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The concepts of "wants" and "needs" are important for kids to learn early on, and this activity pack is exactly what you need to teach this lesson! It's designed for the primary grades, although it can be used in the upper grades, as well. Your students will have a blast! Download the preview for d
A hands-on PBL unit to teach economics. It covers many different concepts through a real life project. After learning vocabulary your students will go through a project that will teach them all about economics. This is not a direct teaching product, but a project based learning product.Why will thes
This is an economics unit for second grade that is aligned with Second Grade Common Core Social Studies Standard E.1.1-1.6. This unit includes almost everything you need to teach this standard. There are lesson plans for you, a student book, a study guide, a test, a take home project with a parent
Everyone loves pizza. Your students open their own pizza restaurant. This student-centered project based learning math unit incorporates collaboration and differentiation by giving student choice. This OPEN A PIZZA RESTAURANT real-world challenge requires students to use inquiry, critical thinking,
This is a great economics and Project Based Learning unit for any time of the year; everyone loves chocolate! This is the perfect economics unit for primary students with a yummy Chocolate Shop theme. Students can work collaboratively as they create their own chocolate bars. YUM!! And, it will go
Students will be highly engaged with this project-based learning unit! I have included a step by step guide in order to make this unit a success. Planning sheets, photos, and descriptions are included so that the implementation is smooth! Students will choose a good or service to make and sell.
This economics bag book or interactive notebook kit includes 13 PAGES OF INFORMATIONAL PASSAGES about goods and services, economic choices (needs and wants), producers and consumers, budgets, supply and demand, renewable and nonrenewable resources, and international trade, plus black line masters an
Click on the following links to see more interactive notebook activities: Ancient Egypt Interactive Notebook Activities 5 Major Religions Interactive Notebook ActivitiesThis "Social Studies Interactive Notebook" includes activities for the following topics: Section 1- 8 Strands of S.S. *1 activit
Economics skills are organized into one place for students to learn, manipulate, and study with this Interactive notebook. *The parents of my students LOVE this notebook when it comes time for their child to study for a test. *My students love making them!! You can either add each concept through
(Totally UPDATED) This comprehensive economics and entrepreneurship project based learning unit focuses on grades 3-5. (Sixth grade can even benefit.) As a project based learning unit, students learn about local businesses and how they create business plans and advertise. This Open a Business pbl un
Embrace the holiday craziness & turn your classroom into a North Pole workshop. The overall idea of this unit is to turn your students into entrepreneurs and your classroom into a North Pole workshop! You will teach various social studies concepts and will guide students into developing business
This is a project based economics unit that is totally hands-on and motivating. Students create their own businesses then buy and sell from each other. Directions and examples of student projects are included. Created for second and third grade students.Learning Objective: Students will understa
Are you working on teaching your kids the hardships and joys of the economy? This project is a great, interactive way for your students to learn about budgeting, making choices and balancing LIFE! This project is designed to be a month-long project for upper elementary students. Students chose d
Complete grade 4 project based inquiry unit for Physical RegionsThis inquiry unit covers everything that you will need to meet the expectations for the People and Environments strand of the updated Ontario curriculum. This inquiry unit focuses on the big idea concepts of the curriculum. It allows
This is a fun project activity where students create a travel brochure for a chosen (or teacher-assigned) country. This project works well because the students know exactly what information that they need and where to put it on the brochure. It makes researching so much easier for everyone! There ar
Have you tried Project-Based Learning in your classroom? It's completely changed the way I teach, and the level of engagement from my students is amazing! This packet includes everything you need to put on a real market at school with your students. As part of this Project-Based Learning task, your
Make economics real for your students! This packet contains everything you need to implement a successful market day in your classroom! Students will learn about the principles of supply and demand, goods and services, production and consumption, and more! What's included in this packet: Page 4
You can purchase this product with other consumer math and personal finance activities and projects in a BUNDLE:Consumer Math and Financial Literacy Activities & Projects BUNDLEUpdated to also include a Google Classroom™ version in addition to the original print-friendly version! ***************
A elementary unit designed to look at how food gets from our nation's farms to our local grocery stores. Includes an introduction to important economic vocabulary and a booklet that explains the basic history of food production in our country. L1: Assessing Prior Knowledge… • What is a Farm?• Needs
Lawn Boy Novel Guide, Test, Online Stock Market Simulation includes everything a teacher needs to use this great book in your classroom. Introduce students to economics, financial literacy, and personal finance using Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen. This comprehensive guide to Lawn Boy includes: - Chapte
***My best seller***When studying about the difference between goods and services, students can create their own "town." They have to design different buildings/stores that offer goods AND services. They need to use their creativity to come up with neat store names and decorate their buildings. T
This product incorporates many aspects of the business world including: marketing, finance, sales, advertising, business pitches, business plans, etc. This is a semester long business simulation project meant to accompany a high school business course. For this project I split up the students into g
This packet is meant to be used during a third grade economics unit. Students create their own pretend candy company. The packet leads them through creating their own candy product, choosing necessary resources to put it into production, and responding to certain economic situations that may arise
The popular TV show Shark Tank gives contestants the chance to share their business idea with a team of investors referred to as sharks. This project mimicks the TV show and makes a great end-of-the-year project or a project to raise funds for your class or school. Students come up with a project or

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