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This movie music unit is a great way to engage upper elementary and middle school students and get them composing, listening, analyzing, and thinking about music! Students will learn about the importance of music and sound in film, different music jobs within the film industry (especially focusing o
This video game music unit is a great way to engage upper elementary and middle school students and get them composing, listening, analyzing, and thinking about music! Students will learn about videogame composers by watching videos of interviews, analyze music from video games and discuss various a
Composer Craze! All the handouts you'll need to lead your own middle school music class in an approximately 2 week interactive composer unit! Having your students orally present what they've learned allows them the opportunity to advance their public speaking skills and allows the class to hear abo
In this integrated STEM challenge, students investigate properties of sound, use the engineering design process to build pitched and non-pitched musical instruments, and write, notate, and perform a short musical composition to demonstrate their understanding of pitch, volume, and vibration.A differ
This is a week-long project your kids will love! Students work in groups to research a Broadway musical of their choice. They work together to create a poster and presentation to share their information with the rest of the class. This download includes detailed teacher instructions/scoring guide
The original children's song, "Red, White and Blue" was written by Debbie Clement in the immediate aftermath of 9-11. It is a simple song intended to instill a sense of patriotism and celebration of all things Americana. The song is especially appropriate for the observation of Patriot's Day, Consti
Music In Our Schools Month - Music Listening Journals Want to get your students listening to wide variety of music? Celebrate MIOSM by exposing your upper elementary, middle, or high school students to different music each day of March and create a listening journal. Students will listen to a pie
Use these worksheets to get your students composing their own melodies, accompaniments, and rhythm patterns! These worksheets are designed to help guide students, from lower elementary through middle and even high school, through the process of composing. Rhythm and pitch banks, clear, big staves an
This is my favorite way to get my students engaged in learning about various musical genres. This purchase includes: - A list of 60 genres for students to choose from - Project guidelines including a list of questions to answer, explanation of pictures to include on poster, and an example project -
Twenty four jazz musicians are included in this fun way to research and display what your students know. Use these bunting pages to guide student research using websites, books or resources of your choice. Have them add a bit of color, cut them out and then display them in the hallway or on a bull
This is a portfolio that can accompany a unit on instrument families. It includes one page for each of the four families which provides an outline for students to fill in as the teacher presents the lesson. It can be adapted and used as a lab or experiment for older students if stations are an opt
Your students will enjoy this in-depth research and oral presentation project on Musical Instruments of the World.The project would suit middle school students in grades 5-8.Students are required to choose a country and research the instruments and music of that country. There are EIGHT pages in all
Read about how I used this worksheet in my own classroom:High and Low - Worksheet ActivityThis activity comes with two worksheets. The first shows 12 pictures that students color purple for low and orange for high. There are listening clips included in the file that students can actually listen to i
Jazz music is such an engaging topic for students! This download includes 16 research pages customized for each of the following musicians: Duke Ellingon John Coltrane Bessie Smith Billie Holiday Thelonius Monk Louis Armstrong Charlie Parker Miles Davis David Brubeck Benny Goodman Ella Fitzgeral
This fun and engaging composition activity was inspired by one of my favorite campfire treats: S'mores! The pages can be used as slides, on iPad or other tablet, printed, and more. Step by step instructions lead students to compose their very own song over a period of days or weeks depending on your
This freebie is featured in the Music in Our Schools Month Melody eBook! (Release Date 3.23.15)This free resource is a way to engage your students in beginning composition. The resource is intended for use in the recorder classroom, but is not recorder-specific and can be used in other classes as we
Lead your middle schoolers in this project that will get them to analyze and reflect on the lyrics of their favorite songs. The guidelines sheet lays out the project from start to finish and after years of teaching this unit I've tweaked it to answer all of the middle school "what if..."s. Rubric in
Used with my upper middle school students, this unit teaches basic music theory including all the steps necessary for major scale construction and I,IV, V chord construction. Once you've walked your class through these basics put their knowledge to work as they follow my step-by-step guide for wri
Music Listening JournalsPlease note: This file includes the same pages as Music In Our Schools Month Listening JournalsWant to get your students listening to wide variety of music? Students listen to a piece of music and write the year it was composed, country it is from, three words to describe it,
Famous Composers Research Project! Research 36 different composers - assign one to each student, or follow a group study format where everyone studies the same person. If you keep interactive journals, the flip-flap trifold booklets are a good option. If you would prefer a poster format, I have incl
This Music Escape Room is a twist on the "Escape Room Mania" that has hit the teen (and adult) world in the last few years. Students work as teams to solve mystery codes based using their knowledge of music theory.Students use:Note values (whole, half, quarter, eighth notes & rests)Musical symbo
** Perfect for Distance Learning!** These projects were designed for the busy music teacher who needs help with starting or organizing a Music Technology course, or who simply wants to add some music tech or songwriting into the classes they already teach. The best part is, you do NOT have to be a p
Musique: Projet de formes et de contextes culturels avec rubrique! This project is perfect as a culminating activity at the end of the year. Students are required to research two songs and compare them using a variety of criteria. A rubric, in English, is also included.
In this unit, students will gain a basic understanding of chordal song structure, and use that knowledge to create music using the GarageBand app. Students will need access to iPads for this unit, but can easily work in groups of 4-5 students per one iPad. As this is also an "Introduction" to Ga

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