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Career Research Project -  Planning my Future!
This is a multi-step research project that students customize to their specific interests and goals. First, students should explore many different careers and professions (see my Career Worksheet - Research that is for sale on TPT), This project is the next step in the career readiness project. E

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What Will I be When I Grow Up?  Unit for Exploring Personal Finances and Careers
What Will I Be When I Grow Up? Preparing Students Preparing students for their future careers can be a challenge since we now know that many of the students today will be working in careers that aren’t even invented yet. I don’t consider myself all that old but still, any career that includes the I

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Life Skills Bundle
**This product now contains a digital format in addition to a printable (PDF format), perfect for distance learning or paperless classrooms. This no-prep bundle includes everything you need to provide your students with real-world life skills. Designed to motivate as well as provide a "reality check


Fast Food Lessons - 3 Days of Fun Lessons on How to Choose Healthier Fast Food!
★★★★★ These are fun "unhealthy versus healthier" fast food choices lessons and includes an art project too! This resource is a student favorite! They have so much fun with this informative restaurant group activity!This is also one of my "BEST-SELLING" individual Health lessons!★NEW!! This res

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Famous Chef Project for a FCS Culinary Arts 1 Class
At least in the state of Texas, we have an objective (TEK) that we have to hit in Culinary Arts 1 that is understanding where modern cooking came from including the famous chefs that made it that way. So I always do a famous chef project (usually at the very beginning of second semester when they g

Also included in: Culinary Arts/Foods Course BUNDLE + 25 Bonus Files & Lesson Plans


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Foods Around the World Project for Culinary Arts or Foods Class
This is a foods around the world project meant for a family and consumer science foods course of culinary arts 1 course. In the zipped file you will find a pdf of the rubric (as well as it in word so you can edit it) and a country sign up list.

Also included in: Culinary Arts/Foods Course BUNDLE + 25 Bonus Files & Lesson Plans


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Culinary Symbolism Project-Based Learning for ANY Piece of Literature
A fun project-based learning activity to use with ANY piece of literature! Great for: *Book projects *End-of-novel projects *Creativity boosters *Emergency sub day activity *Collaboration with Home Economics classes This lesson includes two written examples. One of the examples is appropriat

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Jobs & Careers Online Research Project - Differentiated Distance Learning
This 4-5 day project allows students to explore the impact of their interests and skills on their future career choices. Students use the website to take an interest survey that matches them with jobs and careers that use these skills and subjects. For this project, students ex

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Cool Careers: A Career Research Project
Cool Careers is perfect for a middle school family and consumer sciences class or a life planning class! Students use the Bureau of Labor Statistics to research a career and create a brochure about the career. The file includes project instructions, a research worksheet, and 71 family and consumer

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Budget Project to be used in FCS Interpersonal Studies Class
This budget project is meant to be used in a Family & Consumer Sciences Interpersonal Studies or Individual and Family Life course. The budget project has the students work in pairs to make a budget based on a scenario given to them. This project zipped file includes: Budget Project Guidelines

Also included in: All my Interpersonal Studies/Individual and Family Life Files BUNDLE


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Budgeting Project - Personal Finance
CORONAVIRUS LESSON: This would be a good lesson for students who have to do their work at home. It's self directed and most have the software to complete it. I've dropped the price to make it more affordable. Good luck teachers in this tough time!LET STUDENTS CREATE THEIR OWN BUDGETS! This is a

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College Bound Project (TEKS 8.12G)
This project asks students to answer reflection questions and fill out tables as they look up the costs of going to the college of their choice and create a plan to pay for the first year. We used this at the end of our financial math unit, especially focusing on how to calculate interest and the im

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Cooking Show Video Project
Students will enjoy creating their own cooking show with this project. Teachers can use this project for interdisciplinary activities such as A. Multicultural Day B. Country Research Report (Food and Culture) C. International Cuisine D. Career Day Includes - Cooking Show Project Outline - Cooking

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Child Development - Child Observation Projects Packet
Child Observation Projects Packet provides printable observation projects for high school students. Three observation projects are included:Newborn/Infant ObservationToddler Observation4-6 Year Old ObservationStudents must collect details about a child they are observing - age, sex, special conditi

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Sewing Pattern and Tutorial: Heart Oven Mitt
This is the perfect mini-sewing project for beginners and experts alike! This resource not only includes the pattern pieces to make this adorable heart oven mitt, but it also includes detailed, step-by-step instructions with pictures. It's the perfect project for whipping out gifts for family membe

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Real Life Economics Project
This project is designed to provide your students with a glimpse of what it is like to be an adult. They will have a career and earn money every day. During the simulation the students are treated as adults; they have responsibilities, such as making sure they have food to eat, a warm safe place to

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Job Interview Unit: PowerPoint, Notes, Test Project, and More
This folder contains everything needed for a comprehensive job interview unit. The unit includes 10 files: -Job vs. career PowerPoint: this 13-slide PowerPoint introduces the idea of a job versus a career and discusses some of the factors that should be considered in choosing a career. It then talk

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Babysitter Kit Mini Project for FCS Child Development Class
This mini project, Babysitter Kit, is meant to be used in a high school Family and Consumer Science child development class. The babysitter kit has the student make a babysitter resume, two song cards, three nutritional snack ideas, and three games or activities.

Also included in: All of my Child Development Materials BUNDLE


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Menu Planning Project for a Hospitality Course Includes Supporting Files
This a project for a high school hospitality course (such as principles of hospitality and tourism). When you purchase this project you are getting 4 powerpoints (explained below), project guidelines handout and menu description checklists (to hand out to students) The project has a powerpoint tha

Also included in: All my Hospitality Course Files BUNDLE


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Interior Design's "What's Your Style?"
Fully editableThis is an excellent first week of school activity for your Interior Design students. Of course, you can use this fully editable activity whenever you wish in your class.As a future Interior Designer, your students will need to have the ability to demonstrate to a client that they unde

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iFACS:  Technology Projects for the FACS Classroom
This project book contains over 20 technology projects for use in the FACS classroom. Each project includes:-project overview page-student project sheet-rubric**some include additional handouts!***A lot of the projects included can be adapted for a variety of class subjects.

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6 Day Project - Child Development Stages
This is a PDF document that describes a self-directed project for your Child Development / Family Studies / Family Consumer Sciences students to complete in pairs. Each pair will sign up for a particular stage of child development (listed on the document). They will become experts in that stage by

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Buy That House Packet Project
A packet that helps guide learning using technology, collaborative learning, and real life situations. Students work at their own pace through a packet, choosing different scenarios that allow them to have a choice in their learning. Students work with adding decimals, percents, and division. All th

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Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Development
Along with learning about the different stages of cognitive development created by Jean Piaget, students will have to find a toy that coincides with each stage. They are to create an advertisement that shows parents what stage the toy works for, the age range, the cognitive task that the toy is hel

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