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Music In Our Schools Month - Music Listening Journals Want to get your students listening to wide variety of music? Celebrate MIOSM by exposing your upper elementary, middle, or high school students to different music each day of March and create a listening journal. Students will listen to a pie
This is a portfolio that can accompany a unit on instrument families. It includes one page for each of the four families which provides an outline for students to fill in as the teacher presents the lesson. It can be adapted and used as a lab or experiment for older students if stations are an opt
This set includes step by step guidance to help students compose using the following forms: ABA, ABACA, ABCBA in 3/4 meter or 4/4 meter. Choose the form and meter you want to focus on with your kids. There are three levels of composition templates to choose from. Use as much or as little as will
Your students will enjoy this in-depth research and oral presentation project on Musical Instruments of the World.The project would suit middle school students in grades 5-8.Students are required to choose a country and research the instruments and music of that country. There are EIGHT pages in all
This freebie is featured in the Music in Our Schools Month Melody eBook! (Release Date 3.23.15)This free resource is a way to engage your students in beginning composition. The resource is intended for use in the recorder classroom, but is not recorder-specific and can be used in other classes as we
Music in Our Schools Activity - Oh no! The band can't play in the parade because the truck carrying their musical instruments is stuck in traffic. Have your students help the band by creating a variety of musical instruments. They must use the available supplies to engineer something that will ma
This Music Escape Room is a twist on the "Escape Room Mania" that has hit the teen (and adult) world in the last few years. Students work as teams to solve mystery codes based using their knowledge of music theory.Students use:Note values (whole, half, quarter, eighth notes & rests)Musical symbo
Music Listening JournalsPlease note: This file includes the same pages as Music In Our Schools Month Listening JournalsWant to get your students listening to wide variety of music? Students listen to a piece of music and write the year it was composed, country it is from, three words to describe it,
A large scale project suitable for grades 6 and up. Students are required to research and present info on biographies of artists from the genre, timeline and events of the genre, and musical instruments used in that genre. This resource is perfect for:✅ 6-12 General Music✅ Independent and/or Group
Rhythm Value Charts - FREE download This FREE download consists of EIGHT rhythm pyramid charts showing NOTE and REST values using both North American AND British terminology.CHART:1. Note values from the whole note through to the eighth note - using North American terminology2. Note values from the
I’ve created this collection of mini lessons to be a fun way to incorporate technology into your music classes! These lessons are primarily aimed at the middle school or younger student who is fairly new to music technology. If you’re interested in project ideas for highschool/ more experienced stud
It's time to take it to the next level! This set of rhythms works great for bucket drumming but also for various percussion ensembles. It combines multiple rhythms and beats to give kids a chance to experience old and new (to them!) songs while keeping a steady beat, learning how to play effective
This set of worksheets will guide your students through the process of creating a soundtrack to their life, intended for upper middle school or high school students. The end product will be either a poster or PowerPoint presentation. Includes a ready to print rubric as well as an editable PowerPoint
In this video we are going to make 3 different ukulele straps that will all cost you under $5. This is the first time that I make a Do-It-Yourself video on my channel, so if you would like to see more like this, give the video a thumbs up! MATERIALS T-Shirt Yarn Natural Jute Twine String Command Mi
Looking for a fun and interactive way to have students explore classical music, learn about musical careers, and make musical choices? In this PBL, or project-based learning, students choose a location and theme for their orchestra program, and then choose pieces to program!This PBL includes:Overvie
A great project for 6th-8th grade general music! In this project, students will create an 8-measure, 3-part percussion piece for one pitched percussion instrument and two unpitched percussion instruments. Included in this pack are: - "Project guidelines" handout - "Summer rhythms" rhythmic build
Use A Popular New Song To Teach The Characteristics of Pop MusicThis lesson pack is inspired by Marianas Trench’s 2014 hit single, “Pop 101”. It uses many musical devices mentioned in the lyrics of the song to explore the characteristics of the pop music genre. The four lessons are:1) What is pop mu
How can you describe what Pop Music sounds like? When this unit is over, your students will know the answer!This pop music unit is made up of 3 separate mini-units that fit together to teach different characteristics of pop music. These lessons are high quality analysis that teach the actual theory
Recorder Composition Step 1: Rhythm Step 2: Melody Step 3: Notate Students select rhythms (quarter, eighths, half) in 4/4 time Students select G, A, or B Students notate rhythms and notes on treble staff Check out other Recorder Actitivies Recorder Koosh GAB Recorder EGA Koosh Ball Review SMART R
**Best Seller!!** This simple, non-themed composer study is very versatile. It can be used with various grade level work, used as a GATE project, a homeschool project, an extra credit project, or a myriad of other uses. It also comes with a simple and easy to use grading rubric, as well as a student
Using a folder or piece of construction paper, students can make their own lapbook or interactive music folder (depending on the age of the student)! Featuring 9 pages of music information with all cuts indicated by dotted lines and straightforward directions (and pictures!), this is a straightforw
Creative, Student-Led Project On Bands And Recording Artists. Students will be engaged in the following activities: • research (hard-copy materials and/or internet) • organizing research material into different categories • preparing finished product (different formats) • presen
A step by step process for your students to compose a song to "Roses are Red" on recorder or barred instrument. Ready for a student centered Valentine's Day music activity? Students will start by chanting and clapping the rhythm of Roses are Red, then improvising and composing. Their composition
Boomwhackers® Tube Sheet Music: Sambalele (Brazilian Folk Song) Sheet Music Features: * Big notes with color heads * Lyrics * Written in standard notation * Color diagrams Download today and experience the joy of music with your students! Don't forget to Follow Me and Rate this File (I love 4 sta

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