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I use this pack every day in my class to reinforce and review skills. I even teach them skills that we haven't taught yet in the curriculum so when I get there, they already know it! This pack has: Place Value Pocket Name for the year Number words Hundreds chart (1-100, or 1-120) Weather charts for
This is a math project designed for students to complete independently or with a group. Students have $5000 to plan a vacation of a lifetime. They will need to research all of the real-life travel details involved in planning a trip. (Flights, hotels, rental cars, excursions, etc...) It reinforces
Here's a great project for intermediate level grades that is fun, engaging, and builds GREAT life skills! The Million Dollar project is designed to give students $1 million to spend, with certain guidelines, of course. This project helps to: 1. review Place Value 2. review adding and subtracting
This packet is great for students to practice adding and subtracting with regrouping. There are two levels in this packet: level one only goes up to 3 digits and level 2 goes up to 6 digits. This will make DI a breeze! There are 4 activities to practice which all use real movie data/numbers (list
{UPDATE - DIGITAL VERSION ADDED 5/6/2020!!!} This project is perfect to get your students engaged in your personal financial literacy unit! Often, the concepts in this unit are beyond the scope of imagination for our kiddos. This unit keeps them interested and engaged, all while teaching them abou
Ratios and Proportional Relationships Enrichment Choice Board – Sixth Grade– This enrichment menu project is an amazing differentiation tool that not only empowers students through choice but also meets their individual needs. You will find that the ratio and proportions enrichment board contains
Here is a wonderful opportunity to incorporate Bloom's Taxonomy higher level of critical thinking skills!This mini-project assignment has students creating a word problem involving adding and subtracting integers. They will also create a pictorial representation of their story that will include a
In the hustle and bustle of an arcade, gamers are quick to snatch their reward tickets and move to their next station. How are the amounts of tickets determined? Go to the arcade to practice relations, patterns and functions!In this 21st Century Math Project, you will be given a mapping to the Conte
The famous Million Dollar Mission project in which students are challenged to spend $1 million dollars. Included are worksheets with instructions for the project and transaction registers.
"Express Yourself" (Math About Me) This is an activity geared toward the middle school and high school students as an activity using "EXPRESS"ions to tell the class about them. Students can use their knowledge of mathematical operators such as: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, frac
The Math World Series is a 9 day math packet. It is filled with activities to encourage critical and higher level thinking skills. Skills covered in this packet are: 1st inning- Measurement 2nd inning- Central Tendencies 3rd inning- Graphing 4th inning- Money 5th inning- Geometry 6th inning-
Newton's Laws. Newton's Laws Station Cards. Newton's Laws Project. This project will hook the boys in your class. It is an inquiry based project around the question, How is motion determined by Newton’s Laws? Newton’s Laws of Motion are explored through hands on stations. Your students will be pr
Middle School Math Project with Rubric: Theme: Future Entrepreneur This PDF file consist of a Middle School Math Project that challenges students to use their knowledge of fractions, decimals, percents, writing and solving equations, area of triangles and rectangles, and scale drawings to evaluate
Students will look through ads to help the elves find toys for their classmates. The students will be able to spend $100 on each of their classmates, so students will have to add and subtract within 100 to complete this project! This is a great, hands-on activity to keep students engaged through t
This project guides students through the process of making blue prints for both a dream home and a tiny home! The students have the opportunity to practice a lot of math skills while working on the project including multiplication, division, area, volume, fractions, decimals, percents, graphing, and
Product Description: This hands on strategy format will allow your students to pick their own meal and figure out the price. Students will compare and contrast their meal with other student’s meals. They will also have the opportunity to write about their meal. Similar Products: • Addition and
Ever heard of the long division acronym, "Dad, Mother, Sister, Brother?" Well... this acronym is MUCH more fun for our kiddos to remember! "Does McDonalds Serve Burgers?" Attached is a template to create a flap-book hamburger to label out each part. It is a great product to make for an open house
M & M; M & M Math. M & M Data Analysis M & M Graphing. Mathematics has never been so delicious. Students love M and M Math. My best selling product is now available to use with M and M’s. The project uses the candy coated chocolates called M and M's which are marketed in small pa
Cookies in math class? Absolutely! This fun and engaging hands-on activity will get your students excited about doing math. Students will be designing their perfect cookie within the limits of a budget. They will be filling out order forms for cookies, candy and frosting then designing and dra
Project used after reading the Math Curse to the class. There is also a Reading Rainbow video available on some school subscription websites. This project is for students to find five different example of where math is in their everyday life. The first page explains the project. The second page
The world of competitive dog shows is getting a serious dose of swagg in this 21st Century Math Project. Tired of the traditional mumbo jumbo, organizers of the People’s Choice Dog Show set out to do something different. In traditional dog shows, the dogs and their handlers run in a circle. A single
A great 3rd grade class project that allows students to use addition in a fun and creative way. This project would be a great way to differentiate for a Gifted 2nd Grader or for a 4th or 5th grader than needs extra practice. *Written by: Differentiating with Mrs. Roberts
This project combines concepts of mathematics and economics, and allows differentiation and individualized student creativity. It is perfect for extending student learning, or reviewing concepts from the year. Students are initially given "$10,000" in which to invest in a farm. They are initiall
Circle Graph Geometry Activity - Everyone just wants their piece of the pie!This is a fun, multi-faceted project that will have your students creating and implementing a survey, converting their results using various mathematical operations, and creating a poster-sized circle graph incorporating var

showing 1-24 of 418 results

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