question たんじょうびは何月ですか。using the months of the year. 一月~十二月.No romaji is included.The unit does assume students have already learned how to count, at least to ten, in Japanese, and can reco
This unit has been designed to encourage oral story re-telling. Along the way, students can learn to read key words and expressions, if the teacher wishes to also make this an aim for the unit. The story file pages can be displayed using a data projector/IWB or printed to make a hard-copy story boo
Haiku Poetry Powerpoint Presentation Plus Student WorksheetThis four slide PowerPoint presentation demonstrates how Haiku poetry is created and gives examples of poems created by children. There is a Haiku worksheet included so student can create their own Haiku poems. Kid-friendly graphics have be
A lively run-around game that will have students up out of their seats, moving around the room to find their next hiragana clue! It can be played competitively, with the first to finish ( with correct clues) deemed the winner. The game can be played with up to 40 students or as few as 2! Students ke
Have fun with the well-loved Japanese children's song こぶた、たぬき、きつね、ねこ by making a 3D paper model of the four animals. Students can turn the model as they sing and play games with the teacher calling out an animal and students having to display that animal as quickly as they can! Black and white tem

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