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The ORIGINAL water bottle flip stem challenge and lab! Water bottle flip at school? Absolutely! Students will love this on-trend STEM challenge inspired by the popular YouTube water bottle flipping challenge where students toss a water bottle and attempt to land it straight up. Practice scientific
Theoretical and Experimental Probability gets a 21st Century Math Project facelift in this interactive game. Tired of flipping coins and spinning spinners? Students play the role of team managers and with only player statistics they must build a team capable of winning the championship. Students wil
The Blow Cup Challenge is now a STEM Challenge with this engaging science project inspired by the popular YouTube Blow Cup Challenge where students try to blow one cup into another cup. This self-paced, multi-part Blow Cup STEM challenge is print-and-go. Each activity sheet guides students through
This is a survey project that is aligned to the 6th and 7th Grade Common Core (6.SP.1 to 6.SP.5 and 7.SP.1 to 7.SP.4). Students survey a random sample and then calculate the mean, median, range, and mode of the data. They also must create different data displays such as histograms and box and whiske
About this resource : This surveys and samples project has students create a survey question, deliver it to a population of interest, chart, graph and discuss the results. The project is 3 pages long, giving students space to work and show their results. A rubric is included. Available as part of
***THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH A GOOGLE SLIDES INTERACTIVE VERSION INCLUDED. REDOWNLOAD IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY***Nowadays online reviews have a huge impact on business. Customer ratings help people decide what to buy and what products to avoid. Movies and entertainment are moving toward the w
Your students might be begging for for a day for them to play games. Let it be on your terms in this 21st Century Math Project! This Expected Value and Probability Project focuses on one of the more emphasized aspects of the Common Core Standards. Students will be asked to design their own games wit
Utilize the last twenty years of Oscar winners as a data set to guide your students through creating box and whisker plots, histograms, and exploring mean, median, and mode -- in one 21st Century Math Project!Does the age of the award winning star in a film relate to the overall gross of the movie?
I designed this project to use a major grade instead of a test. This can be done individually, or in groups. I have included the data cards that I handed out to my groups, but feel free to have them gather their own data, or make up your own. The purpose of this project was to analyze the students’
This is an enjoyable, interactive, and engaging bundled unit covering mean, median, mode, and range (and introduces outliers). This unit is great for 5th and 6th graders and 7th graders who struggle with these concepts.Included in this bundled unit:PowerPointAnimated and fun 4-part, 21-slide PowerPo
In this monster glyph activity students create a unique glyph while teaching classmates about themselves. Students then use the class glyph to collect and analyze data, creating their own graphs as displays. This project is especially great because its complexity can be easily differentiated acros
With an influx of data and statistics standards into different levels of the Common Core, a greater emphasis is placed on students understanding data and administering questionnaires (now in the new Algebra 2). This 21st Century Math Project intends to help provide an outline and structure to a proj
Engage students in data analysis through use of Presidential data in this 21st Century Math Project. Students will create box and whisker, stem and leaf, histograms and scatterplot through their investigations. In the end, students will take on the inquiry question: "Do US Presidents with the most c
Bring an authentic sports-based math project to your Algebra, Algebra 2 or PreCalculus classroom with Lines of Best Fit and Correlations! All in this 21st Century Math Project! Using data from the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL students investigate correlations to some of sports most common questions like: "
Fun Data and Graph Enrichment Projects Students Love! Nine fun math projects that range from finding distances from cities to Olympic records and even charting calories on a super sized cheeseburger. The fun and creative projects utilize line plots, line graphs, bar graphs, double bar graphs, pie/c
I created this project as a way for my 6th graders to practice their statistical skills. They loved it! They get to pretend to be epidemiologists studying a virus outbreak that is turning people into zombies. It's a fantastic way for students to see how statistics is used in the "real world" - they
This project creates quite an impressive product with simple supplies easily accessible in any classroom. Students generate data from surveys given to peers, using simple questions like, "What's your favorite pizza topping?" Students use survey results to create a 3-dimensional "girls versus boys"
This stock market project asks students to follow a stock of their choice for a week, calculate the daily and weekly percent change in price, estimate a line of fit for their scatter plot, find the slope and equation of their line of fit and write a final analysis of their data. The project is edita
Data And Graphs Enrichment Project For Upper Elementary! With this project, your students will love making up their own data based on a chosen topic from a provided list. Once they've chosen their topic from such funny themes such as "ants in the pants', they will begin creating their data graphs
No-prep, 4th Grade data and line plots practice with 30 enrichment projects and 30 review test-prep questions aligned to the standards. Great for teaching the important data standards in a fun, engaging way. Excellent for early finishers, advanced math students or whole class practice. Print and go
NO-PREP! Students will love the Halloween "themed" math data and graphs projects in this resource. From bar graphs,stem-and-leaf plots, line plots to line graphs and more, the projects are a fun way to apply data skills to real-life Halloween data. With the projects in this resource, your student
Smartie Math. Graphing. Data Analysis. Mathematics has never been so delicious. Students love Smartie Math. The project uses the Nestle candy coated chocolates called 'Smarties' which are marketed in small boxes with a range of 9 to 15 smarties per box. The project seeks to answer the inquiry qu
Jump into the March Madness tournament to apply probability concepts to a real-world application. Great for your sports-loving students. Students explore probability first by determining the probability that a team will win. Students, further, weight teams based on historical data and/or team sta
This project was designed to incorporate fun and collaboration into a mean, median, mode, range lab. Students use fidget spinners to gather and record data in partners or small groups. They use the data to calculate mean, median, mode, and range. Included is a set of directions and cheat sheet, a sp

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