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Just as in the T.V. show “The Amazing Race” for which contestants travel around the world on a giant scavenger hunt, in this Geologic Time Scale Amazing Race project, your students will be embarking on a journey through time as they choose time periods to visit along Earth's Geologic Time Scale and
Fossils. Geology. Anthropology.Nothing intrigues a middle school student like a good mystery.Challenge your students to explore,discover and question as they probe the mysterious fossilized Laetoli trackway discovered by the famed anthropologist Mary Leaky.I teach this mini unit within my Rocks and
This is a unit of work is based around the theme of dinosaurs. The unit is heavily biased towards research, literacy and science.This unit is the updated version of a previous unit on dinosaurs, featuring an extra 35 pages of activities.There are 65 pages of activities which can be spread over 4 wee
If you would like to purchase the 100% EDITABLE version of this product, click here! Great for differentiation!*COVID-19* - This resource can be printed and used in the classroom or be used for distance learning with Google Slides.Engage your students in studying their favorite dinosaurs!Dinosaurs a
This is a pack of 20 BLANK (black and white) hand-drawn dinosaurs. They are full-page printable worksheets that can be used for hundreds of ideas in your classroom, across all grades and subjects! The animals are drawn realistically, rather than in a cartoon fashion. Also included is a table of co
Are you looking for an engaging fossils resource to challenge your high-achieving students or to make time meaningful for early finishers? Are you hoping to find activities that cater to varying learning styles and free up time for yourself to enrich or remediate? Look no further!WHAT'S INSIDE?This
Allow your students to become "Mineral Detectives" as they work together to figure out which mystery minerals they are being given. Students can work in pairs or teams to use the properties of minerals (hardness, color, luster, and streak) to investigate which ones they have! This lab is a great wa
This activity is a great way to introduce a Social Studies unit that deals with ancient civilizations or archaeology! Students are given the chance to look at ordinary objects through the eyes of an archaeologist in the "future" and use their imaginations to deduce "primitive" uses for these object
This guide contains several lessons that align with Common Core standards for Kindergarten - 2nd grade+ and the wordless picture book Fossil. Lessons include Pre-reading questions, Fossil Visual Storytelling Comprehension Lesson, Cave Paintings Visual Storytelling Lesson, Group Storytelling Lesson,
This Resource focuses on developing research skills and independent learning in students. In creating it my intention was also to make it interesting for students to discover things about historic and ancient cultures across the globe. The resource is an editable PowerPoint so it can be altered, f
Turn students into archeologists in this HANDS ON artifact identification activity as they review our prehistoric Indian past! Students will work cooperatively in teams to analyze a set of colorful artifact pictures “discovered” in a certain area of the country. Students must use inferencing skills
Teachers can use this Evolution Project and Rubric to allow students to explore the evolutionary changes of an organism of their choice. Students will choose an organism, research its ancestry, create a poster with specific guidelines, and present their findings to the class. A rubric is included in
For an in-depth preview and classroom pics from my classroom go here: http://pblparadise.blogspot.com/ Using the PBL (Project Based Learning) framework, students will.. Research, Test, Design and Develop a kit and a key that will allow them to identify 8 different minerals. They will present the
This is a research project where students have to answer the question: Who should get the remains of Kennewick Man? A brief introduction, suggested outline, and rubric is included. The end product is a 5 paragraph argumentative essay in which students have to decide the case as if they are a Wash
Printable paper to compliment your fossils unit! These look great on a bulletin board or hallway display. Line spacing is similar to wide-rule notebook paper. No text other than the 'name' and 'date' lines at the top. These look great with a colored paper backing. A very open-ended product! Other
Grant Proposal: Grant Proposal on Second Grade Archaeologists Digging up the Past - Would you love to write a grant for your elementary classroom but just can’t seem to get started? This winning proposal may be just what you need to jumpstart your ability to plan, write, and carry-out an innovati
Includes:Quick overview on what a Cladogram is and how they are usedInstructions for creating your own Cladogram. I'd recommend putting students in small groups for this activityAnimal cutouts for the cladogram activity - 3 different options for animalsUse this as formative or summative assessment,
This hands-on, edible project will have your students completely immersed and engaged in the processes that helped to preserve our prehistoric past! After reviewing the included fact sheet that highlights the processes involved in preserving items from our past, students will use common materials an
Engage your students in project-based learning!Dinosaurs are a diverse group of Archosaur reptiles that lived during the Mesozoic era (252 – 66 million years ago). Even though dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years, we can learn many things from studying them. For this project, students s
A choice menu for student use as an extension activity after completing class work or as a mini-project at the end of the unit. This choice menu will allow the students to dig deeper and develop a better understanding of the "tools of history." The menu covers: excavation instructions, oral hist
Creating and Presenting Haiku with the computer. Students will learn about the history and characteristics of Haiku poetry. Students will use the computer paint program to present an original Haiku of their own. Students will be able to explain the history and characteristics of Haiku poetry. Stude
This activity can serve as an introduction to how we gain knowledge about the people and cultures of ancient times. Students will use a variety of “artifacts” from the recently discovered and mysterious civilization of Cato to make observations and draw inferences. After charting this new knowledge,
In this activity, I have each student bring in a toothbrush, action figure, and shoe box. We bury the action figure in sand in the shoe box, then switch with a neighbor and excavate it using the toothbrush. The sheet is for mapping the dig site with coordinate grids.
BC Redesigned Curriculum. Grade 7 Early Man. This inquiry project allows students to be guided through their curiosities about how humans evolved. They choose an evolutionary branch of humans (ex. homo habilis) and pretend they are interviewing one. They must include major evolutionary difference

showing 1-24 of 81 results

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