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{ Forensic Science Crime Scene Analysis Physical Science Stations Forensic Science Project } Hook your students into science by investigating a crime scene and solving The Case of the Vandalized Wall. Someone has vandalized the school wall and lots of evidence has been left at the scene. It appe
The beloved science teacher at JKF Middle School has been found dead in her classroom and YOUR Junior Crime Detectives are on the case.Using their skills critical thinking skills, deductive reasoning, and team work, the Junior Crime Detectives work in partnerships or teams to solve the murder myster
Forensic Science. Crime Scene Analysis. Physical Science Stations. Forensic Science Project. Your students will love science when they are given the opportunity to investigate a crime scene and solve the case of The Shop Burglar. Centered on a property crime, an unknown person has broken into the
What if the Seven Dwarves used toxicology to determine the poison that harmed Snow White? Prince Charming could have saved himself a lot of time by running tests on blood left in the glass slipper. And a simple fingerprint scan might have given Rumplestiltskin's true identity without all the guesswo
This is a forensic science project that will take about 6 days to complete, depending on how much in-class work days your provide. Students will make a physical model of a crime scene, along with a typed scenario and a detailed description of the evidence. Groups will be trading their model and s
In this assignment students will create a presentation of a mock crime scene based on a fairytale. Each crime will include characters from common fairytales. Students will include evidence to create a crime scene scenario. The assignment is organized into two main projects. The first part of the
Welcome to The Cookie Jar Mystery- An exciting adventure in the world of forensic science!(Please Note: This version of the Cookie Jar Mystery is geared for older students in grades 6-8 due to the pace and complexity of the activities. This set also has the mock trial built into the last module and
Your students will love this activity! Stoichiometry, chemical formulas, empirical formulas, and percent composition will soon be your students favorite topics after they complete this lesson. The purpose of this lab is to help students understand how percent composition data can be used to solv
This project will give students a hands on experience to better understand the key parts of the brain. They will work in groups and then apply the information from the project to an in class “open brain” quiz to review the content. File Includes: • Project Handout • Project grading sheet • In clas
The Case Study Investigation report provides students with an opportunity to conduct an in-depth analysis of a case. Forensics plays a role in all of the cases to some degree - in some of the cases forensic analysis was key to arriving at a thorough understanding of the elements of the crime, where
Students will create a diorama or shadow box for a biome of their choice. The 3 page project packet requires students to write about their biome and to list biotic and abiotic factors which are included in their shadow box. Students will create a food web which represents all the biotic factors of t
Forget the worksheet and get their hands busy building a brain. This is a great hands-on activity that supports tactile learners and give fidgetters something to do with in their hands. Easy prep and teacher guide walks you through the process. When assembled students puzzle is approximately 15 inch
This is another case for students to solve. It uses coded messages, and fingerprints. There are parts for each suspect. I also include how to use this across curriculums.
This is a great lab to include while teaching your students about food chains. Students have the opportunity to dissect an owl pellet and discover the contents within. Using those pieces as clues, students will be able to answer the questions in this lab to determine where in the food chain an owl
Students will create a Frayer model foldable which will help them understand the different types of evidence used in forensic science. The forensic science vocabulary words are: *Physical evidence *Trace Evidence *Transient Evidence *Circumstantial Evidence Frayer Models require students to defin
Students will create a wanted poster of an infamous wild west outlaw. This project would be great for a forensic science class or even an american history project. This project includes BOTH a google doc digital version and a printable option. This way, if you are you looking for a print and go assi
This is a 7-page PDF project that includes a detailed rubric to guide the students through their actions and recording. A lesson plan is also included with this product. Since this is in the second unit of my course, it is usually near the beginning of the year. We haven’t gotten into the details
Using this project, students will find articles that not only interest them but that also relate to classroom content during a DNA and Protein Synthesis Unit. I usually prompt students to use this as an opportunity to find articles that cover something that they are passionate about or curious about
Ready, Set, Get Creative... With our Write Your Own Murder Mystery Deluxe Kit - You and Your Students can challenge yourself to write your own mystery. Challenge your students to write their own mystery!!This DELUXE WRITE YOUR OWN Murder Mystery kit includes:Template for victim and suspect profile c
Ever wonder how our first president really died? Have students resolve this issue by conducting a cold case investigation. Materials provided: teacher resources, student handouts, cold case file including crime scene photos and witness statements, and video resource. This lesson was originally use
This activity serves to provide students the opportunity to research specific diseases, syndromes, and unique traits that result from genetic mutations, and present that information in the form of a small poster. This product includes the following items: - Project introduction and list of requir
This is a great cross-curriculum activity with finger prints and writing. Students will get to show their uniqueness and be artistic and be scientific. Have the students first make ink prints of their finger prints to see what type of print they have (arch, loop, swirl).
"Wanted Ad" project for forensic science students to have them research a career of their choice and create a poster on it to share with their classmates. The product comes with an outline for research and a rubric for both student evaluations and teacher scores.
Need a NO-PREP, end of the year project for your Forensics class? This SERIAL KILLER CEREAL BOX project is a favorite amongst my Forensics students and the print-and-go option is perfect for busy teachers. Students will use the included worksheet to research a serial killer of choice and showcase in

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