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This project gives the student a LARGE list of latin word stems and asks them to blend them together to describe a beast and the powers that it might have. They are then asked to illustrate their beast. As an extension, students can write a story about their beasts or a paragraph describing their
Print and Use Roman or Greek Mythology Project! Students research and assume the identity of a Greek or Roman god. They then must find and take pictures that god would have taken. They are required to think about what the gods saw in the ancient world and what they would find amusing today. S
Originally written for a Latin class, this project can be adapted to any unit on rhetoric. It asks students to analyze the rhetoric of a speech of their choosing and to find rhetorical figures in pop culture. The first sheet is the intro, the second the grading rubric, the third and fourth forms for
End of the year review project for Latin 1 students. Students, working alone or with a partner, create an alphabet book. Students are given requirements for letters (for example, need to have 2 words that start with A). File includes a project description, a rubric, and examples of what a page shoul
Activities to introduce students to Roman naming practices.Includes:- Student notes worksheet with teacher key- Name/Family challenge: Using what students know about names, they must re-assemble a family tree given only the members’ names- Trajan’s name: Students analyze Trajan’s full name, includin
This is a final/semester project activity to allow students to demonstrate their learning. This is a LARGE project (100 slides) but allows students to fully demonstrate their learning, and they have the ability to work in a group if they so choose.
This is a great in-class, creative project for upper elementary and/or middle school students! This packet includes a resource for your students to review the Gods and Goddess of ancient Greece and Rome, a lesson plan, and student handout for the trading card activity. This in-class activity reinfo
Prompts students to create a typology of an everyday object of their choosing.
This 1-page assignment sheet provides instructions for writing Latin vocabulary compositions using new sets of vocabulary words. Writing stories or poems with vocabulary words is a great way for students to familiarize themselves with new words, practice endings, and be creative in Latin (activating
In this performance assessment, students think as a cartoonist trying to tell the history of Ancient Rome through creating a comic strip. I have used this for 7th Grade World History but it can also be used for high school students in a World History, Latin or Humanities course. This activity is
Students explore how we see Greece and Rome in our world today. Students research and make a webpage about 5 topics--Greek roots, Latin roots, famous scientist, architecture, and government. Each category has multiple topics for students to choose from. Great way for students to work through a t
This is a good end-of-the-year project. Each student receives a different list based on a profession that they are interested in, or might go into. Two of the disciplines (Medical & Psych.) involve knowledge of Greek, and so they require first having done my mini-unit on the Greek alphabet (als
A fun foray to compliment a look into Ancient Roman Mosaics, Latin, and the Latin mottoes used in the present day. The first sheet should be partnered with web resources for pictures of Latin mosaics, and access to a Latin to English dictionary or translator.
A fun, creative project which allows students to display and share their understandings of the Greco-Roman gods. English, History, or Latin students of all ages and levels can participate!
Designed for Latin I. In this project, students are asked to create their own Greek myth story by following each step of the process. Students should have knowledge of some mythology stories beforehand from which to get ideas. Received positively by past students. Grading rubric included.
Assignment meant to replace Socratic dialogue on Jason and the Golden Fleece. Can be edited to change expectations.
Tired of reciting declensions each day? Need a fun project to keep your students excited about their Latin studies? This Latin Book Project is great for beginner Latin students who have mastered the following:1st conjugation verbs1st and 2nd declension nouns1st and 2nd declension adjectivesGet those
Have students research an Ancient Roman Emperor, and take it a step beyond the typical creation of a quick biographical poster. Have students use the information they have learned to create a social media presence for their emperor! Students will create a Facebook profile, Twitter Account/Feed and I
This review project guides students through twelve steps to review grammar and syntax by constructing, performing, and being an audience for their own dramatic scenes. With documents that include a daily breakdown of steps, gradesheet, and peer assessment, it is a customizable template for Latin stu
This product is a handout describing a multi-step project or assignment which can be completed by individual students or in groups. Students find, read, summarize, analyze, and retell a myth from Greek or Roman mythology with a focus on the key question: what does this moment teach us about the pe
This is a project in which students need to find examples of classical mythology in the world around them and make justifications as to why a particular business or company would take the name or image of a Greek or Roman mythological figure. Students must draw on their knowledge of classical mytho
Students bring life into Latin class or social studies class with independent, expressive classical world projects. The classics live through artwork, performance, writing, song and dance. Grades 4-12.
This 5-page activity/workshop guides students through various techniques for memorizing patterns/forms and information/vocabulary. Throughout the workshop, students reflect on what they are learning and their own learning styles. The examples are for Latin class, but the techniques can easily be app
Looking to bring back some magic into your teaching? Struggling with those Latin roots with the students? Or simply thinking of a fun culminating activity on Halloween? Then this activity is for you! This Harry Potter Hogwarts Magic Latin Lesson is a great activity to get the students engaged in m

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