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Thank you for your interest in this Activity Bundle for Grade 2 Dance (Ontario Curriculum)! There are a variety of activities that you will find in this bundle -Elements of Dance Display Cards: Put these up in your classroom so that students remember the different elements of dance they should be
This package provides junior-intermediate French immersion Dance teachers with everything they need (aside from music – suggestions available on my blog) to have students plan and perform an original group dance presentation, demonstrating what they know about the elements of dance. It includes many
This dance resource is good for teaching dance to French Immersion students. This is the French resource: Dance Smash which my grade 7’s and 8’s thoroughly enjoyed. This lesson would typically take a minimum of 4-6 classes once per week. The hook is an engaging Youtube video to get students think
An introductory lesson to dance that involves viewing videos and answering reflective questions, An assignment in which students choreograph their own dance about a social justice issue, and a self reflection and group evaluation form. Ideal for middle years or high school Art/Dance
This set includes seven familiar American folk songs (ten arrangements), perfect for creating a themed unit and/or performance, tying into social studies lessons, using as literacy fluency activities, or enriching musical exploration of meter, form, chords and melody. (Please check out my preview f
Adaptable to any grade this assignment allows students to explore and research a variety of dance styles and present their findings on one dance style and present or teach the class a few basic steps. Easy instructions to follow and questions to guide research to minimize plagerism.
This researched based assignment is used as a summative for the Dance portion of Health and Physical Education. The 4 page document includes: - A detailed outline of the assignment including success criteria - A list of dance genres that students can choose from to research, present and perform for
This unit is for theater arts or musical theater students who are learning about musicals and producing a musical play. This file includes: - Power points with vocabulary terms for musicals and musical production - A written test (with an answer key) over these terms - A handout featuring different
PREVIEW AVAILABLE!LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? CHECK OUT OTHER STEM RESOURCES IN MY SHOP!FROM THE CREATOR OF 50 STEM LABS & 50 MORE STEM LABS comes this collection of 50 Activities for kids supporting learning in the Arts. Recommended for grades K to 6 and up! Each one has a snappy title, a brief set of
Traditional ankle bells worn by dancers are known by various names in different parts of India. In Tamilnadu, they are known as Salangai. In Kerala, they are called Chilanka. In North India, you can find ankle bells called ghungroo. In this easy craft activity you can learn more about traditional
This is a fun, high energy project that takes anywhere from 1 week to 8 days to complete. Your 13 page packet includes detailed lesson plans, key questions, printables for students, and more! There are even suggested modifications for special needs and gifted students! The Drama "Rock Show" packet
Aligned with the 2009 Arts curriculum in Ontario, this rubric is used for the final task of a dance unit for intermediate grades. There is also a student reflection included where they can identify their strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement.
This educational task was created to have students be exposed to a variety of different genres of dance. Students can work in groups or independently to research and present a dance to their classmates. This package includes a graphic organizer and rubric to help students lessons reflect the gradua
Get your students MOVING! Here is a list of movements for Rhythm/Lummi Sticks to get your creative juices flowing. The list includes Simple movements from sitting, standing, walking, marching through Advanced movements with or without a partner to name a few. Explanations are provided for those unf
This activity includes a rubric and guidelines for students to perform a Lip-Sync Project. Students can be enrolled in Drama class (really any level of knowledge) or Music class. ACTIVITY: Students choose an appropriate song, and for this rubric up to 3 people may perform one song and receive cr
A simple 4 day, yet FUN approach to students making up original choreography to one of their favorite songs! Students are asked to choose a song that "tells a story!" They have to write out the story in their own words. Then using the elements of Artistic Dance, they have to create choreography t
This is a great activity for early finishers, emergency sub plans, or a homework assignment, or final assessment. It covers music, art, dance, and theater. It gives the students the opportunity to choose what parts to complete-- I usually have them draw a line (like Tic Tac Toe) through the three ac
If you have a United States floor map or floor puzzle, then you need to try this kinesthetic, fun, and engaging activity. Students practice their cardinal directions as a learning center or small group activity, using this recording sheet and a floor map.
This is a great way to start off the year! I use a math autobiography project to get to know my students and give them a chance to express themselves creatively. The description, questions, and rubric are included!
A really FUN way to get your students up out of their desks and being creative on their feet! Do your students dream about being the next YouTube sensation??? Mine do.....all the time!? ***Go to YouTube or Vimeo and search "APHSTheaterAndDance" to see the pilot/example video for the "Doin The Mr.
This project sheet describes what students are expected to do in creating a dance/movement video to review and practice the 22 anatomical movements. A rubric is included for scoring.
Resources designed to help you lead drama or theatre students through a simple performance project based on acting exercises designed by Viola Spolin, the internationally recognized originator of theatre games. The project also encourages students to explore being a sound designer, as students must
This five-page rubric describes in detail what students should do to complete this project. It also has the guidelines for scoring the project in ten different categories.Students will create an original dance to a piece of music using rotations, translations, dilations, and reflections. Transformat
Dance Around the World Class Play Cast of 30 Duration around 20 minutes (though with inclusion of full playlist this could potentially go up to 60 minutes plus!) What teacher in their right mind would allow their class to choose the theme for their class play? This one did .. with life changing cons

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