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Graphing Calculator Reference Sheets (TI-84) Bundle
These graphing calculator reference sheets, for the TI-84 graphing calculator, guide students step-by-step on how to solve, graph, or identify the following:1 - Linear Regression2 - Quadratic Graphs3 - Absolute Value4 - Quadratic Regression5 - Polynomial Graphs6 - Inverse Functions7 - Evaluating Fun


Domain and Range Scavenger Hunt
Students get moving finding domain and range. Students can start on any of the 20 posters. On the first poster, they will find domain or range (it will be noted on the poster which they should find), mark it on their answer sheet (included) and then find their answer on the top of another poster in

Also included in: Domain and Range mini-bundle


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Inverse Functions Puzzle
Students cut out 24 puzzle pieces to create 6 completed puzzles. Each will have:1 piece showing a function1 piece showing the function's inverse1 piece showing the graphs of both functions1 piece showing tables of both functionsThis activity covers linear, quadratic and radical functions.Puzzle piec

Also included in: Functions Activity Bundle


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End Behavior of Polynomial Functions: Sorting Activities
These two sorting activities will help your students practice identifying end behaviors for polynomial functions. They will classify each function according to its end behavior using cards with a mix of equations, explanations, and graphs. ** This resource is also available as part of a DISCOUNTED

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Calculus Survival Kit -  over 90 pages references for Calculus and PreCalc
Calculus Back to School with the coolest Calculus and PreCalculus resource! Now Updated with many new references and resources for 2019-2020! Nothing else like it! This is a must-have for AP Calculus teachers or any Calculus teacher, high school, dual enrollment, or college. Great for PreCalcul

Also included in: Calculus Curriculum Supplement Bundle 1


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Asymptotes Doodle Notes
Asymptotes (horizontal, vertical, and slant/oblique) and holes: 2-page "doodle notes" - When students color or doodle in math class, it activates both hemispheres of the brain at the same time. There are proven benefits of this cross-lateral brain activity: - new learning - relaxation (less math

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Piecewise Functions Cut-Out Puzzle
This NO-PREP resource is READY TO PRINT! This piecewise function puzzle is perfect for keeping your students engaged while practicing graphing.There are 6 square puzzles where students will match the piecewise function with a written description and the graph. In this activity, students will cut ou

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Graphing Calculator Reference Sheet: Basics 101 - Keyboard
This graphing calculator reference sheet identifies frequently used keys on the keyboard and their purpose. This resource is helpful for students that are just starting to use the graphing calculator. PLUS, a blank template is included, so you can use it for other keystrokes you want students to be

Also included in: Graphing Calculator Reference Sheets (TI-84) Bundle


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Discriminant Card Sort (for Quadratic Equations)
Discriminants & Roots of Quadratic Equations - Practice / Review: This sorting activity helps your students practice finding and interpreting the discriminant of a quadratic equation. Here is what's included: - 3 quick- fold pockets to hold sorted cards - 30 basic cards (mix of graphs, word

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Rational Exponents Foldable
A fun foldable to teach writing rational exponents in radical form, writing radicals in rational exponent form, and properties of rational exponents.

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Increasing and Decreasing Functions Matching Activity
Students match graphs to their increasing and decreasing intervals in this activity. There are 20 graphs that each both increase and decrease and 20 interval cutouts that students sort onto their correct graphs. Some intervals include infinity, others are only integers, and some are a combination o

Also included in: Algebra 2 Activities Bundle


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Algebra Completing the Square Foldable for Quadratic Equations Distance Learning
This Solving Quadratic Equations Completing the Square Interactive Notebook Foldable Organizer woks well in class but can also be sent home for Distance Learning. Interactive Foldables really do work! They get your students organized and keep them motivated to complete practice problems. This i

Also included in: Algebra Foldables Bundle


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Circuit Training - Using the Unit Circle (Trigonometry)
Your trigonometry students will love this self-checking circuit which requires them to refer to the unit circle. Aids in memorizing the unit circle. 32 questions total. May be used cooperatively, as homework, or even as a quiz! May be converted to a scavenger hunt. Great for ACT / SAT review.

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Parts of a Graph and Functions~45 Walls That Teach Algebra Posters
45 Walls that Teach - covering 25 Algebra Concepts * x-intercept * y-intercept * Minimum * Maximum * Extremum * Decreasing Interval * Increasing Interval * Constant Interval * Symmetry across the x-axis * Symmetry across the y-axis * Symmetry with respect to the origin * Even Function * Odd Functi

Also included in: Algebra Word Wall Bundle ~Quadratics-Linear-Parent Graphs-Parts of a Graph-More


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Graphing Piecewise-defined Functions~Walk-Around Activity~Matching~
This activity is designed to help students with graphing piecewise-defined functions (or with writing them). This activity also gets students up and about. Place the 10 cards on the wall around your room. Students pick any card to begin with. They should graph the function on the bottom of th

Also included in: Graphing Piecewise Defined Function~Activity~Practice Pages~Bundle


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Identifying Asymptotes Activity
Categorizing Rational Functions & Identifying Vertical Asymptotes, Horizontal Asymptotes, Slant Asymptotes, and Holes: ** This resource is also available as part of a DISCOUNTED bundle: Functions Bundle In this activity, students cut off a strip of 6 rational function cards. After analyzing t

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Name That Function - Characteristics of Graphs
This activity reviews characteristics of functions: domain, range, intercepts, local min, local max, intervals of increase and decrease, end behavior, parent functions, continuity, and evaluating a function from a graph.There are 12 graphs of functions cards and two versions of the student handout,

Also included in: Algebra 2 Activities Bundle


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Circuit Training - Precal / Trig Review for (AP) Calculus  NO CALCULATOR
These 24 problems are great to use with your calculus students within the first few days of the school year. Reviews everything from asymptotes to domain and range, logs to sine and cosine. Worked in are calculus ideas such as limits, tangent lines and average rate of change. The intention is to

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Graph Paper and Work Space Handout and Editable Template | Distance Learning
Incredible time saver - just the resource you were looking for!! Both PDF and Editable Template (in PowerPoint) showing the coordinate plane and work space for students to show their work. Use for graphing any function - Great for PreAlgebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and PreCalculus.The template is

Also included in: Graph Paper Editable Templates Bundle plus Cornell Notes | Distance Learning


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Complex Number (Imaginary) Maze ~~  Review Worksheet
This Maze has 42 question (6 by 7). Students simplify problems by adding, subtracting or multiplying complex numbers. Key and Wall that teach Posters are included. This is a great review worksheet.Possible Uses:-Review-End of lesson check for understanding-Alternative to HomeworkCheckout my other C

Also included in: Growing Bundle~All my Algebra Activities~Quadratics~Linear~Roots~Absolute Value


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Trigonometry Identities and Formulas Flip Books  | Distance Learning
Trig Identities and Formulas Flip Books. Foldable, easy, and your students will love this.Two great new resources for your Calculus and Trig students. This product includes two different foldable Flip Books.The first is a small, handy Flip Book, 3 3/4" by 51/4". It has 5 tabs and 11 pages with the

Also included in: Calculus Honors Back to School Review Bundle


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Simplifying Rational Expressions Activity
This activity tests a student's ability to work with rational expressions by finding the perimeters (add), areas (multiply) and side lengths (divide) of rectangles. Students like the link between rationals and finding areas and perimeters. Key with fully factored answers and grading rubric included.

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Logarithms:  Expand and Condense Match and Color Activity
UPDATED: Now contains two matching activities (two levels--easier and harder). Creative matching worksheets provides practice for expanding and condensing logarithms. Hang the finished products in the classroom or hallway. Answer keys included. This activity is also included in:Logarithms Lesson 4

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Unit Circle Trig Notes
Unit Circle Trigonometry Cheat Sheet with hand trick memorizing details. ***Updated now with fill-in versions*** This is my version of the unit circle on steroids. I have tweaked it over 10 years and finally created the perfect teaching tool to fit on one page! I have included a symbolic key for

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