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***NOW FORMATTED for DIGITAL USE during distance learning!Looking for a new creative idea to teach the unit circle to your high school trig students that combines math with art in ready to display poster form? When you purchase, click DOWNLOAD to get the original 16 page static PDF document that inc
This is a project that I use with my Geometry students to show them how to use right triangle trigonometry to indirectly measure things outside like trees, buildings, etc. The project uses a homemade clinometer made using a protractor, drinking straw, and a weight. -- you can also use an app It
A fun activity/project for student to demonstrate their knowledge of the trigonometric functions and their transformations. I really love how this activity allows students to show their creative sides. Includes two different options for grading rubrics!Download Include: Word DOC of project with exam
At dusk, it … happens. Crop Circles have become a pastime of sorts around the world. Originally considered to be the work of aliens, they’ve baffled millions with their elaborate designs and timeliness of their work. With knowledge of the unit circle, radians and degrees students will be able to con
My students look forward to the Unit Circle Project every year! This project takes the unit circle and has students transform it into anything they can imagine. You will be surprised and amazed at their creativity and focus. I have done this several years and continue to get new and unique projects
Students use inverses of sin, cosine, and tangent to find missing angles in furniture construction designs. Perfect real world application for trigonometry! The set includes 6 drawings with a total of 21 missing angles. Students will also need to use knowledge of angle relationships (such as para
In this project, students apply what they know about right triangle trigonometry to estimate the height of a tall object on campus. They create their own clinometer and use it to collect data. Students love getting outside to collect data, and they love working with a real-life application of thes
This is a great hands on activity. Students will create their own reference chart for when theta terminates in each of the 4quadrants. The chart looks like a bow tie. Students are given the trig tie, directions, and the pieces that need to be identified on the worksheet. Students are to cut out the
Shadow Activity - Similar Triangles and Trigonometry (Geometry Outdoor Activity) Common Core Aligned Activity or Lab Project Activity Description: This is a student led activity or project where students have an opportunity to apply similar triangles and trigonometry concepts in a real world situat
Students use a picture of themselves and create a trigonometry story, i.e. a word problem that pertains to their particular picture. This is a great application of SOH CAH TOA! I have included a sample of what the project could look like. The sample one isn't typed but it gives the overall objective
I like to call this activity Putt-Putt-Geometry. It is 9 glorious holes of trigonometry application! This works great as a Trig unit project, end of year project, or test review (maybe 1 or 2 holes for review). The students can work in groups, pairs, or individuals. If your students are not prof
Students will use their creativity to think outside of the box to create an artistic representation of the Unit Circle. My students loved this project! I also had the students create their own rubric to accompany the project. I found that students made the rubric more challenging than I would have
This is a bundles lesson covering how to determine the sinusoidal equation from specific points. Years ago, I used an online project called "If Only Nice Weather Could Last Year Round". However when I couldn't find it recently I created this one from scratch for use in my trigonometry class. This
I use this project in my Honors PreCalculus and PreCalculus classes. It could also be used in Algebra 2. Students are required to create a "Khan Academy" style video explaining the connection between the unit circle and the sine/cosine graphs. My students LOVE this project and enjoy all of the creat
This project uses GeoGebra to graph piecewise fuctions in the first quadrant to construct a roller coaster. I use it with my honors geometry class, but it can also be used with an Algebra II, Algebra III, or Pre-Calculus class. It requires that students use piecewise functions, sine and cosine graph
In this 6 page application or project activity, groups of students use their knowledge of sinusoidal functions to determine the functions that model the hours of daylight over a year. Cities around the world are explored, both on the same longitude and then same latitude to see how the sinusoidal
In this packet, you will find: - building pictures to practice finding the arrays, writing the corresponded multiplication fact and a word problem. - Multiplication facts cards and Multiplication word problems cards to assign the students so they can get the number of stories and windows they will n
Help students to visualize mathematical concepts rather than just memorize formulas. Too often we use direct instruction to present important mathematical concepts such as the Pythagoras Theorem and then wonder why students are not able to apply the theorem in different situations.Students will add
Included are six fantastic geometry projects that are great for honors projects or extra credit. Ideas include using proportion to create body organs, writing children's story books with shapes, and creating a catering restaurant menu. These ideas and rubric took many hours of work and have paid di
Modeling a Ferris Wheel with trigonometric functions is fun and engaging in this design project. In this project students will work as a civil engineer to improve and save the amusement parks Ferris Wheel. Linear and angular speed is converted to determine the number of revolutions and time needed
Students' problem solving techniques are put to the test when they join the Trigonometric Functions Triple Regatta. Students must apply their knowledge of sine, cosine and tangents to determine the best path to complete the race. Each student may choose a different route, but only one boat will w
Grab the 6 most popular PreCalculus Projects and SAVE. These student-tested and approved projects include: FunctionsConic SectionsTrigonometryLogarithmsUnit CircleThis purchase is for one teacher only. This resource is not to be shared with colleagues or used by an entire grade level, school, or di
This is an activity for teachers looking to do a real life activity on angles of elevation or angles of depression. Students learn how to use clinometers and calculate the height of something tall using trigonometry. There is also an extension for teachers to use introducing statistics and box and w
"In math class, you have learned about the Pythagorean Theorem. You have also seen examples of how the Pythagorean Theorem is used in ‘real life.’ For this task you will create your own “real life” Pythagorean Theorem word problem and model using the following steps..." Students will create and solv

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