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Game of Life - Financial Literacy - Math Project - Distance Learning Compatible
Analyze spending, use budgets, compute monthly payments and tie everything together in the Game of Life! A REAL WORLD 21ST CENTURY MATH PROJECT! Basic Operations, Percentages and Critical Thinking are put to the test in this financial literacy challenge! This is 60 page pdf with 3 assignments and 1

Also included in: 21st Century Pre-Algebra Math Project Starter Bundle -- Common Core Aligned


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Creating a SMART Goal Board with students will help students develop their growth mindset while simultaneously preparing them to think about their future! As we all know, it is extremely important for students to set goals for the school year AND for life outside of school. This engaging, hands-o

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Career Project with Budgets and Loans- Distance Learning- Text Fillable!
Career, Budgets, and Loans Math Project--- Project Based Learning!**STUDENTS CAN FILL IT OUT!***If your students are like mine, they are always saying, “When will I ever use math in real life?” This engaging financial literacy project will help them see that math will always be in their lives. Stud

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College Research Pennant Project With Worksheet
Get your students excited about the college research process with this creative pennant project. Students select a college and conduct research about the school, using the research guide. Then, they use the information to create a pennant which can be displayed in the classroom or hallway. I used 1

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Minimum Wage - Project
**This product now contains a digital format in addition to a printable (PDF format), perfect for distance learning or paperless classrooms. Do you want to give your students real-world, valuable information about the realities of living on minimum wage? This packet contains everything students nee

Also included in: Life Skills Bundle


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Career Readiness - Cover Letter, Résumé, Job Application, and Mock Interview
**This product now contains a digital format in addition to a printable (PDF format), perfect for distance learning or paperless classrooms. Do you want to give your students a real-world, valuable experience that will help them prepare for future job interviews? This packet contains our students'

Also included in: Life Skills Bundle


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Career Research Project with Worksheets and Sample
Get your students excited about researching careers with this creative project. Students select a career or occupation and conduct research, using the research guide. Then, they use the information to create a poster in the style of a business card, which can be displayed in the classroom or hallway

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FREE Project-Based Learning Materials for the English Classroom • 20Time Project
Welcome to 20Time, where students spend 20 percent of their class time over a 12-week period pursuing a meaningful project of their own choosing. In this free packet, you’ll find a variety of materials to help guide middle-school and high-school students through this project-based learning experienc

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Career Readiness BUNDLE: Are Your Students Prepared for Life After HS?
Career Ready Bundle 101: Are Your Students Prepared for Life After High School I have bundled 4 of my career readiness products for a fraction of the price! ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY! :) This product includes: - Resume, Cover letter, and Interview Unit - What NOT to do during an i

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Career Exploration Activities BUNDLE (resume, cover letter, job interview, etc.)
This 175+ page packet bundle provides students with a variety of information and activities that help to introduce them to the skills necessary for obtaining a job or career. As there are a lot of documents included in this file, a teacher instruction page has been provided to help organize how you


Career Exploration | Lapbook | Career Day Activity
This 21 page download is a complete kit with black line masters and photo illustrations for making a career lapbook with your students. Students can research a career of their choice and then fill out the various foldable parts of the lapbook. This lapbook kit contains the following interactive part

Also included in: Social Studies BUNDLE: Interactive Kits


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Intro to Science & Engineering: STEM Critical Thinking Challenges
A great way to introduce STEM into your classroom! How does a scientist explore the world? How can you think like an engineer? Students will explore these questions and more through a series of critical thinking STEM exercises. Click here for an editable STEM journal to use with distance learning, i

Also included in: Back to School Bundle: 50 Icebreaker Activities


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Career Exploration Flipbook - Career Development - School Counseling
This Career Exploration Flipbook gives students the opportunity to explore a career field and the necessary education, skills/abilities, and daily tasks. The book is designed to be used with the career resource, but can also function as an independent at-home project or

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MegaBundle for Microsoft Office 2016, 2019 Lessons-Word PowerPoint Excel Outlook
THIS IS IT! Great for teachers tasked with teaching an entire Microsoft Office module!Complete 4 course bundle of lesson plans for Microsoft Office 2016 & 2019 (will also work for Microsoft Office 2013 but some tabs and menus may be named differently)Applications: 33 Word lessons35 PowerPoint l

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Career Exploration: A Job Interview Project
Career exploration is an important life skill for students! This career readiness project is perfect as a career day project.Give students the chance to think about what their future careers or job might be. Students will examine their own interests and then fill out a resume and job application b

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When I Grow Up: A Research Project for Elementary Kids
Help your students connect their current classroom learning to their future goals and aspirations with this fun research project designed just for elementary level kiddos. This project is perfect to build intrinsic motivation and connect to real world learning!Students will explore different career

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Career Research Project -  Planning my Future!
This is a multi-step research project that students customize to their specific interests and goals. First, students should explore many different careers and professions (see my Career Worksheet - Research that is for sale on TPT), This project is the next step in the career readiness project. E

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Career Exploration and Research Project
Career Research Project | PDF & Digital Formats: Help your students think purposely about their futures with this Career Exploration and Research Project. Students will get excited about career research by taking an online career quiz, then brainstorming possible career choices.Then they will fo

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College and Career Readiness Goal Setting Activity
This is my favorite goal setting activity for my school college and career awareness kickoff day! College and Career Readiness is at the heart of teaching Common Core! This fun and easy to teach lesson is perfect for college day  and it make a great bulletin board to hang up before parent night!

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What Will I be When I Grow Up?  Unit for Exploring Personal Finances and Careers
What Will I Be When I Grow Up? Preparing Students Preparing students for their future careers can be a challenge since we now know that many of the students today will be working in careers that aren’t even invented yet. I don’t consider myself all that old but still, any career that includes the I

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College, Military, and Career Portfolio Project
This amazing project allows students to research, explore, learn, and prepare for life after high school. The project gives students three pathways to choose from (college, career, or military) and requires them to research their chosen path and complete activities to prepare for it. Students bound

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Career Research Lapbook
Allow your students the opportunity to research the career of their choice in a fun engaging way. This Foldable activity gives the students a GREAT keepsake with relevant information about the career of their choose. Some of the information in which the students will research is the history, earn

Also included in: Career Research Bundle


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Beginning of Year or End of Year Math Career Project -Real Life Math Application
Do you want your students to understand that Math is relevant? Do you want your students to realize that they will actually need math skills for their jobs one day? Then this is the perfect project! Using the example job profile I've provided along with the easy-to-follow instructions, your stude

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Famous Chef Project for a FCS Culinary Arts 1 Class
At least in the state of Texas, we have an objective (TEK) that we have to hit in Culinary Arts 1 that is understanding where modern cooking came from including the famous chefs that made it that way. So I always do a famous chef project (usually at the very beginning of second semester when they g

Also included in: Culinary Arts/Foods Course BUNDLE + 25 Bonus Files & Lesson Plans


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