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Do you use interactive math notebooks in your 5th grade math class? This 5th grade math interactive notebook resource contains over 100 interactive math notebook templates to help enhance your math instruction and anchor your students' learning.About the 5th Grade Interactive Math Notebook Resource:The templates included cover ALL of the 5th grade math standards. Many of the standards have several interactive templates for extra practice or to cover all aspects of the standard.Each template come
This includes student reproducibles to use in Interactive Math Notebooks for 5th Grade ALL Common Core Math Standards. It's all in here ready for you to teach and your students to create! This set also included rubric & instructions for using Interactive Math Notebooks in your classroom.This Bundle Includes the Following Products:Geometry StandardsFocus on FractionsMeasurement and DataNumbers in Base 10Operations and Algebraic ThinkingWhat's Included:Grading RubricTeaching Tips for each stan
Before you purchase, you might consider this foldable is also sold in the whole unit Changes to the Earth BUNDLE sold for just $7! click here for the Changes to the Earth BUNDLE This is a great way to introduce Changes to the Earth from wind, water, and ice. Weathering, erosion, and deposition are covered as well as earthquakes, volcanoes and mudslides. Deltas, canyons and sandunes are also explained. My students love a creative way to take notes and a chance to fold paper! blank for st
Earth’s Spheres Doodle Notes for Science- Now with quiz, exit ticket and Powerpoint!How do Earth’s Spheres Interact? Teach your students about the biosphere, geosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere using this visual doodle note sheet. Doodle notes provide visual triggers that improve focus, memory and learning and are useful in helping students visualize earth science concepts. COVID 19- 2020!! Looking for Digital Tools to use along with this? Then purchase this version instead. It includes GOOG
Support students’ reading skills with this interactive notebook and assessments surrounding the Colonial time period in the United States. There are 40+ pages of activities, plus a complete answer key.  Topics CoveredEssential Questions PromptsEarly English SettlementsCompare and Contrast ActivitiesVocabularyNew England, Middle Colonies, and Southern Colonies Chart & MapThe PuritansKing Philip’s WarBuy a House ActivityVocabularyChoose a Colony ActivityLife in the Colonies ActivityGoverning t
Are you looking for a way to closely examine each text structure in a way that engages your students to critically analyze the text itself? Students will examine each text structure to discover its elements by using the INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK PAGE included in this product. They will then use the GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS to analyze a text to discover the elements for themselves! Click here to FOLLOW ME for all of my newest releases at 1/2 price for 24 hours!Included in this product are:• Cause and Effe
Use foldable graphic organizers to teach and review the eight parts of speech with your middle school students. These flaps and flip books allow students to interact with their grammar notes, quiz themselves, and even to color-code pages in the interactive notebook. Product Features ★ Detailed Teacher Guide pages share assembly instructions, content support (definitions, examples, or discussion questions), and photos for every student notebook page. ★ Parts of Speech Quick Reference flipbook is
This science graphic organizer includes one page for students to identify and describe the parts of the atom including protons, neutrons, and electrons. On the second page, students will identify what makes each element unique and describe aspects of elements such as atomic number, atomic mass, and chemical symbols.With what standard does this resource align?This resource will aid students in moving towards mastery of the Next Generation Science Standard NGSS MS-PS1-1.What are doodle notes?Doodl
Bring some color, fun and creativity to math notes by using foldables and graphic organizers! Great for Interactive Notebooks! About this resource : This collection of over 40 foldable style notes will breathe some life back into notes on many Middle School Math concepts. Each fold and flip notes activity includes directions and pictures, as well as a variety of options for you when it comes to how complete you want the notes to be.Topics covered:Place ValueTypes of FractionsAdd & Subtract I
Support students’ reading skills with guided questions and topics surrounding American history through Westward Expansion. This resource is supplementary and is meant to be used with a textbook or as teacher-led notes. This is a set of American History interactive notebooks with assessments.  What’s Included in the BundleUnited States Geography Interactive Notebook 4th- 5th Grade .Native Americans Interactive Notebook 4th - 5th GradeExplorers & Exploration Interactive NotebookColonial Americ
This science graphic organizer will aid students in identifying and defining the steps of the scientific method including question, research, collect data, experiment, hypothesis, analyze, conclusion, and report. This fun, NO PREP activity will have your students mastering content quicker, easier, and asking for more!With what standard does this resource align?This resource will aid students in moving towards mastery of the Next Generation Science Standards 8 Practices of Science & Engineeri
*Best-Seller* This interactive reading notebook has 140 pages including classroom pictures and instructions to make putting together your first interactive notebook super easy. No complex folds here! I have simplified the interactive pieces so that you and your students can make notebooking fun. (This interactive notebook is NOT just worksheets that are glued into a notebook, each standard includes at least one interactive flippable/foldable) Writing about this product just doesn't do it just
This turkey craft and fun persuasive writing lesson is the perfect way to integrate writing into your Thanksgiving activities and Thanksgiving lessons! The differentiated templates will guide your students through a persuasive writing piece where they will try to convince readers not to eat turkey this Thanksgiving. Included is a persuasive letter written to your class from the turkeys, asking your students to please help keep them safe this Thanksgiving. The turkey craft and sign can display al
This science graphic organizer includes identifying the three main phase changes - solids, liquids, and gases - and their characteristics. Students will complete a phase change diagram, labeling melting, freezing, evaporation, condensation, sublimation, and deposition and drawing a model of molecule placement and movement for each phase.With what standard does this resource align?This resource will aid students in moving towards mastery of the Next Generation Science Standard NGSS MS-PS1-4.What
Argument writing will be a lot easier to teach with this step-by-step interactive PowerPoint and/or Google Slides presentation with guided notes. Created specifically for middle school students, it tackles the challenges of the argumentative essay by breaking everything down. The kid-friendly explanations and actionable steps making it a lot easier for kids to understand.Now, when I tell my students we're working on this unit, they cheer! Kids LOVE to “argue,” and when they learn the right way
Do you need concise, scaffolded instruction for small groups, English learners, and struggling students? This resource integrates all 42 4th Grade ELA Common Core Reading Standards for Literature, Informational Text, and Language Standards into ANY text. No need to reinvent the wheel for your daily lesson planning! Kid-Friendly • Scaffolds for each standard include prerequisite vocabulary, graphic organizers, and consistent visuals cues. • Concise mini-lessons maximize learning. • In-context
INCLUDED in this download:Math Doodle SheetGuided Practice Sheet PowerPoint – to show students the KEY– two versions of both sheets included: INB and large 8.5 x 11 sizeTEKS and CC Aligned – plan for the FULL year included!
These doodle sheets are the SAME CONTENT as my 5th grade foldables, just in a FLAT SHEET format. So EASY to USE!This product is part of a larger bundle of 90 - 5th grade math Doodle Sheet found here: 5th Grade Math ALL the DOODLE Sheets ~ So Fun and Engaging!These 5th grade m
This Algebra 1 Bundle is flexible, editable, and can be used for in-person or distance learning. Take the time and stress out of creating your own guided notes and presentations. There are many ways to use this engaging bundle. Students can either build interactive math notebooks with guided notes (keys included) and foldable activities OR use the included presentation note-taking handouts (keys included) with the PowerPoint presentation for focused instruction. Quick checks for understanding (k
7th - 10th
This 27-page pdf file contains a cute plant observation log for primary age students and much more. The log includes: Cover page Page for recording daily observation in words and pictures Page for recording observation in pictures only (6 observations) Parts of a plant page (flower, leaves, and stem, and roots) What plants need page Matching words and pictures page Plant part jobs Parts of a flower Flower part jobs Plant vocabulary word cards "How to Grow a Plant" writing page
This foldable is also sold in the Sun, Earth, Moon BUNDLE for just $7. Watch the movie included in this file for folding directions! This is a foldable to introduce the differences and similarities of the sun, earth, and moon. It also teaches a neat way to remember the order of the planets. Have students add color as you go along with them and they fill in the blanks. Ask students for prior knowledge of the vocablary words. TEKS 5.8D This foldable is also included in the Sun, Earth, Moon BUN
***UPDATED*** This product now includes an exit slip for each type of transformation. See preview for more details.This set includes four pages of interactive notes and practice for each of the following transformations: translations, reflections, rotations and dilations. They can be used to introduce transformations or as a review.Once notes are completed, students can cut them out and glue them into their notebooks. The practice cards at the bottom of the pages can be cut out and assigned fo
7th - 9th

Also included in: Transformations Bundle

Spice up your notebook with graphic organizers and notes pages! Includes instructions, answer keys and pages for rounding, reading, writing, comparing and ordering numbers, as well as a place value chart. Covers thousands to billions. *JULY 2014: This product received a facelift, more differentiation and some updates to the pages!*
Before purchasing you might consider that this foldable is also included in the Force and Motion whole unit BUNDLE with 3 foldables, lab, warm-up, 32 task cards, demo sheet and more for just $7 I use this to introduce the main concepts for force and motion. I fill out a blank one with them on the overhead elmo. I ask them to make predictions of what the blanks are and we discuss the concepts. Color KEY included! TEKS 5.6D Science Doodles BUNDLES I offer you might like: (click on links below)
This is a set of 12 posters that show students how to draw models for multiplying and dividing fractions using the traditional rectangular models and using number lines.I have also included 2 posters that help students understand situations that require each operation and a taking a closer look at equations. This is an attempt to foster a conceptual understanding of multiplying and dividing with fractions and not just procedural. I have copied each poster for all of my students to be made into

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