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***NOW FORMATTED for DIGITAL USE during distance learning!Looking for a new creative idea to teach the unit circle to your high school trig students that combines math with art in ready to display poster form? When you purchase, click DOWNLOAD to get the original 16 page static PDF document that inc
Similar to an Escape Room, this engaging fun project for Calculus students, uses techniques from the Volume of Revolution (part of the Applications to Integration Unit), to escape capture by Aliens.Your students have been unwittingly captured by aliens from the planet Relssek, and in order to be set
Three activities for inflection points and critical points. Discovering the 2nd Derivative Test, Calculus and the Economy, and Calculus and Diabetes. A key is included for Discovering the 2nd Derivative Test. Classes: calculus.
Optimization is a tricky topic in calculus. This one-day activity allows students to discover how calculus can help them. Each student (or small group) starts with an index card, which will be cut and folded up to form a box. First they calculate what would happen if the box is made various ways,
In this project, students use Calculus to find the volume of a real object without a simple geometric formula. The file includes a one-page description of the project and a half-page rubric for grading. For a more open-ended project, visit this other listing in my store: https://www.teacherspaytea
Applications of Differentiation Maximization Calculus Project:This Calculus project is an activity for optimization and the Applications of Differentiation Unit. Students are given a sheet of poster board of a specific size and are asked to create a box (with a fold-down lid) of maximum volume.Teac
This is a project I assign to my AP Calculus students as a way to review for the AP. It is based off the calculus book for dummies concept. Each chapter has an individual set of requirements, all created by myself. Please feel free to edit as you see fit. It is a great project to review for the AP
So it is the end of the year. You're burnt out. The kids are burnt out. But you need to review for the Final Exams/End of Year Testing. Here is a great project for your students that will get them engaged and have them reviewing the material without the class getting bored with the same old examples
This webquest is a search for the "Father of Calculus." Students will explore the contributions of Liebniz and Newton and write an editorial supporting their decision as to who is the true father of calculus. Students can work in groups but all submit their own editorial and supporting documentati
This 5 page document allows students to write character descriptions as they watch the movie. It also provides questions which ask them to consider important themes and messages as they watch. Easy to answer questions are provided for students to fill in while watching the movie to keep them att
Students use what they know to create an original or adapted piece of art using the ability to transform basic functions on a co-ordinate plane to describe an image.
This is a poster project whereby students create 3-dimensional models of physical objects by using cross sections. Students determine what functions to use for their base regions and the cross sections. They use a spreadsheet to calculate the Riemann sum for their objects and compare their calcula
A task to take your students through discovery of what polar coordinates are and the graphs that they make. Students should be able to complete this alone or with a partner with little to no instruction - as stated, an investigation! The investigation will take students through the following: Pa
This worksheet is used after teaching vertical, horizontal, slant and quadratic asymptotes of Rational Functions. Questions include working backwards (given the graph, write an equation) which includes work with vertical, horizontal and slant aymptotes, x intercepts and y intercepts. There is also
This project requires students to use critical thinking to write an equation for optimizing the amount of wrapping paper used to wrap multiple rectangular boxes. The students must consider overlap, overhang, and constant exposed surface area in order to arrive at a conclusion. The product includes a
This pdf file is the rubric which accompanies the "Famous Curves Project". Note the extreme low cost.
Using parametric equations to plot the path of a Hurricane. Students use TI-83/84 calculator and the regression capabilities to find equations.
This is a project relating exponential growth and decay to the zombie apocalypse. Students go through the infection and deprive their equation with the help of a table. Apply change of base formula and logs to find calculations, and get a short glimpse at exponential decay. The packet is about 6 pag
This witty project has the students utilize a number of Calculus concepts such as: Riemann sums, over/under approximations, the FTC, accumulation, average value and average rate of change. It has the students analyze student reading abilities and see whether the new computer program geared towards
Students create their own related rates problem with a Thanksgiving/Winter theme.
This project involves two activities for the classroom to help teach related rates in calculus. The activities will take 2 days. This project has 6 pages (4 for activity, 1 teacher notes, 1 alternate assignment). I use this project in my calculus class after teaching implicit differentiation. Thi
This lab includes two versions of a catapult lab (calculus based and non-calculus based). Students work in groups to collect data on a ball launched using a catapult. Students create regression equations using a graphing calculator or spreadsheet. Also included is a painted cubes lab that includes
This is a project with twelve different versions. The goal is to minimize the construction cost of a airplane hangar and each version (Versions A-L) has slightly different parameters. Answers included. The intent of this project was for optimization in calculus but it could also be used with a TI
Students must research the path of a past hurricane and create the parametric equations for the coordinates. This is a follow-up activity for the Hurricane Tracking activity I also have listed.

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