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One of the biggest misconceptions that students have is that they believe that the Sun travels around the Earth. My students were no exception...That is why I created this model that allows students to manipulate the Earth and the moon in order to gain a better understanding. With this activity, you
Engage students in a solar eclipse unit with these exciting activities, writing prompts, adorable crafts, viewer instructions, party ideas, and so much more. This resource is jam-packed with everything you need to celebrate a solar eclipse near your or conduct an in-depth study about them. Due to th
This STEAM project guides students through their research of the planets, sun, and moon and displays their learning in an attractive & surprising way! Fact Fans integrate reading, writing, and science, which both saves time and engages students. This project is ideal for practicing note-taking,
This learning activity was used as a culminating project for our outer space and planet unit. It is cross-curricular encompassing both science and language arts (and a little bit of math!) Students research a planet and create a passport full of information. The students then apply their knowledg
UPDATED with a new look!This fun research packet gives students a place to take notes on a planet. Here is what you get in this packet:- a fun research page with guiding questions- writing paper for a report- a planet scrapbook page- a travel brochure for visitors to your planet- cool websites and
{ Solar System Space Unit Lessons Activities Questions Projects Interactive Notebooks All About Space Planets Astronauts Sun Moon Stars } Solar System, Space, and Astronauts: Complete Interactive Notebook Unit SUBJECT: Science, Space, Solar System LEVEL: Elementary Grades Huge 116 Page Package!!
This Planet Model and Research Project will be a fun and meaningful learning experience for your students! Note: This resource has been newly updated with new research project choices as well as editable rubrics and parent letters! Please see the preview for examples of everything that is included.*
Learn about moon phases using the short, informational text. Make the craft activity to illustrate what you've read. Perfect for first and second grade. After studying about the phases of the moon, the students can make this clock to show the cycles of the moon and the order in which they occur.
Do you teach the phases of the moon? Why not make it fun and yummy too! Use these templates to help you teach the phases of the moon and lead your little space explorers into a fun day of Oreo madness! Enjoy! Thanks so much! Hilary Lewis Read more about Oreo Moon Madness, here! Come meet more TpT
This interactive notebook wheel makes learning the phases of the moon more engaging and meaningful. Students draw and label each phase and then create a wheel cover to see the moon wax and wane. A great way for students to test themselves on each phase because the next stage is covered and can then
ELA COMMON CORE STANDARDS BASED ACTIVITIES This original unit by Two Peas Learning (Hollis Hemmings) has been designed to deepen the understanding of the earth's relationship to the sun. It explores the earth's tilt, revolution, postiion and rotation. The learners will make projects that address the
Moon Art: “Moon Phases Booklet” and “Moon Cookie Project” Lesson Students create their own accordion style booklet featuring the phases of the moon with facts. They also create an edible “Phases of the Moon” cookie project. You will receive a lesson including handouts for students to use to compl
Don’t miss your opportunity to teach about solar eclipses with the first total eclipse in almost 40 years. On August 21, 2017 a total eclipse will pass right over the continental US and will be visible (either full or partial) from all areas of the US during the school day. This unit includes 2 h
iPad STEM project uses stop-motion video for students to recreate the Moon Phases. MS-ESS1-1This iPad® mobile digital device STEM Challenge project is a fun and creative way for students to demonstrate their learning or as an introduction to the lunar cycle. Students will use the enclosed direction
Solar Eclipse Crafts and Printables Included KLW Solar & Lunar Eclipse Handouts Two Solar Eclipse Crafts Compare and Contrast Writing Paper Coloring Page Questions email me at W.O.Worksheets@gmail.com See More Cafts Crafts for the Year See More Science Cafts Weather Craft Four Seasons Craft
What causes day and night? What causes seasons? This two day unit is designed to teach or supplement your study on day/night and seasons. It follows Indicators of Achievement {A} and {C} for the Georgia Performance Standards. S4E2. Students will model the position and motion of the earth in the so
Sell My Planet is a sensational solar system culminating activity. Students research a particular planet and use the research to create a persuasive presentation to convince others to "buy" their planet. This wonderful resource is complete with a page of step-by-step directions and a student grad
This solar system project allows students to explore different aspects of their assigned planet. The first page of the document is what you give the students to explain what your expectations are. Students are then required to research their assigned planet with their group members to find the ans
Students will create a Foldable Report on a planet in our Solar System. This unit is aligned to Common Core Writing Standards ~ W.2, W.4-6, W.7 (Conduct short research projects that build knowledge about a topic.), W.8 (Recall information from experiences or gather information from print and digita
No-prep, Solar System, Rotations and Revolutions, Sun, Earth and Moon, and Moon Phases Interactive Notebook!, a complete unit on the Solar System with thorough lessons, vocabulary, response activities, writing activities, graphic organizers and assessments. This is an easy, engaging way to teach st
Month long Moon log with space for the date and the correct phase. For more Moon lessons- check out these! Moon Phases Cut and Paste Practice Moon Basics reading for annotating with review questions embedded Review Moon Phases using your Birthday! Computers needed Moon Phase Calendar Cut and Pa
This is a project designed to coincide with any Solar System unit. Students create an alien that would survive on one of the specific seven planets. They must create ten physical features to help the alien survive on that planet. Organizers, assignment sheets, and assessment sheet included!
We used this as the end of our unit on constellations. Students were provided with a black sheet of construction paper. On the top of the page they illustrated the constellation of their choice. On the bottom of the page they used the template provided to share their research on that constellation.A
Space STEM Challenges is a collection ofactivities where students create spacecraft for different purposes. Your students will love designing, creating, engineering, predicting, and displaying theircreations. Spacecraft are vehicles that travel and operate in space. This activity can also be used fo

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