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This March Basketball Tournament Math Project is Common Core aligned, and with it’s real world applications, your students will have a blast completing it! Students will follow the March Basketball Tournament to track statistics on certain teams, their favorite player, and more! Some of the math con
Variables & Expressions go the Amusement Park in this engaging four assignment 21st Century Math Project designed for Algebra or Pre-Algebra. Bring variables to life using a theme park motif. From operations to admissions, variables and expressions are the backbone of this analysis.In this 11 pa
Students will graph 18 equations written in slope-intercept form. All four types of slope are included(positive, negative, undefined, and zero). They will then darken the lines and color however they like creating a picture with a stained glass effect. This is a great activity that goes beyond the w
Louie the Leprechaun is giving students 7 math riddles, and if they can solve them, they will receive the pot of gold! Also check out the ULTIMATE St. Patrick's Day Bundle by clicking here!Students will complete 6 multi-step St. Patrick's Day themed word problems (multi-operation) that will surely k
Robby the Robot is having a big Valentine's Day party, and he needs your help to make sure things run smoothly! He needs to buy cups, plates, drinks, and so much more...he just needs your help with the math! Students will complete 6 multi-step Valentine's Day themed word problems (multi-operation) t
Common Core Standards: 8.EE6, 8.F3, 8.F4 This activity is a fun art/math crossover project. Students will practice graphing lines in slope-intercept form. The equations include lines with positive, negative, zero, and undefined slope.The final product will resemble a stained-glass window that can b
This is a real life activity/project where students must make decisions about purchases now that they're "on their own." Students write and solve 2 step equations to see what the monthly payments would be for certain TVs, refrigerators, laptop computers and cars. Based on the budgeted amount, stud
Students will show what they know about slope intercept form, linear equations, and x and y intercepts in this fun and creative art math project! Perfect to use as an activity and assessment while teaching slope.Students will use linear equations in slope intercept form to plot and graph a variety
Theoretical and Experimental Probability gets a 21st Century Math Project facelift in this interactive game. Tired of flipping coins and spinning spinners? Students play the role of team managers and with only player statistics they must build a team capable of winning the championship. Students wil
There’s something strange in your neighborhood! Ghosts have managed to escape the capture chamber and have wreaked havoc all over the region. On the case in this 21st Century Math Project is an upstart ghost catching team, the Ghostblasters. Given the ordered pairs on the Ghostblasters radar, find w
It’s Friday. The Friday. The Friday that signals the end of the grading period. Students dig deep in their backpacks, bake a dozen cookies to schmooze a teacher and turn in as many missing assignments as possible before the final bell. The Honor Roll, the basketball team, and everyone’s cell phone p
Graphing Linear Equations Quilt Project I have created this project as a fun way to get my kids excited about graphing lines. I have always found that including art and coloring with math gets kids a bit more excited about learning and as an added bonus- they look great as classroom decorations whe
Count the calories, make a fitness plan, watch weight, and practice linear inequalities in this 21st Century Math Project. Students will use real world authentic calorie data from common foods, popular fast food restaurants and also will use calorie burning measurements in a variety of activities. S
Bring real-world applications that are relevant to students with this linear equations project on college costs. Students examine the cost of individual colleges and compare colleges using linear equations. For students ready for systems of equations, students evaluate the impact of grant money
After a couple years of teaching systems and linear equations, I knew I needed to add some kick so this 21st Century Math Project was born. Students will make choices that will affect the launch of their album. Layered with reading, students will make choices within a budget that will affect the cos
This 21st Century Math Project is an awesome opportunity to integrate subjects in an Geometry classroom. Hands-on STEM based learning for hands-on student. Along using basic algebra, measurement and geometry skills, students will engage in an engineering design process just like the pros. In this 12
In this 21st Century Math Project, let your students explore the mathematics around life most valuable resource... water. Through investigating bottled water, staggering international statistics and the realities of water conservation, students will be asked to construct expressions and equations ar
No-prep, ratios and proportions math enrichment projects! From using ratios to take a long journey across a state, making a proportioned sundae to measuring proportioned land mammals, your students will love taking part in these projects. Perfect real-life math situations to use as an authentic ass
Ahoy! Thar's different ways to teach Systems 'o Equations 'n Inequalities. Take a voyage with me! (NOTE: This project is not written in English it is written in PIRATE). In this 21st Century Math Project, students work develop their graphing linear equations and inequalities skills through three dif
Challenge your students to find the treasure by using Pythagorean Theorem to explore the pirate territory. Students follow a scenario of problems to find a treasure buried by Pythagoras. Student tested and approved.✔Included in this resource:• Pirate treasure hunt scenario• Pirate map • Student d
Get your student's hands busy with the construction of a scale model of their favorite landmark in this 21st Century Math Project. Through practicing skill with scale and measurement, students will learn foundational architecture and engineering concepts. This is a hands-on STEM Project for hands-on
Utilize tobacco use in an investigation of number sense, linear functions, and scatterplot in this 21st Century Math Project. Students will find out the startling truth behind the amount of cigarettes a smoker may use in their lifetime, the financial cost of the habit (including inflation), as well
Integer Projects Bundle Need an integer project idea? This bundle includes 5 Integer Projects that you can use in your classroom. This is great for grades 6-8. I have used these in the past for an alternative to a written integer test. These projects are 21st century and provide real-world appli
This choice board has six project-based tasks based on solving systems of linear equations (1 page handout in a grid). Students choose three of the six tasks to complete. This is a great way to assess at the end of a unit on systems. I have also included stations - style cards describing each tas

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