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Set the stage to engage! This unit is a great way to organize a classroom or school-wide election! Students will conduct playground polls, run polling centers, campaign and learn what it's really like to vote in an election--- hands on! :) Please read the following description to see if this unit
Are you looking for an fun and educational way to learn about elections. This is a great packet for k-3 teachers to get geared up for the Presidential Election of 2020. You can take them through tthe process and vote on your own class president (stuffed animal). There are loads of activities include
2020 Presidential Election Unit Everything you need to teach this year's election to your students. This is an unusual year and students will be talking about the election this fall. This unit will provide all of the background they need on the candidates, their stances on the issues, and the pres
When I Become President CraftivityThis set is perfect for learning about presidents and the election. It includes:- A President/Election Craftivity with a picture, patterns, and directions- Writing prompt: When I become president (1 line & 3 dotted)- Writing prompt: If I were president... (1
Presidential Bottle Buddies, an all time FAVORITE project of mine. They look so wonderful displayed in the hallway or classroom alongside their bio poems. I use this project when reading the biography genre in reading workshop. It also is excellent to use for a social studies project or in the mo
This unit was designed to meet Colorado Content Standards for Third Grade. This 35 page unit is designed to be taught over 20 days of class time. It integrates technology for several lessons. It introduces students to state and local government positions: Senator State Representatives Governor
This cute Emergent Reader and Craftivity packet provides a fun way to get a little crafty while focusing on literacy skills and social studies content. Included in this packet: A full-size, color version of an original emergent reader titled, "Election Day" A small, B/W student take-home version of
We are deep into the election season, but how well do your students really know the candidates, the issues and the roles of the president? This bundle gives your students the opportunity to explore all of that in a student-centered, engaging and fun way! Please note that this unit will be updated a
Federal, State, and Local Governments are made simple for your students with this power point. I use the first part of the power point after the students learn about the constitution in the fall, and then show the whole thing in the spring when students campaign and are elected for the Leadership Cl
Challenge your students with this Election Project! Even though this is meant to use with the 2016 election, it can be used for future elections. Everything that is included in this project is in the preview. The activities are fun and engaging and cover a wide-range of learners. It is a semester l
This a lapbook for your students to fill out for the 2020 Election! It includes:~ 2 covers for the lap book: one with full color and one with partial color to save ink and allows your students to color.~ A flipbook to compare the 2 parties. There is also inserts that the students can glue to descr
Your students have been hired to create "Help Wanted Advertisements" to find a highly qualified person to become the next president. The task of your students is to create a help wanted ad describing the constitutional qualifications, presidential powers and more. They'll also consider the actions
This writing craftivity includes an Abraham Lincoln hat template and boy or girl options. Designed to be used with President's Day or Election Day for students to think about what they would do if they were President.
The 2020 Presidential Election will be here soon! Teach your students about the electoral college as they analyze data to predict the next President of the United States!Each student is assigned a state, and they graph its voting history over the past ten elections. Using this information, along wit
{Presidents' Day, presidents' day, President's Day, Presidents' Day Activity, If I were President} If I were President: Poster Projects and Writing prompts SUBJECT: Social Studies, English Language Arts LEVEL: Elementary Grades If I were President: Poster Projects and Writing Prompts are fun and
Assignment to write a letter to a congressperson about an issue the student feels strongly about. A template is included in business letter format.
Election Scrapbook Project & PPT is a hands-on approach to the upcoming elections. Students will create a scrapbook that is divided into sections such as... "Meet the Candidates" which allows students to get to know each candidate, their platforms, political advertisements and much more. I hav
Included in this 25 page unit are activities to help your students create their own campaign, speech, and elect a class mascot. This goes well with the Government for Big Kids.Included are:Create a campaign slogan for your candidate2. Let’s make a campaign poster3. Speech time!4. Voter registration
Are you looking to integrate this year's elections into your classroom? If so, this is the kit for you. In this 18 page document you will find Full Color and Black and white copies of each of the following... 1. Full Page Voting Ballot 2. Four to a Page Voting Ballots 3. Full Page Voting Graph With
Challenge your Civics students to become informed voters this election. Guide them through researching political party platforms and the candidates running for office as well as evaluating real campaign ads in this inquiry-driven PBL kit.Highly-scaffolded with critical thinking and source skill-buil
Compare historical presidential campaign posters, then have your students create their own! Also included are posters for a mock election between Penny Pig and Freddy Frog. What's included: 6 campaign posters from 1840-1944 Venn diagram to compare and contrast two campaign posters “What makes a
This craftivity is such a fun way for your class to celebrate President's Day! It is based on the book "My Teacher for President" by Kay Winters. Our class had an idea that they wanted to write why their mom or dad would make a great president. The activities in this unit will explain what it mea
Presidents' Day: If I were President: Writing Prompt Filled Mini Book Presidents’ Day takes place on February 17th, and is a great time to celebrate some great presidents in United States history. This writing prompt filled mini book provides students with fun and engaging educational activities t
Help your students understand the key differences of the two major political parties as well as four minor parties (Libertarian Party, Green Party, Constitution Party, & Modern Whig Party). Students will use the party platforms to help them understand the perspectives of the political parties on

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