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This resource can help make teaching probability easier and makes a great probability introduction. Students learn and practice probability vocabulary (certain, impossible, likely, unlikely, and equally likely). Then, students apply the probability vocabulary in a hands on way using dice, coins, a
Mean, Median, Mode, and Range (Measures of Central Tendency): "doodle notes" - When students color or doodle in math class, it activates both hemispheres of the brain at the same time. There are proven benefits of this cross-lateral brain activity: - new learning - relaxation (less math anxiety)
These probability printables are sure to help your kiddies get a better grasp on the sometimes difficult concept of probability and likelihood. Key math words (likely, unlikely, certain, and impossible) are used consistently throughout this pack to provide your students with the clearest possible un
Graphing and Data Analysis Task Cards: This set of 40 task cards (with 160 questions total) is designed to help students learn or practice how to read, analyze, and interpret data presented in tables and various forms of graphs. You may use these task cards for individual work, pair/group activity,
Box and whisker plots pose many problems for students. They often confuse the length of a quartile for the size of data it includes. After seeing my students struggle with this concept for years (even more-so because they had to analyze the data, not merely create the plot) I came up with this acti
Get your students involved with practicing Interpreting Data with Scatter Plots and Line of Best Fit! Task cards include multiple choice problems and constructed response. Click here to SAVE and get this as a Task Cards BUNDLEThis resource includes:Teacher InstructionsTeacher TipsStudent Instruction
Probability Printable Activities for First and Second Grade. This product includes 7 printable activities for teaching probability. These activities are all in black and white (printer friendly). Writing is incorporated into this probability pack along with games to help teach probability. There is
An 8 day CCSS-Aligned Probability Unit - including simple probability, experimental and theoretical probability, making predictions, and independent and dependent probabilityStandards: 7.SP.5, 7.SP.6, 7.SP.7, 7.SP.8Texas Teacher? Grab the TEKS-Aligned Probability Unit. Please don’t purchase both as
This is one of my favorite teaching tools! I created this Data Display set of worksheets this year for my 6th grade class. My students loved using these worksheets to practice their new skills. Each worksheet provides plenty of room for students to create their data displays and answer questions b
A 9 day CCSS-Aligned Scatter Plots and Data Unit - including scatter plots, trend lines, two-way tables and relative frequency.Standards: 8.SP.1, 8.SP.2, 8.SP.3, 8.SP.4Texas Teacher? Grab the TEKS-Aligned Scatter Plots and Data Unit. Please don’t purchase both as there is overlapping content. 1. U
A 9 day CCSS-Aligned Statistics Unit - including populations and samples, drawing inferences from samples, measures of centers and variability, comparing and analyzing dot and box plots. Standards: 7.SP.1, 7.SP.2, 7.SP.3, 7.SP.4Texas Teacher? Grab the TEKS-Aligned Statistics Unit. Please don’t purc
Creating & Analyzing Scatter Plots - Visual Interactive "Doodle Notes" When students color or doodle in math class, it activates both hemispheres of the brain at the same time. There are proven benefits of this cross-lateral brain activity: - new learning - relaxation (less math anxiety) - vis
This foldable provides an introduction to Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD). Students will take notes on the meaning of MAD, the steps for finding MAD, and complete 1 example.This works great whole group/ guided instruction, in math centers, as a class work/ homework assignment, or even as an exit slip
You will receive 265 half-page warm ups, aligned and coded with the 6th Grade Common Core Standards!Every standard is covered, with at least 5 warm ups per standard. The standards are displayed on each sheet, and a standard alignment sheet is included. Some standards are so similar that two standa
KEY FEATURES OF THIS PACK✅ 125 animated editable slide presentation to present prior to using print-n-go sheets to familiarize students with nature of questions (British English file included).**Teacher's guided notes to complement the Power Point presentation included. ✅ 32 Cornell-style note-takin
These 16 probability task cards require students to consider whether an event is possible or not, and then defend their answer on the recording sheet. These task cards cover a variety of probability concepts, including probability with dice, coins, and spinners. These task cards are included in my
6th Grade Math Error Analysis Tasks- One task for each Common Core Standard*70 different error analysis tasks for each 6th Grade Common Core Standard. This is a bundle of 5 different products at over a 20% discount. Please click on each link to see individual product descriptions. The Number System
Box-and-Whisker Plot Task Cards and Recording Sheets, CCSS: 6.SP.4Included in this product: *20 unique task cards dealing with reading and interpreting box-and-whisker plots.*5 different recording sheets*Answer KeyThese cards are great for math centers, independent practice, "SCOOT" and other cooper
Get your students involved with practicing Interpreting Data with Two-Way Tables! This is a great activity that can be used in Math Centers, as individual work, or as a group activity! This gets students moving and also integrates the use of technology into the classroom by scanning QR Codes to chec
This product contains TWO Box-and-Whisker Plot worksheets. Both worksheets requires students to read, interpret, and create Box-and-Whisker plots. Students will first be asked to find lower and upper extremes, range, and all three medians. Following this, students will be creating their own Box
A pack of one hundred ten (110) task cards divided into three (3) sets! This is created to help students practice or learn how to find the mean, median, mode, and range of a given data sets or graphs. It contains a wide variety of questions designed to address different skill levels of students. You
These task cards are perfect for helping students practice identifying, writing, and understanding statistical questions. They are especially useful for introducing your statistics unit in your class! Included is an answer key (keep in mind that some of the questions lend themselves to varying a
This is a set of 10 Zombie Themed task cards to practice calculating mean absolute deviation. All numbers round nicely at both the mean and mean absolute deviation steps.Student response sheet and answer key included.Please visit my other Mean Absolute Deviation product as well:Mean Absolute Deviat
Histogram Notes and Activities, Common Core Standard: 6.SP.B.4Everything you need to introduce and practice creating and interpreting histograms. Included in this product: -Histogram Guided Notes-Histogram Practice Page-Histogram Frayer Models for Vocabulary Practice-2 different warm-ups (2 per page

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